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40 Twitter Marketing Tips

Marketing your Business is very essential in order to enhance the visibility, get better traffic and more sales. The ultimate motive of any marketing tactics is to get high ROI and that is why the business owners give their best to accomplish the target. In the present scenario, there are multiple ways of marketing your services but social media has emerged as one of the pioneer methods which are not only result oriented but effective to a large extent. That is why most of the business owners rely on it and find it as a superb way to get in touch with their customers.

There are different social media platforms which can be used for marketing, out of which Twitter is definitely a great medium that helps you to increase the number of followers thereby boosting your business visibility. It is surely one of the finest mediums to engage with your audience and get positive feedback from them. If you too wish to utilize this platform for the marketing, you need to keep a few tips in mind to get the most out of it. Here are some of the helpful Twitter marketing tips.

  1. Share your tweets – Sharing your content is beneficial in spreading your word. Try to craft the content in an appealing way so that people show interest in it. Promotional tweets are really popular and a good way to reach your audiences.
  2. Twitter tutorial – This will help you a lot to learn about Twitter, how it has to be used and the different features that can be used for marketing your business. In this way you will be able to grab a lot of information and make a difference to your Twitter marketing strategy.
  3. Add keywords – In order to target a specific audience, do add keywords in the tweets as it will prove helpful in grabbing the attention of the people. But make sure that the tweet does not cross the limit of 140 characters.
  4. Constant monitoring – In order to get excellent results you need to monitor the tweets and see how they are doing. Make changes if things are not working and try to focus on the new ways of creating the tweets.
  5. Include links – Linking is definitely a great idea to get the traffic. This will allow the people to directly visit your website and get information from there. If they are satisfied, they will surely proceed.
  6. Search feature – With this feature you will be able to find out what the client is looking and accordingly frame your strategy. Also you can easily set a criteria and work towards accomplishing that.
  7. Use of Twitter tools – There are lots of tools available to draft your content, prepare tweets and share them. So do make use of such tools as they are useful and put an end to all your problems.
  8. Communicate with your audience – Building relationships with your audience will prove valuable as you will be able to get well versed with their taste and liking thus offering them the services they are looking for. This will certainly create a difference as a strong bond can be established.
  9. Connect to other social sites – Link your Twitter account to other networks like LinkedIn which will help you to improve the visibility by leaps and bounds. Keep in mind your professional connections and try to seek the attention of your clients from there. This will prove helpful for your business in a number of ways.
  10. Reach your niche – Identify your audience first and get in touch with them. It is very important to keep them engaged with new stuff and tweets so that they always show interest and pursue them.
  11. Stay transparent – Be clear with your ideas and the tactics that you wish to integrate. Plan the strategy properly so that there are no mistakes and you are able to achieve the purpose.
  12. Hashtags – This is certainly an incredible feature that helps you to connect with the right topic. Use of hashtags can improve the presence thereby connecting you with more people. You can even link to many related hashtags and take its advantage.
  13. Link building – Make sure you link back to the website so that you are able to receive maximum traffic. Link building is necessary to ensure that the traffic is converted into sales.
  14. Use appealing image – Add a photo which represents your business and is highly attractive. It is because if the image is good it will help in attracting the audiences towards your profile.
  15. Connect to blogs – Use your tweets on the blog which is yet another way to drive traffic. Blogs not only provide information to the visitors but can be used for promoting your tweets as well. Connect your blog with Twitter for the far reaching results.
  16. Shortened links – As the number of characters is limited, make use of shortened links so that your message is complete and the link also gets added.
  17. Get feedbacks – If you really wish to get good sales you need to ask your customers about your services. Their feedback can help you to make the services better and improve them as per the liking of the customers.
  18. Make your content crisp and quality oriented – Do not tweet just anything but ensure that the standards are high. Frame good quality content which provides information and is promotional too.
  19. Don’t over promote – Over promotion can sometimes have a negative impact on your business so do commit this mistake but try to promote your services in the right way.
  20. Create viral buzz – In order to instant traffic, you need to create news that goes viral and becomes very popular. This will pursue the audiences to talk about your news and show interest in your services.
  21. Test and track – Testing and tracking your results is necessary so that you can edit the same in case the results are not up to the mark. So testing as well as tracking both are important aspects and need to be focused.
  22. Maintain your Twitter profile – Make sure that you have provided all the details in your profile so that people can get to know about you by just viewing your profile.
  23. Be regular – Stay regular with your tweets and choose the best time for posting so that you are able to make out the most of your marketing mantra.
  24. Provide them news – The customers or your audience is more interested into news so try to come up with something that is real and related to your business. This will create interest in their minds and provide exposure to your business.
  25. Twitter connections – This is the best way to build your audience and start conversation with your audience. You can check them later as well and take the action accordingly.
  26. Don’t spam – Spam content or linking can definitely leave a bad impression on your customers so do not spam but stick to top quality to get the best outcomes. Keep away from spamming and see the difference yourself.
  27. TweetDeck – With the help of this feature you can easily catch all the latest updates from your friends and view the entire stuff at one place. It refreshes automatically thus providing you updated information.
  28. Plan your budget – Do not over spend but invest a small amount for drive engagement and to get traffic towards your posts and in turn on your website.
  29. Don’t sell – Twitter is a medium to socialize and promote your business, so use it in the right way rather than making it a selling medium for your business.
  30. Use of images and videos – Post videos and images that are engaged and related to your business. Videos are a great source of traffic and create a lot of interest as well.
  31. Acknowledge everyone – This is yet another way to get your audiences as you acknowledge them which is really good. Responding all of them can be time consuming so this is a better option.
  32. Retweeting – Retweeting has to be done in a proper way so that it works and gives you the desired results. Just use your original tweet with RT and it is done.
  33. Integrate new ways – Feed tweets are a superb idea to integrate along with the special buttons for better reach.
  34. Twitter apps – In order to connect with a larger audience, you can make use of Twitter app that will surely boost the visibility as well as credibility.
  35. Custom background – Use a customized picture for the background which is either related to your business or reflects the same. It will have a huge impact on the visitors and bind their interest.
  36. Promote contests – Using the hashtags you can easily promote the different contests thereby gaining the attention of several people who are interested in it.
  37. Search SEO keywords – In order to come into search you need to locate the best and most searched SEO keywords that improve the traffic to a large extent.
  38. Listen – This is the most important thing that you can do is to listen and then react. You will be able to reach the target and that too in quick time.
  39. Follow people – Follow people who have similar business to yours as their friends and followers will get connected to you thereby increasing your friends as well as followers. This will make a big difference in the long run.
  40. Plan a schedule – Apart from being active and regular, plan your schedule as how many tweets you will be posting on daily basis and tracking them. In this way you will be able to identify the flaws and overcome them for the steady results.

So these are some of the simple marketing tips that you can follow on Twitter. The only thing you need to remember is that marketing is not a one day affair but it will take time to show results. Thus have patience and stick to your strategy, you will certainly be successful and achieve your target.

If you want to add anything to my post or are interested in sharing your views with me, you are most welcome. You can even get in touch with me to learn more about Twitter marketing and explore creative ways of doing it. Hope this post really proves beneficial in guiding the people and making sure that they are able to integrate it for the far reaching effects.

Try these tips for a better marketing plan that will boost your business and take it to a new level. Hope you are able to see the difference and find it one of the excellent ways to reach your niche and that too in a budgeted cost. Enjoy and have a great day!

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40 Twitter Marketing Tips


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