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Rantwick - Commuter Cycling In London Ontario | A Blog
Bicycle commuter / blogger who rides all seasons in London Ontario, Canada. Lots of video, often funny, sometimes weird.
2022 King Of Autumn
2022-11-15 01:57
As my interactions with this blog seem to dwindle despite my best intentions, I still circle back when I have something good to post. A tree in fully furious fall foliage remains one of my… Read More
Silverback Gorilla Foils Bike Thief!
2022-08-01 19:07
Hello, long time no write, right? Not much writing in this post either, just a video to share. The video has all relevant info in it, so here:Yer Pal, R A N T W I C K Read More
2021 King Of Autumn
2021-10-31 22:11
There are 3 blog posts between this post and the King of Autumn post from last year. All evidence points to my pretty much stopping with this blog. However, I still have a great deal of af… Read More
Sexuality And Cycling
2021-07-29 21:07
Bet that title brought you in. Now you just get to see this listing from kijiji:That tube does not believe in all these stupid labels we put on everything. Good for you, tube.Yer Pal, R… Read More
Brave. Fallen. Failure. Hero.
2021-01-31 23:44
Hi all, hope yer brains are holding up. It ain't easy, I know. My workplace is considered "essential", so I have been going to work every day, which is a slightly scary blessing compared t… Read More
The King Of Autumn, 2020
2020-10-20 18:28
Yes, it is that time again. Strangely, the King has almost always been an orange colour when I post him, but the first time he was a glowing yellow. As I've mentioned in other years, he is… Read More
Uh-oh. I've Joined The Freaky Cockpit Crowd
2020-09-15 14:05
First off I want to post a picture of my Fat bike with a clean drivetrain:In the middle of winter when my drivetrain is a thing of nightmares, I may well come to this post, sigh deeply, cr… Read More
The Spinny Bits
2020-09-13 04:37
After mentioning that my Fat bike had become my number one commuter, of course I ended up riding my "skinny" (32c) tired bike for a few weeks and man, has it ever been good. It's almost li… Read More
2019-11-08 22:00
Earlier I posted a lovely picture using Instagram, mostly because Insta lets me easily shoot it to Twitter and Facebook at the same time. Trouble is, Insta crops the image into a near square… Read More
The King, 2019
2019-11-06 12:00
It would seem I'm quite willing to let the blog slide these days. However, it would feel wrong not to post a picture of this Autumn's King; I have been doing it for 10 years!Here he is, look… Read More
God Bless The USA
2019-09-24 21:30
Hey, just touching base. Everything is going great, riding weather is beautiful. I've been riding to work and back most days, but not much else. For the one or two people who are friends on… Read More
2019-05-10 04:09
One of the Seven Deadly Sins, Sloth, has intruded upon my blog writing. I think it started with an actual Sloth...I heard somewhere that there was a Sloth Riding a Bicycle (with chainline is… Read More
Super Duper Bike Melt Tray-O-Rama
2019-02-01 22:00
I've been bringing my bike indoors when I get to work, partly for security and partly so the hubs thaw out and roll better again for a little while. When it is covered with snow and muck and… Read More
Cold Snap Riding
2019-02-01 03:48
This morning I broke my previous record for cold weather cycling by 1 degree C, making my new coldest ride temp -24C (-11F). For some cold weather cyclists this is of course child's play, bu… Read More
Sewer Hole!
2019-01-17 03:16
Obviously I have not been writing much. That is bad. I have, however, been riding my Fat bike to work and back most days, which is good! Very good, really. They may not be for everyone, but… Read More
Ice + Studded Bike Tires = BIG FUN!
2018-12-12 00:14
So far the new fat bike has been terrific. I need more snow though. Anyway, I made a video about ice and stuff! Watch it! Love it! Love me! Looove Meeeeee... Yours In Creepy Online Neediness… Read More
Catch Up
2018-11-22 03:03
I've been busy, so here's a little catch up post! How are you? Good? Good. The King says hi...Now, since we're playing catch-up, those leaves have fallen and snow has begun here in London On… Read More
2018-10-08 13:30
This Thanksgiving (which it is, today, of course, and no other stupid day) I am Thankful for so much I don't even where to begin. I know where to end, though. With squirrels. These little co… Read More
It Has A Pulse!
2018-09-21 21:30
This blog I mean. This blog has a pulse. I don't know if I will ever re-engage to the point that I'm posting all the time again, but I sure as hell want to keep it alive.That said, writing a… Read More
Making Fat My Friend
2018-07-31 13:30
Well hello everyone! Apologies for not writing more, it is a busy time for the Rantwick family. We have an old house that still had quite a bit of knob and tube wiring in it; a service upgra… Read More
Axiom Fatliner Rack Vs. Future Fenders
2018-06-16 04:42
I've been a fan of Axiom racks for a long time. While they're not high end rack bling, they are well made quality racks rated for lots of weight at half the price. In addition, I've always l… Read More
Fat Bike
2018-06-12 23:32
I finally got one. It is an entry level bike that was $1000 all in. For that price I feel like I got lots of good stuff. Alu frame and fork (expected at this price), Shimano hydraulic discs… Read More
I Am A Big Crab
2018-05-04 14:00
Crotchety. Cranky. Crusty. Curmudgeonly. Crabby. So many C words! They all describe how I'll seem after today's video. That's a shame, because I couldn't be happier, really. Riding to work i… Read More
2018-04-23 22:53
This morning marked my first time on the bike since mid November. In typical fashion I forgot something at home and had to double back, extending my maiden voyage this morning. I am in terri… Read More
2018-02-13 03:00
As mentioned in the previous post, today I am posting a video that contains clips of me swearing while riding my bike. Good times, man, good times.Yer Pal,R A N T W I C K Read More
2018-02-10 06:14
Hello everyone! I'm back, and not in a kind of thready medically fragile kind of way; I've been fixed! The original cause of my stroke has been removed and won't be back. I have no follow-up… Read More
2017-10-30 14:14
I'm going to stop updating people on my brain / surgery status, because my operation has been delayed twice and has a likelihood of being bumped again and again. As such, I'm just going to l… Read More
2017-10-08 04:30
Have you seen these? I'm sure you have if I have here in conservative, boring old London Ontario. I try to avoid being a hater, you know. I'm no better than anyone else; I have no particular… Read More
2017-10-04 14:02
For anyone who's been seeing me post recently who thought, hey wait, I thought he was gonna be in brain surgery, my operation has been postponed until October 26. One feature of Canada's hea… Read More
Extreme Safety
2017-09-25 13:00
Attention, hyper-cycling safety fans! London Ontario is the new centre for cutting edge safety signage! This gem can be found where the TVP ends and Kiwanis Park begins; this is a favourite… Read More
Strokie Joe Now Knows Mo - AVM
2017-09-11 18:16
Some of my regulars would know that I had a stroke about a year and a half ago. That's why, especially when I'm being clumsy or dizzy or whatever, my family (myself included) calls me Stroki… Read More
Looking Back: Goodbye To My Hero
2017-09-06 22:00
How's that for a title to scare off just about anybody? If I saw that on some other blog I read regularly, I would sigh while following the link, wondering who died now and how depressed the… Read More
On Yer Left
2017-08-28 13:22
I recently read an article from the Bikesnob in Outside magazine called "The Politics of Passing" in which he goes through the various ways in which a cyclist can alert pedestrians to their… Read More
Coulda Shoulda Woulda: Not Very Good Riding
2017-08-14 12:00
This is my second "Coulda Shoulda Woulda" post. These posts are all about those situations you wish you could do again; those times you say to yourself, "what I should have said was..."Thank… Read More
Dead-Eyed Santa Contest WINNER!
2017-01-23 23:00
I threw a party and nobody came. Here's the single entry and, by extension, winner of my contest!The good news is that this particular entry was a "winner" regardless; I have little doubt th… Read More
Dead-Eyed Santa - Entry #1!
2016-12-15 19:30
I have received the first (and hopefully not last) entry in my dead-eyed Santa contest! This one was submitted by John and features a nicely unenthusiastic Santa holding Scotty the dog, who… Read More
Catching The Holiday Spirit
2016-12-14 13:28
I've never been a big fan of the Christmas season; I blame part of my crank on 5 years or so working in retail in a Mall. I also have trouble getting behind anything that stresses a lot of p… Read More
Are You #%^1n' Kiddin' Me #10
2016-12-10 05:27
Well, I've been watching TV commercials and getting annoyed again. This time it is a brand that many cyclists (especially the tech gear lovers) know well, Garmin. Here's the commercial:OK, s… Read More
The King Of Autumn - 2016
2016-12-04 05:07
Well, I didn't get around to taking a picture of the King this year until he was starting to go bald, but for what's it's worth, here he is:For those of you who aren't familiar, I dubbed thi… Read More
2016-11-28 16:48
July 18? That can't be the last time I posted here! Holy crap, man! I mean, like, I stopped posting for a while and Donald Fucking Trump got elected President of the United States of America… Read More
The One True Bike - Part 5 - Finished!
2016-07-09 18:40
You know how I was documenting the building of my latest bike in awful mind-numbing detail? Screw that, the bike is done! I mean, who wants to waste their time reading that shit let alone wr… Read More
The One True Bike - Part 4 - Headset
2016-05-15 05:20
As always with one of these installments, I must begin with a warning. The following is overly detailed bike crap of interest only to the mentally disturbed and me, not that those are mutual… Read More
2016-04-23 03:45
Hi all! I have the BEST excuse for not writing ever. I had a stroke! Honest to god, yer pal RANTWICK had a scary incident involving a brain hemorrhage in his cerebellum. Your cerebellum is a… Read More
2016-03-19 03:43
WARNING: Unrelenting tedious detail of interest only to mentally unstable bike freaks follows. Read at your own risk of nearly fatal boredom.Picking and buying a fork for a bicycle  sho… Read More
2016-02-20 06:06
Of the two or three people who still read this blog, a couple have asked for ALL THE DETAILS on this my latest bike project. Be careful what you wish for, losers, 'cause here they come, in a… Read More
2016-02-19 19:48
In the aftermath of my latest stolen bike stuff I decided to build one up from scratch again! Oh sweet agony! I have discovered over the last couple of decades, lots of bikes and 2 builds th… Read More
2016-02-13 23:10
In the aftermath of my latest stolen bike stuff I decided to build one up from scratch again! Oh sweet agony! I have discovered over the last couple of decades, lots of bikes and 2 builds th… Read More
2016-01-06 17:15
Hello hello and Happy New Year and a retroactive Happy Holidays to boot! I hope everyone had as pleasant and active a December as I did.I have been riding to work and back as always, and had… Read More
2015-12-08 05:45
Hey, everybody! This is a nerd thing about how to embed a gfycat (a snazzy html5 based streaming animated GIF) in a blogger post.If such things interest you, please go ahead and watch the fo… Read More
2015-12-03 21:00
I've not experienced anywhere near the good old need to write stuff that started this blog in quite some time. That's not necessarily bad, since when my muse does elbow me in the eye, the re… Read More
2015-11-17 23:30
Since I only received one response on Twitter (thank you Sarah) to the following question, I thought to myself, "self", I thought, "maybe the blog people would want a crack at this". And so… Read More
2015-11-13 22:30
Hello there! I'm in a rush but wanted to touch base with the old blog, you know, so I'm just gonna pay homage to the King of Autumn now that that the leaves are mostly gone.Here's the best s… Read More
2015-09-25 05:49
Fridays are supposed to be fun, right? Well I think this fits the bill...Wish me luck on actually getting fit/strong enough to do my pull up. Right now I am quite overweight, but "fit" thank… Read More
2015-09-07 07:18
Hello Hello! I am pleased to say that great things are underway in my small life; things like learning to cut mosaic tiles with a wet saw (which is freakin' awesome, btw) and, um, well that'… Read More
2015-08-31 13:05
No time to write much, so I'll make this quick. You know when you have an interaction with somebody out there and then replay it in your mind, thinking of the things you might have said or d… Read More
2015-08-30 05:37
Hi all, long time no write! I thought I was back in the swing with that little spate of posts in July, but I guess not! I'm not ever gonna write anything about my posting frequency or the di… Read More
2015-07-27 16:34
I used to think the Royal Canadian Mint was a kind of cool institution. I imagined serious, expert engravers and artists crafting collector and circulation coins that would have real cultura… Read More
2015-07-17 19:19
The Rantwick clan is going camping next week, for the first time in quite a while. I will not be writing blog posts during that time, but if you're just addicted to the small details of my l… Read More
2015-07-17 15:32
Before we begin, can we agree that despite terrible over and dare I say ill-use of it, the poem "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost is still really great? Having ill-used it once more in a… Read More
2015-07-15 16:14
This Wednesday morning I once again ran across a local cycling group comprised mainly of seniors. The first time was in 2011...I posted on that encounter here , and explained that I was… Read More
2015-07-13 19:33
Hey everybody! Did you all have a decent weekend? I did, because I attended a wedding on Saturday and had such a good time (hic!) that I slept most of Sunday. But enough about me. This post… Read More
2015-07-10 04:05
I sometimes wonder if there is some ad campaign I am unaware of, or an Internet meme, or something that explains why people (usually young people, but not always) feel compelled to yell "GoP… Read More
2015-07-08 13:36
I took a nice ride yesterday after work, lengthening my afternoon commute by about 15k just for kicks. It was rainy, which was nice because 1) I like riding in the rain and 2) it reduces the… Read More
2015-07-05 04:09
My last post was about how I wished  for a return to the days when I wrote more and better stuff for this blog.Today does not mark such a return, but something rather far from it. Nonet… Read More
2015-07-02 16:35
I've added a new item under "Post Series and Emerging Themes" on my sidebar called "My Personal Faves". I've gone through the 605 posts on this blog and applied that label to 49 of them. Tha… Read More
2015-06-20 04:44
I really like reading bikesnobnyc, and bikesnobnyc really likes poking fun at roadies who obsess over all the latest tech and bikes and training stuff. One way in which some people do this i… Read More
2015-05-04 17:20
Hey, it looks like my posts are just gonna be more infrequent. From here on out, even if there's a lengthy pause in activity here on the blog, please assume that nothing bad has happened. In… Read More
2015-03-11 18:00
Yay! I've been riding again since Monday. As expected, it has left me wondering why I stopped. Endorphin based joyjoys and cycling zen thought clearing activity have me feeling better than I… Read More
2015-03-05 17:15
As you may be aware, I am a pretty big fan of cycling POV cam videos. Today, however, I am just fed up with the ever-increasing number of helmet cam cyclists who post about every little infr… Read More
2015-02-13 03:35
Hello! I've been distracted, lazy, busy, confused and generally unable or unwilling to write anything here for a while. Has everyone been well? I haven't been doing much blog reading either… Read More
2015-01-09 05:33
Wednesday of this week was a pretty snowy day in London Ontario, pushing the limits of my relatively skinny tires in the morning and exceeding them sometimes on the way home. I tweeted somet… Read More
2015-01-08 20:03
Most reasonably small and simple weather things you can post on your web page don't have wind direction or speed on them, and that has always bugged me. You don't have to cycle very much bef… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
Note: Fooling people is against my new found Spirit Guide's* teachings, so here's a straight-ahead normal post despite the date.I am aching to get off the dirty crowded pot-holed streets of… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
Dear Anyone Who Has Been Wondering If I'm Dead,I'm not. YAY!I have not ended up under anybody's wheels, had a heart attack, or gotten squished by a piano dropped from above. That last would… Read More

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