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Goldfish swallowing: The psychological relief for all asthma sufferers? 

Culture is something uncanny, astounding and in some cases even puzzling. What seems normal from this side of the planet may be entirely unreasonable from the other one, but one thing stands Goldfish Swallowing is definitely weird on both ends of the planet.

Where probably already fell the night, but which represents the main reason why our ecosystem is the coolest on the Solar System —Cause sorry, there’s still no evidence of edible butterflies on the moon.

So going to Mexico, Thailand, South Africa or Japan may be something appealing for those who would like to pass few days in a setting where is completely normal eating bugs. Nowadays, so many weird things are eaten around the world that you just have to be careful of not consuming something illegal or toxic before embarking on the adventure.

The Scenarios Of Consuming Something Alive

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Whereas we are experimenting with our palates as if it were a new update software of a Chromebook, our stomachs are not designed for that. In fact, after trying Goldfish swallowing, I’m not pretty sure if you will be able to feel it swimming around. However, there’s a risk of the thorns to get stuck somewhere, e. g. Your throat, causing asthma and death by asphyxia —Which I bet you will sense like nothing else!

Theoretically, the process of Goldfish Swallowing or feeding with something alive (of a relatively normal size that let it pass through the gorge without any problem) should be followed by a normal digestive cycle, thus it will stay alive until the acids kills it and you would assimilate and poop it as usual —Some suggest laxative tablets like Dulcolax three times a day after that, ha!

Impacts of Goldfish swallowing Around the World

From young people who perform any act to draw the attention of the people around them, like youtubers that swallows live fishes for its special 500 subscribers, till those who challenge the death playing to taste poisonous animals with tons of cyanide flowing through its bodies like the puffer fish served in Tokyo, a listing of weird and entertaining cases of swallowing fishes alive.

Prison for two young people who publish Goldfish swallowing Facebook

The author, Daniel Challis, has admitted that it was stupid: “I did not think eating a fish could cause so much trouble,” which involved even her friend Cheryl Stevens, who only laughed and filmed.

Finally, a British court has issued an 18-week prison sentence for the two young men accused of giving “unnecessary suffering” to the animal.

In India asthma is cured by swallowing a live fish

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More than 50,000 people from India and other countries have come to Hyderabad, where each patient buys a tiny fish, wrapped in a secret herbal mixture, to swallow it alive.

The animal cleans the esophagus and lungs of phlegm, during the 15 minutes that the tiny fish lives inside the body. Then it reaches the stomach, where the herbs do their job.

Some scientists who have studied this treatment have not been able to prove their benefits, so they consider it a faith cure, through which the person living with asthma may feel some psychological relief because of his great confidence in the procedure.

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Goldfish swallowing: The psychological relief for all asthma sufferers? 


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