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The feel the NEED…the need for speed…errr…and then Costa Rica…and then speed again.

I Feel The NEED…the need for speed…errr…then Costa Rica…and then speed the day I return again…

The Cast

Date: 13 May 2022


BACKGROUND:  Barely edited as usual unfortunately, so please excuse any mistakes during my stream of consciousness.  I feel the need…the need for speed.

SETTING: This is written late Friday afternoon.  Speed, SPEED version, as I need to learn more about Costa Rica (we leave tomorrow at 4am) and pack.  But, here is a quick tease until I return.  ONLY topics I have something to say on.  No time for organization.  Just spitting fire…let’s turn and burn.

  1.  The Eastern and Western Conference Finals MVP will be named after Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.  You know when you are getting old when players you watched as a teenager are now all-time awards.  Ugghhh.
  2. I had my McDonald’s today as a America going-away present before heading to Costa Rica.  Fries were soggy, burger had pickles on it, and my last memory before trip will be subpar.  I now have to eat my hated food, beans, for 10 days.  Wish my 8-year old food diet luck. Not sure of the mac and cheese and pizza love down there, but I hope it exists.
  3. Getting college athletes paid was a great idea that needed to be done.  NIL is fantastic in theory. But, it is painfully obviously that no one in the room mapped out worst case scenarios and they released the OK for this about 1 year too early.
  4. Phil Mickelson was the best player to never win a Major.  Then, he became the most beloved golfer out there besides Tiger and won many Majors.  Then, he won the PGA at an old age.  Now, he has gambling history coming out.  $40 mil, Phil.  I just got mad at losing $30 on the Phils before the Mets had that 7 run 9th inning.  Geez. Now, he is bad mouthing a culture and league, and going under the radar.  This is getting ugly.
  5. It is painful to watch today’s flagrant fouls in the NBA and not think back to the Bad Boys and 80’s and 90’s and laugh.  But, we are now a sensitive culture, and that is why big guys up front aren’t preferred, shooters are necessary, and protectors are shunned.  Sad.
  6. This is the first QB battle in 20 years in Pittsburgh.  I don’t hate the Pickens pick, but hope Mitch wins out this year for more immediate mediocrity. I am spoiled and at least want to be TEASED with the playoffs. We don’t rebuild, dammit.
  7. I think 15 UGA players were drafted in the NFL draft.  That is like a majority of their defense and offense starters.  No wonder people go there.  They are like the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team of football.  You have a much better chance at the next level.
  8. I have no idea why there was such a delay on signing Matthieu.  I would have taken him in a heartbeat.
  9. I guess I lied about streamlining.  But, I am typing very fast right now. I just really want to talk about anything. Should have just done the podcast thing for this run.
  10. Between Skyy Moore and Justyn Ross, the Chiefs took chances on players that will team with JuJu to once again make them scary.
  11. The AFC West is just simply…daunting.
  12. Ryan Tannehill says he was in a dark place and needed therapy.  If he doesn’t start out fast, he will be in a dark place and need therapy as a backup behind Malik Willis. Don’t worry, Ryan. Therapy is hip these days.
  13. So confused as to why Baker Mayfield isn’t picked up yet.  I would totally take him as my guy for energy and chip on shoulder alone.
  14. The Steelers will never leave the Eastern Time Zone.  That is good news until you look at their first six games.  They pull the Bengals, Pats, Bills, and Bucs in the first 6 games…and that is discounting the Browns still.
  15.  The NFL leaking their NFL schedule is dumb.  Have everyone live up to their NDA’s, and just make a big deal of releasing it in one night.
  16. The Jets MIGHT be better next year.  Amazing.  Nice draft, of course, they had enough picks to NOT mess up. It is like when my Dad had 15 fishing lines off the boat. We knew SOMETHING had to hit.
  17. Broncos-Rams on Xmas.  Broncos-Seahawks in Week 1.  Adorable.
  18. Tom Brady has already agreed to a Fox deal that will pay him more in 10 years than he has made in his entire year as a player.  Maybe it is just me, but although he is a badass, he kind of lacks Peyton Manning-like charisma.  No one turns on their tube because of an announcer (unless it is me during the NBA regular season doing it for Hubie Brown).
  19. Josh Lambo is suing the Jaguars.  He is a kicker and he said he was traumatized in practice by being “kicked.”  THAT is not helping the kicker stereotype. And I just accidentally made a pun.
  20. Jerry Jeudy was arrested.  Just kidding.  It was a joke charge of trespassing, stealing a cell phone, or something else really dumb.  Settle down, KJ Hamler, as we still don’t know what you will do in that loaded WR room.
  21. I seriously would bet that I have seen Top Gun more than about 98% of the population.  Probably more like Pledge Disinfectant in their 1990’s commercials.  What are they?  99.44% or something?
  22. Baylor Sheierman is a hell of a pickup by Creighton.  Dude was the stud from the South Dakota State quad that was an upset pick in the tourney that never panned out.
  23. Eli Ricks will be a star at Bama.  He was recently busted for possession of marijuana and speeding.  I never mix it with driving, but I am not in a rush to do ANYTHING when I do Colorado stuff like that.
  24. Skipping some stuff…
  25. Tyler Herro won the sixth man of the year award.  And he should have.  I remember watching him at Kentucky saying “that dude is going to pretty good.”
  26. By the time you read this, I hope my favorite player who plays for Dallas has won Game 7 and crushed Chris Paul’s title hopes.  Paul has had multiple bad games in a row, and Luka is allowing his teammates to help him.  The FEAR of Luka is getting his teammates open looks.  Sort of reminds me of a mid-career LeBron.
  27. The injuries of stars are a part of life in the playoffs, but I really wish we saw some of these series go at it full strength.  Embiid, Booker, Middleton, Payton, Simmons (totally laughing at that one and that is sarcasm), Morant, etc.
  28. James Harden has lost a step faster than Eddie Murphy became NOT funny in Beverly Hills Cop III.
  29. Mike Brown lost two key games for the Warriors in the series AFTER the Kings hired him.  Good timing, Mike. Not sure they are as pumped about now.
  30. Chris Paul’s family was pushed by a Dallas fan.  At least he probably won’t have to face the Sixers in the Finals. Pushing would be normal etiquette in the city of brotherly love.
  31. We think COVID has passed us, and now being “in protocol” seems so 2021.
  32. Jokic has played with less All-Stars ever than any other MVP.  Fact.
  33. Watch the video of his staff flying to his country to give him the trophy.  Dude is genuine and loves his equine. I just rhymed. I included the tweet of the video below.
  34. RIP, Bob Lanier.  You were a STUD.
  35. What Giannis is doing, whether he wins the Celtics series or not, is amazing.  Batman is missing his All-Star Robin and taking the hottest team entering the playoffs to the brink.
  36. Mission 16W is what Denver media is calling the Avs run now.  They sure as heck made it through the first four of those sixteen barely breaking a sweat.  Except for that one game that went to OT.
  37. For the 1000th time, playoff hockey is the best and it is the hardest team trophy to win.  Period.
  38. And hockey has the best interviews to add insult to injury.  They sound so intelligent and thoughtful, even missing teeth and having blood on their jersey.  The announcers are the best, and I still have no idea how the refs stay out of the way.
  39. Remember when Robinson Cano was really, really good.  He just got designated for assignment.  Wait.  I have another note that he was released.  Whoa.
  40. WHY are the Rockies so bad on the road? And don’t just say “altitude, dude.” It is something mental. HAS to be.
  41. Dusty Baker is the first black manager to 2000 wins, 12th overall.  Stellar.
  42. Ohtani might even be BETTER this year.  From both pitching and hitting.  He is our Babe Ruth, people.
  43. Hitting for a cycle is cool.  Hitting for THREE of them in a career is really cool, Christian Yelich. When you attend trivia at a bar in 5 years, remember that when the sports category comes up.
  44. I totally disagree with sporting events banning Russian players.  Let’s not mix war/ politics and sports, please.
  45. The Hand Of God soccer jersey sold for $9.28 million.  Think about that.  Not buying you a jersey could get you a personal jet and gas for 10 years.  Just kidding.  I have no idea how much a jet costs nor the gas for it. But, if I was rich, I would say no to the 9.28 and find out about the jet.
  46. I had bets on pretty much 80% of the horses in some combination except for the Derby winner, Rich Strike.  How do we NOT see that coming?  Last minute add, Rich Strike, and the post number 21.  Come on. It is like the 1991 horse version of John Daly at the PGA Open.
  47. Rich Strike won’t run the next leg, and will rest.  Well, THAT is shady.  I hope no one threw away their Derby betting tickets.
  48. Tennis player Carlos Alcarez had a nice week.  He should retire right NOW.  Forever, he can say, that in a three day span, he beat Nadal, Djokovic, and Zverev.
  49. Canelo has had a heck of a career and would be named in anyone’s top 2 or 3 ever for his weight class.  Until the other day… Not quite Buster Douglas type of defeat, but damn close.
  50. What a deal.  Gaethje lost but still retained his title because his opponent didn’t hit weight.  Lose/Win Scenario.
  51. The United States will host the 2031 and 2033 Rugby World Cup.  That makes no sense, we don’t care about rugby, and world’s nations now hate us more and are rolling their eyes.
  52. I still love the Matthew Stafford/ AT&T commercial with the wink. Some of their BEST marketing material I have seen to date.
  53. If you don’t know who Billy Strings is, then jump on board.  We saw him as an opener at Red Rocks years ago and my wife called her shot that he would be the greatest.  Well, a couple years later, and I went to last night’s Red Rocks show where he was the headliner with NO opener, and that dude is the Michael Jordan of bluegrass and maybe of guitar in general.  And he covers Dead and Panic, so as George Costanza once said, with me and my wife’s music, “worlds have collided.”
  54. Billy Strings played the other night with Marty Stuart.  I had to look up details of his career.  Check THIS out.  Marty played with Johnny Cash, and banged and married his daughter.  That is up there with Dustin Johnson doing the same with Gretzky’s daughter.  Just a really good party story…
  55. Speaking of Seinfeld, there was a Bizarro Family Guy and it was hilarious.  Well, most Family Guy episodes are hilarious.  I still have no idea how my wife gets all of the 80’s jokes, but it is a genius show.
  56. I feel bad for Vegas and Lake Mead, but is anyone else sort of laughing about the dead bodies they are suddenly finding with the water level being way down?  Sorry.  I am.  Casino, the movie, is REAL.
  57. Not doing “local.”  I am now a “local guide” on Google Maps.  Just look up my reviews. I just posted like 10 reviews in the last two weeks.
  58. My wife stayed downtown the other night.  What did I do? It was between Gladiator and Rocky IV and Rocky won.  It was the solution to the Cold War.  Gladiator didn’t have any world consequences.
  59. The Rockies are like 50-4 when I attend.
  60. My Spanish isn’t fluent yet, but I will do better in Costa Rica than other trips to a Spanish speaking country.
  61. My chipped tooth is now fixed.  So, the broken nose, temporary nerve problems in my knee, and my chipped tooth are all fixed from the scooter fall that could have been much, much worse.  I was never a skateboarder, and don’t have balance like Danielson, and should not get on a scooter after multiple cocktails with a buddy. But, all good now.
  62. Lindsey got into a fender bender and the fender bender ended up being a “car totaled” scenario.  So, we are sad, but I guess it is fun getting money for fault and picking out a new fun car.  I drive everywhere anyway since I own a badass 4Runner, but it will be nice to have a new car in the family.
  63. She asked me “Babe, do you plan on replacing your 4Runner anytime in the near future so we can make this work financially?” I said “I could hit the freaking lottery and still am going to drive my awesome V8 4Runner until the wheels fall off.” I love my car, if you can’t tell. My car is up with Top Gun as far as love.
  64. Lindsey’s family got Savory Vietnam for Mother’s Day but don’t have one drop of hot sauce in the house.  So, I am warming up to that type of food, but have decided to have hot sauce and everything seasoning in my car at all times moving forward.
  65. Lindsey “plants a garden.”  I just bought some wildflower seeds and put them in three spots in our yard today.  I bet you I win on pretty stuff.  Lazy man’s garden, from what my sprinkler guy told me.
  • Bill Herenda on Twitter: “Hubie Brown is the professor you stay to listen to after the bell has rung to end class” / Twitter
  • Hoop Central on Twitter: “Nikola Jokic accepted his MVP in Serbia.” / Twitter
  • Hoops Nostalgia on Twitter: “Bob Lanier blocking Wilt Chamberlain during third quarter action between the Pistons at Cobo Hall in downtown Detroit. Rest in peace, Big Dobber.” / Twitter
  • Baseball Doesn’t Exist on Twitter: “Angels are 18-7 since Joe Maddon fired up the boys with a bases loaded intentional walk…” / Twitter
  • Nikola Jokić Fan Club © on Twitter: “11 NBA legends have won 2+ MVPs through their 7th season, including Lebron and MJ. Only 1 (Jokic) never played with an all-star teammate in that span. Please. Get. Him. Help.” / Twitter
  • Fred Katz on Twitter: “I referred to Steven Adams as a big man in a postgame question and he interrupted: “Are you saying I’m fat, mate?”” / Twitter
  • Bobby Weir on Twitter: “Thanks @BillyStrings that was way too much fun.” / Twitter
  • Albert Breer on Twitter: “Did Brady choose the Miami Grand Prix over the Derby? Or do both?” / Twitter
  • Steelers Depot 7⃣ on Twitter: “Who knew? George Pickens in the Smooth Criminal video from IG. lolololol 😂💀#Steelers #NFL” / Twitter
  • George Karl on Twitter: “Love this guy ❤” / Twitter

This is our first activity in Costa Rica on Sunday. Get by this, and I will enjoy the rest of the trip. I will do anything even though I don’t love heights, and jumped out of a plane and she hasn’t, but this will test my 49 year old limits. We are doing the Volcano Lodge, Manuel Antonio, Monteverde, and Jaco. Amazing zipline in Costa Rica, Arenal Park – Sky Adventures – YouTube

The theme?  Top Gun.  Costa Rica.  I am tired now.  I think I will go home now.

And our weekly reminder of the greatest sequel ever made coming out in a matter of weeks… Top Gun 2.

There are obviously more recent trailers, but I am in a rush, and they are all over TV right now unless you live in a bubble or a weird person who thinks it is cool to not watch TV.

I get back on the 24th from Costa Rica.  I go to Top Gun on the 25th for the early viewing thing.  Can’t freaking WAIT.

That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Remember two things.  First, feed yourself, feed your family, but always, always remember to…feed the wolf.  Second,  if you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  As one shepherd said to the other shepherd, let’s get the flock out of here.

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The feel the NEED…the need for speed…errr…and then Costa Rica…and then speed again.


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