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Has Elon Musk Accelerated Humanity’s Technology a Century into the Future ?

Today when we talk about high-tech innovators and unique inventors in the United States, one man is sure to come into play, and he’s none other than Elon Musk.

The billionaire entrepreneur Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and Space X is one of the most famous and admired leaders in the tech Industry. Many regard him as the 21st century Father of invention. As I mentioned earlier, he’s responsible for Tesla, Space X, Hyperloop One and Solar City.

What is Elon Musk fixated on in his revolution

This powerful billionaire entrepreneur is primarily focused on helping to fix human-made climate change by establishing environmentally friendly companies.

Moreover, he has found success in each company he has created and is seen as one of the most diverse serial entrepreneurs in the world. Also by the end of 2017, Elon Musk plans to introduce a software update to Tesla on the Hardware 2 platform.

With a combination of ultrasonic sonar and cameras, this super software will allow a Tesla to seamlessly drive itself across the United States.

Is he the next step of human evolution?

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But the big question is “Has He Accelerated Humanity’s Technology a Century Into The Future?”

Well, this kind of question cannot be answered with a straight “Yes or No” because everyone has their views and opinions. I think Elon Musk is doing a lot of great stuff and there’s no doubt that his inventions has been revolutionizing the world of technology and beyond.

But is Elon really making such a significant difference?

But can we say he has accelerated humanity’s technology a century into the future? The best answer to this question should be based on the unique views and opinions of people, and as such, we’re going to check out the views of different users on Quora so we can get true, unbiased opinions of the masses.

Quora takes the matter a bit further by asking ” Has Elon Musk accelerated humanity 300 years in the future of technology?”

Alright, let’s check out some of the answers!

A user known as David Hicks argues;

“Why do people act like Musk is some demi-god? 300 years? The guy is smart and visionary, yes, but he hasn’t exactly invented anything revolutionary yet.

The electric car was around a century ago, solar panels built into roof tiles are just an evolution of other integrated solar products, the space shuttle was reusable and around for decades, and the home battery energy storage is just a big battery.

What Elon is good at is taking a concept that is based on sustainable use, and making it practical, refined, and attractive to consumers, such as the Model S, which is probably the first electric car that is both fast and has an excellent range and good practicality.

Same thing with the solar roof, it’s better looking than solar panels and a direct replacement for a traditional roof, making it good aesthetically and from a cost and sustainability standpoint.

Is Elon just in it for the money?

Elon is a good businessman with an understanding of what sort of technologies need to be implemented for a more sustainable future, but he’s not catapulting humanity forward 300 or even 30 years. (Consider that while an electric car is more sustainable than a petrol one, it’s still highly unsustainable compared to a bicycle)”

Another user, Victor Volkov says:

“Let’s see here: Youtube: 11 years old

Google: 20 years old.

Microsoft: 41 years old. (I actually thought it was younger than that)

Moon landing: 47 years ago.

First flight: 111 years ago.

First commercial internal combustion engine: 132 years ago

Patent for a first commercially produced lightbulb: 136 years ago.

If he progressed us 300 years from now, we would at least have space fleets and orbital stations. Or something of similar magnitude. One better car is nowhere close to 300 years of progress.”

Well, Elon Musk is human, and for the most part, he’s doing great things for humanity’s technology. He deserves some credit for that. I also think this guy needs to give him some credit! What do you think?

Salageanu Dragos made two great points;

“Not yet. While inspirational, we still need to see electric (and self-driving) cars becoming mainstream, a significant amount of commuters traveling by Hyperloop and economies being changed by the Powerwall before we talk about humankind history-altering achievements.

Vision, luck and hard work, holy trinity of success

Vision isn’t nearly enough, that’s why Elon is working so hard (and I think he’ll achieve a lot – maybe not all that is on the table, but definitely more than expected).

300 years is a lot. I’d say 20–30 years. Which, times 7.4 billion, is a helluva achievement.”

Another user known as Jasper Kips says;

“No. I saw a lot of reasons why the answer is no. I have some respect for Musk, and he certainly played a role in the current advances in technology and thinking about things like cars, energy storage, and even space flight. But his role is more as a facilitator, than as a visionary.

Tech and unpredictability

Now technology advancement is a curious beast. Things happen when the time is ripe. More people are working, independently, on the same idea. Nowadays we shout patent infringement, but it really happens all the time.

Electrification was worked on by different people, resulting in an ideological battle between AC and DC supporters, telecommunications saw phone like apparatus developed independently, printing the same story, and, most famous for court battles, the touch smartphone.

A hand from unseen forces?


History somehow manages to get the right man in the right place at the right time. Jobs’ iPhone, Bell’s telephone, the Wright brothers plane, all advancements, that had parallel developments, but they happened to be the first.

The same with Musk, he just is at the right place, at the time and he is the right man. Musk is the right man because he can funnel attention towards his project, and he presents the project in a good, entertaining and efficient way. And if there were no Musk, there would be another person.

The making of the man

Technology has made tremendous advancements in past decade. That advancement would have taken place without Jobs, with our Branson, and without Musk. A little slower, but think in months and not in centuries, but they would happen.

Remember, we attribute it to Musk because we know him, but do you know who built the first working and commercially viable quantum computer. (It wasn’t Musk or Jobs).”

And that’s it. So far we have explored the views of several people, and I believe their feedback have to some extent, answered the burning question.

For the most part, the Space X mission is still a hot topic as the CEO revealed that two people have paid for a private mission to the moon which is set to launch in 2018 with the company’s Falcon Heavy rocket.

Even if he hasn’t accelerated humanity’s technology a century into the future, he’s still on the move, and that’s what matters.

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Has Elon Musk Accelerated Humanity’s Technology a Century into the Future ?


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