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The Power of The Addendum (subtitled “Black Cat Crossed Our Path On Little Fog Feet”)

The Power of The Addendum (subtitled “Black Cat Crossed Our Path On Little Fog Feet”)

The Cast

Date: 11/09/2019


BACKGROUND:  This started as a long-winded numbered blog.  It transformed into an organized long-winded category blog.  Now, it is a quick-hitter to ease your pain.  I lack time.  So, the preparation of the blog actually made me procrastinate from writing the thing.  Let’s see who makes the cut.  Barely edited as usual unfortunately, so please excuse any mistakes during my stream of consciousness.  I feel the need…the need for speed.  Let’s turn and burn.

SETTING:  This is written on Friday night watching the UCF-Tulsa game.  Linds is in the mountains with her sister.  I am being low key.  I will stick to my shorter blog rules…with an asterisk.

  1. EVERGREEN 1: The Browns have serious problems.  Baker is changing is facial hair before and after the game.  And memes get released hourly on who he looks like after the game.  Landry and Beckham need to be warned by the NFL about their cleats, meaning they are doing their own thing.  They don’t have Nick Chubb in on 3rd and 4th and short.  And they lost to the lowly Broncos.  And Baker had many, many chances to go down in lore and win it.  This has to trickle to new coach Freddie Kitchens.  Has to.  Sad. So much promise before the season, but that is why you play the games.  On paper doesn’t mean a damn thing.  Odell and Baker are not only on a different page, but in a different book.  I am a Steelers fan, but root for the Browns when not playing us because of my wife’s allegiance to OU.  I thought they were a ringer to stay in the mix for divisional champion.  We all were wrong.  His home commercials are not funny anymore, as he is just not good.  Sad.
  2. EVERGREEN 2: Why do I even give AB press time?  I don’t know.  That is his genius, I suppose.  But, in a 24-hour period, he booked a meeting with the NFL, called them racist (if there is one league that is not racist, it is the NFL) with cuss words, and then said he is determined to play again.  Dude is sick.  HAS to be.  Sad as the Browns not achieving anything with their talent, it is just as sad that AB feels the need to play the victim.  Unless, he is so brilliant, that he is working on a collusion case.  In that case, he should have a beer with Kaep, although WHO would want to have a beer with AB at this point?  Stop it, man.  Go into a rehab place, go dark, and we will see you in 2020 (inside joke, but made me think of Rudy (more inside joke, no one knows who Rudy or Ralph is).  Anyway, it pains me to see these headlines, although now I know the Rooneys did the right thing in letting him go.  Get better soon.  Or, as Seinfeld would say, “get well, get well soon.”  Speaking for all football fans in general, his talent will be missed on the field, but we can’t take the victim-like abusive baggage.  Shame on you, AB.
  3. NFL (one sentence fluid style): I feel like Colorado weather changes as fast as the Redskins change QB’s.  Haskins will start, and it is 70 tomorrow with a chance of snow on Monday.  The Steelers win over the Colts was ugly, had some lucky turnovers, and a lucky miss at the end, but my team won, they are .500, and most teams need some sort of turning point in the season.  Jaylen Samuels had TWELVE receptions (he is a RB) by the end of the THIRD quarter. The Steelers vs. the Rams with Conner still out, JuJu not 100%,  the QB still trying to figure out how to throw long consistently, and the Rams game Sunday will be the definition of the rubber hitting the road.  The Bears managed to get NINE yards in the first half against the Eagles, the lowest total in 40 years…tell your friends.  The Green Bay loss to the Chargers reminded me of that odd KC loss the Patriots had years ago before their Super Bowl winning run.  The Patriots probably lost the game in Baltimore because it was a genius move to let San Fran have the sole undefeated spotlight for now…the Hoodie is so smart.  I smell something on Monday, and that thing smells like a Russell Wilson buzz saw in the making.  Rounders is the greatest movie of all time, and love that my work buddy, Dave, texted me during a stressful game about the fact that the announcer quoted KGB.  Everyone should quote KGB.  Lamar Jackson had not met Tom Brady before last Sunday…crazy.  The Denver Broncos got the week off on their bye week, and I get this is logical, but shouldn’t teams with losing records doing bad have like FOUR days off?  The final drive by the Raiders was impressive, or really a bad Chargers defensive letdown…who knows?  If the Skins were a winning team, then I could rally behind them not paying Trent Williams, but don’t they suck and therefore aren’t we all a little more pissed at them more than we already are?  Pay that man his money (KGB line-I just laughed out loud).
  4. COLLEGE FOOTBALL:  UGA showed they are real in beating a very good UF team.  Utah never was NOT for real, and proved again they are in the mix (love that team overall).  Nice knowing you, SMU, and it was a good run.  Virginia is confusing the hell out of me, as they beat UNC at UNC like they actually were pretty good.  Houston is allegedly doing the first college tank of all time, and props for them giving UCF a run.  Two teams on the low battled each other, and in case you live in a vacuum, Nebraska really blew a favorable schedule this year…and lost to Purdue.  Willie Taggart got fired, there is little hope in Tallahassee, and tell your friends that he came in second to…Charlie Weis…of being the biggest buyout…ever.  The next coach for FSU is really a fun topic right now.  I like PSU 37-17 over Minnesota.  I like LSU 33-27 over Bama.  In a season where Miami has drastically underachieved, Bubba Bolden intercepted a ball, celebrated and is out for the season…BECAUSE of the celebration bump.    Grammatica-esque.  Nebraska-OU 1971 got voted the best game ever by ESPN, and you can’t possibly talk me out of the 2006 Texas-USC game as the best ever, although I admit to not being born in 1971.  Very quietly, LSU lost its #1 tackler for the season.  Why is everyone so analytical about the first college football playoff rankings, as it is just a mold that eventually be determined in the kiln to come?  Things will work out.  Ohio State booked a home and home vs. UGA I 2030 and 2031, and although that is good, I assume the machines will overtake humans by then so it won’t matter.  #terminator  Tulsa is the best 2-7 team before the UCF game, and then they really didn’t need the 17 points I bet on. 
  5. COLLEGE BASKETBALL:  Duke got a top ten recruit in the 2021 class, and in related news, the grass is green and the sky is blue.  My wife rolled her eyes, but college basketball is back, and I am pumped (especially since we are the defending champions).  UVA looked good in an ugly game against the Cuse AT Cuse, and people used to tease this, but kind of cooler knowing that this ugly basketball won a title (talking to YOU Jim Weber, who de-Twittered me after I talked back on him dissing their style).  UVA scored only 48 points, but wait until its offense catches up with its defense.  Be very afraid.  They are 25-1 to win the title, and watch Casey Morsell and Jay Huff…future superstars.  Cade Cunningham is the #2 recruit coming up, a five star, and committed to Oklahoma State oddly (until you figure out his brother just got hired as the assistant coach).  Duke-KU:  Tre Jones is like a senior-like senior (a sophomore) when it comes to some of these lineups these days, and if he hits outside shots, no one has a chance.  KU had 27 turnovers 36 minutes into the game, and were WINNING at the time.  Matthew Hurt looked nasty by the way.  MSU-Kentucky:  Surprised at the one week stint of MSU at #1, as UK usually stinks and THEN rises up.  Scary.  The NCAA moved the three point line to INT depth at 22 feet, but why didn’t they just widen the key while they were at it?   Cole Anthony from UNC scored 34 easy points and looked kind of like a kid who has a father who was also a very, very good PG in the NBA.   San Jose basketball won this week outside of the city of San Jose…for the first time since 2017 and for 680 plus days.  I was SOOOOO excited about Penny Hardaway and his recruiting class, their team, and their rise to title contention again, and I just hope basketball fans get to watch James Wiseman play at all this year now that there are allegations of booster money/moving money/ penalties.
  6. NBA: It cracks me up that we all know that Jokic started season out of shape but that everyone is saying he is the one player who DOESN’T need to be in shape.  I might be a Wahoo, and I might have picked up Malcolm Brogdon because he was a Hoo, but anyone question his talent at this point?  Tell your friends this useless stat, that Luka and LeBron had the largest age difference ever for two opposing players posting a triple double.    The Sixers starting lineup is ridiculously big, and if Ben Simmons could hit the broad sign of the barn, they would win 65.  The Warriors were #29 out of #30 in the recent SI power rankings, which is weird, and they are nightly a double digit underdog, which is more weird.  Wow, I didn’t know that Mike Conley NEVER has been an All Star????  Tell your friends…LeBron has logged more minutes (7770 plus) than 42 year old Vince Carter (includes playoff time).  Utah Jazz are pretty much unstoppable at home, and the Nuggets should be the same.
  7. MLB:  Gerrit Cole says thank you to his fans the day after a World Series loss, Strasburg opts out before the paint dries, and what a world we live in?  Do you think the Nationals just walked to the White House, maybe getting buzzed enough to face our President with a smile?  JD Martinez decided to NOT opt out of his massive contract, which is cool since he wants to stay with the Red Sox, but also kind of screws them over on keeping Mookie Betts, their real superstar.  Nolen Arenado got his 7th straight Gold Glove, and know that he is not Ozzie Smith quick…he kind is just MADE to move 4 feet to his right or left very quickly.  Finally, in case you don’t think that the tyrants still don’t rule, Scott Boras controls 4 out of the 5 top free agents on the MLB market this year.
  8. MISCELLANEOUS:  He had one loss that ruined his legacy overall and can never be done again, but Canelo holds FOUR belts now.  Long Beach State changed its nickname to The Beach, and that is very confusing.  “tonight, we have the Long State The Beach against the Stanford Cardinal.”  Stephen A. Smith will make $8 million on his new ESPN contract, and although I love his abrasiveness and enthusiasm, some of his missteps verbally on air have indicated to me that he doesn’t know certain sports and that he is being spoon fed anything NOT the NBA. 
  9. THIS AND THAT:  I watched Rocketman, it was a little more musical-like than I expected (watch it high I suggest to get over this), it told a few parts of Elton’s story I did NOT know about, and was overall enjoyable.  Solid B.  I didn’t know he didn’t write his own lyrics.  No idea.  One of the musical scenes of him writing the music is up there with Hustle and Flow, if you ask me (weird choice but obviously you haven’t seen Hustle and Flow).  It depresses me that Oprah Winfrey can sell out Pepsi Center just talking about Oprah stuff, unless she has some musical talent that has been kept under wraps.  You read that I was intrigued that a ONE TON boulder was stolen from an Arizona park.  That is amazing.  What is more amazing is that the ONE TON boulder was suddenly returned, with no note.  That is some logistics.  Proposition DD passed barely in Colorado, so we now have legalized weed, mushrooms, and sports betting (to save Colorado water, mind you)…what a place.   China has now initiated a curfew, for under 18 year old GAMERS.   We just started season 2 of Mindhunter, and if you like serial killers, Charlottesville, or FBI things, you should watch.  Marines can now carry umbrellas, and that makes me kind of sad.  Finally, I worked with a guy named Jake Spencer.  When we travelled, he made me get out of the lane where the vehicle in front of me had “projectiles.”  I then adopted this concept and still move out of lanes with possible projectiles.  THIS is why.
  10. THE FILLERBUSTER: On Wife Compromise Show #1, I am rooting for Jake Rock, Jake Country, or Crazy Katie to win it on The Voice.  I also think I hate Taylor Swift less since she was a mega-mentor on The Voice and since that laser surgery scene on Jimmy Fallon.  On Wife Compromise Show #2, I am just glad I don’t hate Schitt’s Creek, but have no idea of why she watches it.  I will be here every night when this place comes.  Once I learned how to manipulate my starting lineups in fantasy basketball, I moved from 7th to 2nd in a week.  Someone tried to trade three players for my Malcolm Brogdon.  Come on.  The name of my team is freaking Hoos Scoring.  Can’t.  We went and saw Motet the other night at Mission Ballroom, new place for concerts in Denver.  First, we went to a pre-party where no one else went to the concert.  They went to a different concert.  Second, Mission Ballroom is the perfect, refined version of Fillmore.  Awesome venue with no lines.  Meow Wolf sponsored it, so we dressed up in Stranger Things costumes one more time.  Get a breakfast sandwich from iL Porcellino Salumi in the Highlands.  Jersey through and through, and they are about to run out of Rosenberg Bagels (as will everyone out here as their wholesale business is sadly ending).  Wendell’s in the Highlands is a very good brunch spot.  The Kay commercial with the guy proposing to a girl as she comes out of the pool is beyond reaching.  I got called immediately at the DMV the other day. Amazing.  Then, I had to wait 35 minutes for a picture with people who I wondered if they crawled from under a nearby rock.  Always get the experience, right?  I need to start on Dualingo again, as the Ecuador trip is getting closer.  And we just booked all flights too and from.  What a trip that will be.


  1. THE BEST WORKOUT SONG EVER FOR THIS WEEK (because the best song this week IS the best song ever…for now):
  7. GONE FISHING (the riddle for money):
  8. PICS BY MY PIXEL (pictures from my phone):
  10. NHL

The theme? Well, I included an addendum because I wanted to write more, meaning I didn’t break my short blog rules because it is an “addendum.”  And, a black cat crossed our path, and that is the best Widespread Song ever.

And our weekly reminder of the greatest sequel ever made coming out next summer… Top Gun 2.

Truth of the week:  Crazy Train, by Ozzy, is only cool at sporting events, and Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin is the devil’s song when you did 14 years of karaoke bartending (and Hotel California and Love Shack).

That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Remember two things.  First, feed yourself, feed your family, but always, always remember to…feed the wolf.  Second,  if you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  As one shepherd said to the other shepherd, let’s get the flock out of here.

ADDENDUM (in 2016 old school, one sentence numbered style (items I didn’t feel like focusing on but in the old days I would have commented (wife is out of town though)):

  1. Every team has their losing streaks, and although the Avs need to show their depth can overcome their present injuries, I didn’t expect a losing streak this early, but it is too early to overreact.
  2. It truly saddens me that it leaked that the Steelers looked at Bell again after Conner went down, like someone drunk texting their ex-girlfriend, who they say they don’t miss.
  3. I love the fact that although I bought the Sunday Ticket for the NFL, that the Steelers have not been on prime time TV ONE time, and I guess I could have saved some cash (and that was when they were LOSING).
  4. The Seahawks got one misfit in Josh Gordon, but with this week’s antics, I bet you they are wiping their forehead in relief after looking a little at AB first.
  5. I TOLD you I smelled something on that Dolphins-Jets game. 
  6. You might have guessed that the Packers would lose to the Chargers, but you would be lying if you called a dismantling/reality check.
  7. Anyone else want to ask me if I still think Tomlin is the Steelers best option for a coach, because didn’t he just coach us back to .500?
  8. I have done a lot of things, but I met someone who had shit in the ocean, and I don’t think I have done that…makes you think about the ocean differently.
  9. (I know fish and other animals shit, but this is different, and pee is a whole different animal)
  10. (The above is why I was asked to make my blogs shorter I assume)
  11. How is it that a cat isn’t good at cleaning itself, because I am pretty sure my black cat hasn’t figured it out.  He was NOT the one who delayed MNF.
  12. The Cowboys were probably relieved on the pounding they delivered to the Giants, but then they remembered it was against a rookie, and all the big pull away points were three quarters in.
  13. Nick Foles is coming back as the starter, the Gardner Minshew show is offline for now, but considering the Foles history for games and injuries, maybe they should just try and make the playoffs with the stache and THEN start him.
  14. So, if I have this straight, Kellen Winslow Jr. plead guilty to raping an unconscious woman to not get the life sentence, meaning we can hate him again when we are all 80?
  15. Isn’t it amazing when an animal makes the field (like the black cat on MNF) and it is so awesome and crazy, even though it is simply an animal that was not noticed?
  16. I am sure the black cat will be a rallying cry I will hate if the Cowboys suddenly go on a roll.
  17. But we all are scared of black cats and all hate the Cowboys…
  18. Reminds me of my favorite Widespread Panic song though, and you should listen to it.  I have treated you with the acoustic version.  Well, semi-acoustic version, as it has an electric solo.
  19. I have a feeling that we will never know if Cam Newton’s injury presently is real or not.
  20. Jordan Matthews is on his third stint with the Eagles, and that leads me to believe that A) the Eagles are desperate and B) that Jordan is too.
  21. Mitch Trubisky wants the TV’s showing criticism turned off, but wouldn’t you wanted that stuff to be turned UP?
  22. I checked out midseason picks by “experts” for the NFL playoffs and not ONE picked the Steelers even IN the playoffs…wrong, wrong, wrong.
  23. This is a really good article pre-Saturday about the college playoff picture.
  24. Fleck is unbeaten, has played no one, will get smoked by Penn State Saturday, and just signed an extension.  Good signature, bro.  Get that done before reality sets in.
  25. (that was more than one sentence I know)
  26. Rutgers talking to Schiano is as bad as the Steelers talking to Bell again, or you drunk texting your ex.
  27. They release the “Wooden Watch List” for people like me who like lists, OR they could just wait until everyone starts playing and see who is good.
  28. If you think you did something constructive today, know that Texas basketball player Andrew Jones fought off leukemia and then scored 20 points in the opener.
  29. Again, Luka Doncic is my favorite player, his trickery will make non-basketball fans enjoy the game, and he is on a RIDICULOUS triple double pace for his career.
  30. Here.
  31. When Devin Booker scored 40 points against the Sixers, and won, it was nice to see him show his talents in a meaningful game.
  32. Hey, Anthony Davis, don’t be a punk, and WIN something before teasing you might leave LeBron after one year and go to the “mecca of basketball.”  Plus, MJ already owns that town.
  33. I feel like 5% of all of our subconscious thought that John Collins would do something wrong in the first part of the NBA year.
  34. This NBA challenge of the charge call is like the NFL challenge of the PI non-call…it will never pan out, it just shows effort, and the challenges are painful to watch.
  35. I guess I am glad the XFL reeled in Steve Levy and Greg McIlroy as their announcers, but is that impressive about the league, or depressing for those two guys?  That is some chicken-egg stuff right there.
  36. Tiger Woods selected himself for the President’s Cup, and wouldn’t you if A) you had won your last tournament B) were one of the greatest of all time and C) captain of your own team?
  37. We ended up staying home instead of seeing Motherless Brooklyn, but it has all the ingredients I ask for in a movie, judging from the previews alone.
  38. Authorities found and destroyed a billion dollars worth of weed in California, and living in Colorado, that is just downright depressing…the latter part.
  39. New Delhi cancelled flights for smog last week, but just run of the mill daily smog that was a little higher.  Scary.
  40. I watch The Voice with my wife, and Hello Sunday is a fun name for a duo, but I support NO duo, no matter how good, and they should be on a show called The Voices.
  41. I hate group dancers of more than 4 on America’s Got Talent too.
  42. Election Day came and passed, and although a political science major, I admit to losing my ballot and forgetting to vote.
  43. I didn’t know that Keanu Reeves was single, but he apparently held hands with an artist in public and now is not.
  44. (Speaking of, I need to watch John Wick 3 while Lindsey is in the mountains-I need to write faster)
  45. Las Vegas has banned homeless people from sleeping on streets and bridges, and doesn’t that take out some of the cool stuff of Las Vegas?
  46. My wife tied for 2nd in her friend’s chile cookoff.  She wasn’t happy.
  47. If you haven’t been to a Meow Wolf, hold on tight.  Thing started in Santa Fe oddly, is coming to Denver to host all of the weed and mushroom people, and then opens in Vegas to accommodate …you know…Vegas people. Earlier blog had my personal pics of it.  Be a regular reader.
  48. I went to Sprouts with my wife, and just felt lost in there without processed meat, name brands, and unhealthy stuff.
  49. My wife knows how to use all functionality of a phone, yet has an old iPhone.  I don’t know how to do anything, but am buying a Google Pixel 4 for myself for my birthday.
  50. Conversation:  “What are you looking for sir?”  “I am looking for a juicy IPA or a double IPA.”  “Sir, want both in one beer?”  Weldworks Leave The Light On Double Juicy IPA.  Magic in a can.
  51. Nothing made me more happy this last week than when Lindsey’s friend came over and insisted on watching the end of Bloodsport with Van Damme.
  52. After Rocketman, Linds asked if I knew Bennie & The Jets.  I said I didn’t, but can play anything.  10 minutes later.  Done.  Thanks, Mom & Dad, for the investment.  I make people proud.
  53. When we went to Wendell’s, and I know my wife and I have an age delta, but she had never heard the song Mr. Wendell and that made me feel old.
  54. Daylight savings time sucks.
  55. I decided not to do Movember, and combine that with the fact that I had to get a new driver’s license, and eliminating my last picture of my soul patch, she is quite happy.
  56. I don’t remember the last time my birthday didn’t hit ON a Thanksgiving weekend and that makes me sad.
  57. Workout songs present rankings.  Deadweight by I Prevail, Breaking Inside by Shinedown, and Disguise by Motionless in White.
  61. You know a weird song I love listening to oddly?  Skyscraper by David Lee Roth.   Doesn’t fit my mold at all.
  62. I had to work from home because our trees in our yard were being trimmed, and I love my job, but MAN was that productive, distraction and BS free, and awesome.
  63. It is painful because you have to put more money upfront, but it is the time of season where I start betting the UVA basketball money line…I mean they lost only three times last season, so not so bad.
  64. My wife just started watching The Devil Next Door, but don’t think that will be a compromise show, since you have Russian subtitles and I am doing stuff in the other room.  Sounded intense though.  I honestly don’t remember the whole Cleveland-Ivan The Terrible thing, but maybe that was because that was the same year Rocky Balboa ended the Cold War in Rocky IV.
  65. (yes, he DID, folks)
  66. Put an NBA team in Mexico City.  That is fine.  Do NOT put an NFL team in London.  The time zone thing can’t be ignored.  I know you want it international, but let them like our football through tease games and TV, NOT through letting them in the league.
  67. See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?  It used to be much, much worse, so be thankful and thanks for reading it at all.

ADDENDUM PICS BY MY PIXEL (everything is fine with an addendum):

Of course I will talk to someone at Motet dressed as Ivan Drago.
Motet at Mission Ballroom.
Yeah, my Pixel sucks at pictures.
I never complain when Lindsey drags me to Taylor’s house.
I mentioned that Lindsey got second. Her sister got first.
Sure, let’s dress up again since it is sponsored by weird Meow Wolf.
Glad I didn’t hit the bathroom first. That is one big bottle to get iced on.
The chile cook-off crew.
Our friend, Amy.
Well, they looked loyal and happy at least before the game.
We go all out at Four Winds Interactive.
d-rose gets standing o in chicago
pack lb Smith possession speeding
draymond green injury
nadal withdraws
south africa stuns england in rugby title match
pats harry off ir
liverpool last second goal
no charges in smith’s girlfriend
addison will sit after brothers death
curry’s dad says he will still play in olympics
usc set to hire cincy’s bohn
Steelers release moncrief
union trent williams
new popeyes sandwich eyes health watson
balotelli walks off racist chants
bayern munich fires kovac
mcdonalds exec out-relationship
airbnb no party houses after shooting
storm dislodges boat niagara falls 101 years
john legend gets wine drunk, sings all of me
penske buys indy car and speedway
kiffin reaches out about fsu job
eagles lose jackson for six weeks
brissett injury mcl sprain
lebron helping to build kid’s school housing
yanks do not offer gregorius
masvidal serious about canelo fight
dolphins mark walton suspended 4 games for arrests
brandon ingram scores 40 injured
great Danes kill Ohio woman
Oklahoma 462 non violent walk out
chargers rumor about moving to london
eagles put jackson on IR
kane sued by vegas casino
Mexico family ambush
t mobile Sprint merging
francesa leaving wfan again
aj green to make debut vs ravens
bucs promote player blind in one eye
Morgan plans to play 2020 games
bama students protest trump
tcu loses 2nd qb in a week
hulk hogan was going to do wrestlemania?
kyrie billboard by msg again
Ben Simmons shoulder sprain
inoue signs with top rank
Zion getting stronger
skins shut down ot williams
cowboys Cooper set to go knee
clippers fined 50k for kawhi comments
silver slugger winners
uswnt wins
Rodney Reed execution
pitino hired Greece coach
buckeyes de young won’t play
arrest made in stepchild ufc fighter
celtics fine smart 15k refs comments
khalib says conor needs 10 wins before rematch
nike abuse case
tua back
aj green has setback out again
heat rock rockets
kawhi scores 18 in 4th
Sexton Osman Thompson three worst def. rating last yr same team
king three straight td’s
clips already resting kawhi
bucks win at clips
wins nyc marathon
diaz loses
mgm selling flagship gran property
wife is really sports pessimistic
my wife’s phone power
pixel 4
word kankly used by women working by me
dashboards at work

Power hours on Monday suck

ceo ppt, trip
thursday hh rum room

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The Power of The Addendum (subtitled “Black Cat Crossed Our Path On Little Fog Feet”)


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