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The Cast

Date: 03 October 2019


BACKGROUND:  This started as a long-winded numbered blog.  It transformed into an organized long-winded category blog.  Now, it is a quick-hitter to ease your pain.  I lack time.  So, the preparation of the blog actually made me procrastinate from writing the thing.  Let’s see who makes the cut.  Barely edited as usual unfortunately, so please excuse any mistakes during my stream of consciousness.  I feel the need…the need for speed.  Let’s turn and burn.

SETTING: I wrote this during the Rams-Seahawks game during commercials and downtime.  Just like Thursday Night Football, I had a short week.  But, unlike Todd Gurley, I don’t think it is dumb.  Less to write, less to read.  Shorter Cadence.

  1. EVERGREEN:  Vontaze Burfict’s heart is broken allegedly after being suspended for the entire NFL season.  His hit on Jack Doyle wasn’t the worse thing you have ever seen, but was clearly WAY against the rules also.  More than against the rules, it is against the morals of football.  Listen, I grew up watching Ronnie Lott and Steve Atwater light people UP on the field, but most of them were clean hits, with no obvious intention to hurt someone for good.  And sure, maybe we are all brainwashed by the new political correctness of NFL rules and our paradigm is tainted.  Maybe Ronnie Lott would be suspended every single week.  Whatever.  I am willing to admit a little and compromise on my stance.  But, this is a time when overall long term health is important in a very, very physical game.  Vontaze Burfict has a negative cadence in life.  His rhythm and intentions are not good.  Perhaps he is a good guy who loses his head for that split second before a hit.  OK.  Well, still.  Get him off the field.  Permanently.  The pattern is there.  An example must be made.  And it is a shame that the kid’s heart is broken.  But, it is better than someone’s neck being broken.
  2. NFL (in fluid style):  The Cowboys-Saints game was ugly last week, but know this.  Be scared, NFL.  The Saints still win at home.  The Saints still can win without Brees.  And the Saints can win ugly, defensive, non-flashy games.  I am a Steelers fan.  If I wasn’t, I might have considered Monday painful.  Sorry, everyone.  Even when Mason Rudolph looked “good,” it was because he was dinking and dunking to RB’s with safe, short passes when they weren’t running the Wildcat formation.  But, the reality is this, folks.  The Steelers are ONE game out of the division lead, with the Ravens on tap.  Early stories of their demise will have to wait until Sunday midafternoon.  Frank Gore has to be the quietest 15,000 yard rusher ever.  He is there, all.  Crazy.  Crossing 10k used to be a huge deal, but the game has changed, and so many teams enlist multiple backs all the time.  I almost wrote my Evergreen on the Broncos, but I figure that A) losing their first round pick for the year to injury B) losing at home to a backup QB and a team without their #1 CB and C) losing for the second time in four games when taking the lead with less than two minutes left…is enough.  So, the Skins tell us early last week there will be no QB change, and then change out a healthy Case Keenum over the weekend.  Feel better, Broncos fans.  You might be soft, and bad, but the Skins are just lost.  It is bad enough that Tom Brady is what he is.  But, when you can ponder to try and find a defensive category that the Pats aren’t #1 in and ponder a long time, then that is just bad news for everyone.  At least they had to pick up a new kicker and somehow ended up with high quality Mike Nugent.  Ugghhh.  Diggs is demanding a trade.  Diggs is not.  Ramsey wants traded.  The owner won’t trade him.  However these two situations end up, I am so tired of players picking and choosing where and when they go.  Play the hand you are dealt.  I went off on this in a previous blog.  Finally, we went a few days without AB news.  Luckily, a story came out about him being belligerent and unfit for his condo hearing.  Thanks, AB.  I have read how 60% of experts are choosing the Seahawks at home tonight.  I went with and believe the Rams will strut their Super Bowl selves after a bad Tampa loss last week.  Go Rams.  33-23.
  3. COLLEGE FOOTBALL:  Ranked games.  Iowa visits Michigan this weekend.  Since we can’t figure out either team at all, I guess I want to side with the khakis.  Harbaugh HAS to make that talented team look like a good team at some point.  Right?  Wrong.  I think Iowa is a solid football team, and maybe it is because Michigan has failed me twice already this season against the spread, I believe Iowa can win this outright.  The close win against Army is almost looking like the pattern instead of an aberration.  Iowa 20-17.  Auburn visits Florida.  Good matchup.  Can we please stop doubting freshman Bo Nix please?  He already has two BIG wins under him, and they weren’t at home.  If he struggles at The Swamp, they have the horses to run the ball and settle him down.  Even if I didn’t want to pick Auburn in this game, which I am, check out this.  His dad, Pat Nix won at #1 Florida in 1994.  I think the son follows that so Thanksgiving doesn’t suck.  Auburn wins 31-17.  Finally, #25 MSU visits Ohio State.  I am pretty sure they kept the spread under 21 out of respect for a ranked team, but Justin Fields almost looks on the field like he is trying to keep up with Jalen Hurts, which he eventually won’t.  But, that won’t stop him from trying, nor lighting up Michigan State.  Gone are the days when points are hard to come by against the Green.  Ohio State will win this by four touchdowns plus.  Give me 48-13.
  4. NBA: Porzingis allegedly has beefed up in the offseason.  The kid was already good when skinny.  Man, if he can’t pushed around down on the block, his skills will make him magical.  A unicorn.  Yup.  Kyle Kuzma signed a 5 year deal with Puma.  Sure, the kid has averaged over 16 points his two years.  But, superstardom?  Put him in a commercial.  Outside of the state of Utah and the city of Los Angeles, I doubt many people will recognize him in that commercial.  Or maybe he dates someone famous.  I don’t know.  I used to get that info from People Magazine.
  5. NHL:  My predictions for the season.  Given my cadence is quick tonight, as I tried to streamline this finishing before the end of the first quarter of the NFL game, I will just give you my picks.  We are going to have a FUN final, folks.  Blues again?  Not this time.  Bruins hype?  Not when the Lightning are as good as they are?  My Flyers?  I just hope for the playoffs these days.  Baby steps.  Give me the Bruins and Lightning battling on one side, with the Lightning winning out.  And in the best series of the playoffs in years, the Avs, yes I said the Avs, beat the Golden Knights in Vegas in a Game 7 and advance to the Stanley Cup Finals.  They are talented, fun to watch, young, and also local for me, which would make it fun.  Avs in six over the Lightning, and the most talented roster loses yet again.  People are already moving on from the Broncos and looking at the Avs and Nuggets as their saviors.  Says here that at least one of them delivers.
  6. MLB:  I have already said.  I hate the idea of the wildcard games (see last blog), but the National League one DID deliver excitement.  Us Phillies fans mourned some more, as now we get to watch the team that we stole Harper from continue to play.  Awful.  Painful.  Moving on.  Maybe the A’s should spend more money.  Or, LESS money, since the Rays ARE the lowest paying team in all of MLB and they beat the A’s.  The fact that the Cubs let Maddon go is confusing.  The idea of the Angels NOT hiring Maddon would be more confusing.  Give Maddon Trout and Ohtani and see what happens.  The Mattress Mack, Jim McIngvale is doing it again.  He laid down $3.5 mil on his Astros, already has the mattress refund thing going with fans, and apparently is looking for more places to bet.  I am sure he will find them.  And win.  Said here last week the Astros take this down over the Dodgers.  Speaking of the almost Dodgers, they are starting Walter tonight over Clayton.  Sign of the times, folks.  Youth beats time, no matter how big your HOF wing will be. 
  7. MISCELLANEOUS:  CA is slowly opening the can of worms, and the other states will follow.  Know this.  What started out as a washed-up player from UCLA’s dream and passion is now becoming a reality.  Pay the college kids.  Something.  Delle Donne has a herniated disc, and the entire WNBA is holding their breath.  She is too good, too nice, and too marketable, in a league that desperately needs it, to lose.  The grass is green, the sky is blue, and we ALL thought that LaVar Ball would eventually be sued by someone for something wrong.  You don’t have to read the whole ESPN Mag, but check out the Razzies, a little section near the front.  Four movies that sound ridiculous, where one is a real one and you have to guess.  Hilarious.  Always has John Travolta involved in one.  Finally, thoughts and prayers to Air Force and their lost mascot, after 23 years.
  8. THIS AND THAT:  Man, The Joker looks GOOD.  Man, The Irishman looks GOOD.  Where did the car brand Genesis come from?  Just saw a commercial for them.  Have I been blind and not noticed them?  Have they been around for a while?  Just started making commercials that play during sports?  The Dolphins are so engrossed in being bad and in their own little process that beer vendors are charging $362 a piece for them during games.  Check your CC receipts, folks.  The weather changed here in CO on October 1st like we just got a Whammy in Press Your Luck.  Immediately dropped 16 degrees in a day.  Harvard won their affirmative action case, so that must mean…ummm…I will stay away from that one.  Finally, if you insist on playing your lucky number repeatedly in every single lottery like an idiot, I hope you lived in South Carolina on your last stint.  2-2-2-2 just came up, and like 60 people had to split the pot.
  9. THE FILLERBUSTER: I get older and wiser, but I still overpaid online for Billy Strings tickets for my wife the other day.  What have I learned?  Apparently nothing.  I am getting quotes for trimming some trees in my yard, and I have figured out that tree people make a lot of money for doing dangerous work up high.  I went to the 20th Street Rec Center the other day during the week because I thought it was crazy busy during the week.  Wrong.  My new home away from home.  Favorite workout for me?  Hoops, box, swim.  Hit all in my cadence the other day.  Tomorrow is the GABF for Linds and I, and I look forward to logging in many new IPA’s.  On a slow cadence.  Nothing else to report, except for we head to Dallas next week for the Red River Shootout (or whatever politically correct term it is called now), which is going to be AMAZING.
  11. LINKS TO SAVE YOU TIME IN LIFE:  I haven’t done this one in a while.  As usual, it is mostly just what you miss on the fantastic site of Deadspin.


  1. THE BEST WORKOUT SONG EVER FOR THIS WEEK (because the best song this week IS the best song ever…for now):
  6. GONE FISHING (the riddle for money):
  7. PICS BY MY PIXEL (pictures from my phone):

The theme?  Well, it is about cadences, people.  It might have some inside joke-ness with my work, or maybe not.  Maybe it is because I wrote on four days this time instead of a week-plus, and I finished in an hour, you can read this in ten minutes, and everyone is happy.  Point is this.  Everything is about cadence, whether you like it or not.  Sometimes the rhythm is loved, sometimes the rhythm is required, but it usually is a good thing.  I am conforming at work and changing my old ways that worked, to a system involving cadence that will work better.  Do I want to change?  No.  Am I where I am at because I recognize that a new cadence is needed?  Yes.  Whether I am writing shorter blogs because of a faster blog cadence, or whether it is in my work, boxing, hoops, friends, family, Spanish learning, or piano, I need a good cadence.  We all do.  So, cadence it up.  Bob and weave. When I was in ROTC, even though I was only the best at physical fitness and nothing else (worst at many other things), I one time decided to piss off the higher ups by WINNING the marching contest held every year.  We practiced on a cadence for WEEKS, marched on a cadence, and won on a cadence.  Surprised the hell out of the judges, and made them a little pissed too.  Mission accomplished.

Let’s continue another cadence…our weekly reminder of the greatest sequel ever made coming out next summer… Top Gun 2.

That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Remember two things.  First, feed yourself, feed your family, but always, always remember to…feed the wolf.  Second,  if you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  As one shepherd said to the other shepherd, let’s get the flock out of here.

I leave you with these items:

Cadence: the beat, time, or measure of rhythmical motion or activity

A sales cadence is simply a sequence of sales activities that you follow for certain leads.

Good luck with your rhythm.

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