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The Best Boonie Hat [TOP 5 for Hunting, Hiking, Outdoors]

best boonie hat

When you go into the field, you’re going to want to have protection from the elements. While not the most common fashion statement, the Boonie Hat is one of the best ways to shield your head and neck from the sun and rain.

A wide-brimmed floppy hat, it’s a favorite of hunters, military members, and people venturing into the outdoors that need protection. It is growing and many companies make fashion wide-brimmed hats like Tilliey’s Boonie hat.

The 5 Best Boonie Hats

Here are the best boonie hats on the market and how to choose one for your next outdoor adventure.

1. Outdoor Boonie Sun Hat

best waterproof boonie hat

When it comes to cheap and effective protection from the sun you can't do better than this boonie hat from Outdoor Products. It is a black and gray wide brim hat that protects your face neck and shoulders from the sun effectively, without the need for sunblock.

This lightweight nylon construction is comfortable and dries quickly in the event of rain, and flexes in the wind rather than creating a sale that blows your hat off. Just in case, there is a full chinstrap to keep the hat on your head. The black vans on either side of the hat keep your head from sweating and keeps your head cool while you’re out and about in the sun.

This is an inexpensive and lightweight hat that performs well in the outdoors and even comes with a lifetime warranty. You can’t go wrong with this hat for a cheap escape from the sun while enjoying your favorite outdoor activity.

2. Camo Coll Outdoor UPF 50+ Boonie Hat

best boonie hat for hiking

If you want a high-quality sun hat that protects you from being in the elements, you can’t go wrong with this Camo Coll Outdoor boonie hat. Available in several different colors and sizes this is a great option for people who spend a lot of time hiking, camping, fishing, or even hunting although it is not sold in camouflage patterns.

The best thing about this hat is the wraparound mesh designed to keep your head cool and allow sweat to escape. This is one of the best hats for being in direct sunlight because it offers the most sun protection while also offering the most ventilation. The comfortable soft fabric doesn’t catch the wind very well and the floppy brim is very comfortable in sweaty hot conditions.

3. Rothco Boonie Hat

best boonie hat for hunting

This boonie hat is very similar to that is worn by our military. It is a heavy-duty hat made from ripstop nylon that includes both slight events and loops to hold vegetation branches concealment. It is available with an adjustable chinstrap that cinches down the leather thong.

While this is a rugged hat that is going to last a very long time it is also not adjustable and the heavy-duty fabric it is made from can get uncomfortable at times. The wide brim also catches the wind as much as it keeps the sun and rain off of your face, neck and shoulders. Make sure it sends down in stormy conditions or while on the water, otherwise you'll be scrambling for your hat!

This hat is also available in an astounding 29 different patterns of camouflage, including all current and past military patterns as well as many foreign patterns, and some civilian woodland mimicry patterns. If you can’t find your pattern of camouflage in one of these hats, it means they don’t make it anymore!

4. Tru-Spec GEN-II Adjustable Boonie Hat

tru spec gen 2 boonie hat

This is a real deal military specification boonie hat that with the correct pattern can be worn in uniform. Make sure you order the correct one if you plan on using it for this! It is available in several different patterns and solid colors, but each and every one is high quality and durable.

The hat does include brass inserts to allow ventilation, but they are not as effective as other hats with mesh sections sewn into the construction of the hat. This is a much stiffer and more durable hat than all the others on this list, and will probably last the longest even if abused. Even the sewn in chinstrap and plastic toggle are more durable than every other hat mentioned here.

If you abuse your equipment or want a military specification boonie hat this is the best one to get.

5. The Hat Depot 300N1510 Wide Brim Foldable Double-sided Outdoor Boonie

propper boonie hat

If you’re looking for a boonie hat that performs as well in the field as it will at the shopping mall, this is an excellent option. It is a 100% cotton double-sided foldable brand boonie hat that works well to block the sun off of your neck and shoulders. It does take a long time to dry as it's made from 100% cotton but is extremely comfortable and flexible because of the fabric it is made of.

Because this is made without camouflage, and from a consumer grade material that doesn’t stand up well to the outdoors this is mainly going to be a hat that you wear while in normal dress attire, or in casual attire while in the sun.

The wide brim does an excellent job of blocking the sun and this is the ideal hat if you are going to be at the beach, or in the desert and want optimal protection from the sun and are too worried about rain.

All these considerations combined with the fact that you can wear it just about anywhere with no one batting an eyelash means this is a great quality hat if you are interested in keeping the sun and elements off of your face, neck and shoulders.


A great boonie hat is going to keep you out of the sun and out of the elements while you are in the field. Whether you’re looking for the best boonie hat for hiking, the best waterproof boonie hat, or even a boonie hat for hunting, shop around online and look at reviews so you don’t end up buying a bad piece of equipment. Make no mistake, a propper boonie hat is a piece of equipment.

Having the right protection when you go into the field can mean the difference between an excellent vacation in the wilderness, and an awful sunburn or constantly wet hair because you got the wrong product. Get the best gear you can and take care of it, it’ll take care of you!

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The Best Boonie Hat [TOP 5 for Hunting, Hiking, Outdoors]


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