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Rennet Blog Posts

Foodcolombian | Food… · 22:22 26 Apr 2012
Nutritious food is cheese, cheese well known worldwide, and I think that at least once in life everybody tried the globe. Cheese, food made from curdled milk from cows, goats, shee… Read More
Food Colombian · 21:19 18 Apr 2012
Nutritious food is cheese, cheese well known worldwide, and I think that at least once in life everybody tried the globe.Cheese, food made from curdled milk from cows, goats, sheep, buffalo… Read More
Wilderness · 10:55 05 Jun 2015
Cheese-pedition as I called it yesterday ! I am one to go to or swing by my neighbourhood Nature'sBasket to buy my cheese. Every since I first attended a cheese part back i… Read More
Herbs 'n Oils · 17:26 15 Dec 2009
It is a shame that many look on the stinging nettle plant as just a weed to avoid in case they are stung and nothing else. Nettles have medicinal, nutritional, beauty and culinary uses. Anci… Read More
10X10 · 23:39 08 Dec 2010
For a while now, I had been meaning to make my own ricotta because I keep reading about how easy it is, and how superior home made ricotta is compared to the store-bought stuff.Now, tec… Read More
Blogger · 17:21 18 Aug 2008
At a recent cocktail party I was asked "Why cheese?" Of all the subjects to write about, of all the hobbies, why cheese? This is the sort of question that practically renders me speechless… Read More
January Cruises · 00:37 08 Dec 2011
Set sail from the incredible world city of Dubai on this exciting cruise through the delights of the Middle East. Certainly one outside of the box, it stops in at several cities in the Unite… Read More
Chop Chop Chat · 16:24 24 Dec 2015
It's 3am, the shops are closed and you urgently need to make a caprese salad. There's basil growing in the garden, right next to the tomato plant but you open the fridge and disaster! No moz… Read More
How To Make A Reuben · 20:25 23 May 2008
The transformation of milk into cheese is a topic that has fascinated me for several years. The process involves chemical changes to the structure of the milk (coagulation through the use o… Read More
Health And Rates · 07:07 30 Sep 2016
A vegetarian diet relies on plant sources for all or most of the nutrients needed by the body.  This approach includes a range of diets from those that allow some animal sources of nutr… Read More / · 23:09 26 Nov 2016
So many days I planned to post about, but didn't get around to! First there was November 11, which is pretty cool because: 11/11. Not that big a deal, I know but... it seemed worth posting a… Read More