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[Photos] Top 12: Weirdest inventions of all time

Inventions are a necessary outcome as humanity evolves. But some inventions come out weird, but unique. All these designs have been made to fill a particular gap, and some have actually proven useful. Others like a leash for Goldfish tend to leave one with more questions than answers on their practicability.

For others, one has to see them believe they exist.  But one thing remains certain; all these weird inventions were made by brilliant minds who took their time, energy and resources to come up with these various devices that we will laugh at, criticize and talk about for a long time to come.

Hug me pillow

The Hug Me Pillow is one creepy invention made to look like one-half of a man’s torso. It was modeled in the form and size of one of the sexiest men in the world, actor Brad Pitt. Its purpose is to enable women who are used to being held while they sleep, in the absence of their partner. Should this be considered as cheating? Am sure someone will come up with a device to measure this as well.


Ironius is a coffee mug that can also iron clothes. It uses the heat of hot coffee poured into it and then enables the user to iron with the large bottom part of the cup. This is quite ingenious, but the problem is you have to make sure you don’t spill the coffee as this is one of the most difficult stains to remove.

The Ab Hancer

If women can wear a corset, men can wear the Ab enhancer. It is meant to give men the elusive six pack, and it comes shaped exactly like a six pack and it is placed on the tummy. It looks like it is made of hard plastic and has a grill-like appearance, to provide the ‘abs.’

Anti-Theft lunch bag

The Anti-Theft lunch bad is made to look like lunch carried in this bag appears like it has grown mold (which is fake), to deter food thieves especially in a school and office setting where there is no shortage of such kinds of people.

The Baby Mop

Who said crawling babies cannot be useful? Baby clothes are designed with mops, so that as the baby crawls all over the house while he/she is cleaning the floor in the process.

Anti- perverts hairy stockings

Made in China (Of course!), they were developed to deter perverts and sex offenders. They are stockings that make a lady look like she has extremely hairy legs.

The weight watch belt

For those who are conscious about their weight, this is a belt that has an inbuilt tape measure, so that the user can watch the weight loss process more easily, inch by inch.

Cutting board bird feeder

It is built like an ordinary chopping board, but it has a few holes on its surface which allow crumbs of the food being cut up, to go through the holes, into a tube which can be accessed by birds on the other end.

The Dogbrella

Dogbrella is the umbrella version for our canine friends. It looks like the general umbrella but built upside down and inside out.

Ostrich Pillow

For those who value their nap time, the Ostrich Pillow allows the user to burrow their head inside the pillow which has openings to enable breathing, but shuts out noise.

Foot powered bike

How the name bike came up is still a mystery because this invention has no pedals or saddle. Just two wheels, a handle and a harness that suspends the rider in between the set of wheels. Its purpose? Well, that is still being figured out.

Shower Mic

For those who literally sing in the shower, a mic made from a sponge is the perfect accessory.

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[Photos] Top 12: Weirdest inventions of all time


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