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Why cocaine was used in Coca Cola


Coca Cola was colored sweetened water, which had Cocaine in it. Coca-Cola got its name because Coca referred to the coca plant and Cola referred to the cola nut. Coke cola still add coca leaves to their drinks, but they claim that they ‘de-cocainise’ the leaves first by extracting the drug’salkaloid.

They use other chemicals to leech the cocaine out of the coca leaf in their production process. Original Coke that had actual coke in it was green (it became brown after when caramel coloring was added).

All cola’s back in the late 19th/early 20th century had a narcotic in them to make people addicted so they’d buy more (historical fact). Caffeine was added to replace the narcotics when they were outlawed. Back in the day, it was originally marketed as a cure-all patent medicine. The cocaine content wasn’t incidental.

Many are still skeptical about Coca cola/ cocaine relationship

Many people have dismissed these reports as conspiracy theorie,s but the reality is that these products have been using diluted narcotics in their processes over the years. The process has also been covered in documentaries by multiple news channels and it is an open secret.

But there was no cocaine in Coca-Cola by the 1950s. It did have small amounts of the drug prior to 1929  reduced around 1902 & at least once more before that. Before 1891, it’s documented that it was more than “a trace amount”.

How the combination came to be

By 1903, [then-manager of Coca-Cola Asa Griggs] Candler had bowed to racial fears (and a wave of anti-narcotics legislation), removing the cocaine and adding more sugar and caffeine.

The Coca-Cola we know today still contains coca — but the ecgonine alkaloid is removed from it. Perfecting that extraction took until 1929, so before that there were still trace amounts of coca’s psychoactive elements in Coca-Cola

Reports of Coca-Cola workers uncovering more than 800 pounds of cocaine valued at $56 million in a shipment of orange juice surfaced in September 2016.

Cocaine in the factory

The workers stumbled on it when they opened a delivery of fruit juice concentrate from Costa Rica at their factory in southern France. More than £40m worth of cocaine discovered in French Coca-Cola factory. But is this all legal?

The Stepan Corporation, a New Jersey-based chemical processing company, performs the extraction of the coca leaves for Coca-Cola. Stepan has an arrangement with the DEA and is the only group allowed to import the coca leaf into the United States.

One hundred and seventy-five thousand kilograms of coca leaves are imported into the United States each year by Stepan. That is a street value equivalent to roughly $21 billion of cocaine, according to the United Nations.

Marketing stunt from Coca Cola

So what happens to the actual drug processed by Stepan? It is hauled away from the facility in armored trucks and then sold to Mallinckrodt, a pharmaceutical company whose United States headquarters are based in St. Louis, Missouri.

The coca leaf extract is referred to as Merchandise No. 5. These reports do little to harm the reputation of the Cola brand however which still remains one of the most best-selling products for mass consumption today.

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Why cocaine was used in Coca Cola


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