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A Run Down of Ashton Kutcher Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Journey

If you are an Ashton Kutcher Brazilian jiu jitsu fan, this news will excite you to the core. Ashton Kutcher recently received his BJJ brown belt from his longtime teacher and mentor, Rigan Machado. This in itself is great news, but it also means that he is just one step away from being a black belt!

During this Brazilian jujitsu article, you’ll discover the story of Ashton Kutcher in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu mats who made him one of the great celebrity martial artists.

You’ve got to see Ashton Kutcher rolling Jiu Jitsu with Craig Jones, Source: Jiu-Jitsu Times

Ashton Kutcher Doing Jiu jitsu

ashton kutcher bjjWhen did Ashton Kutcher Start Jiu-Jitsu? Ashton Kutcher’s BJJ journey began in 2012 when he received his first-ever training in this art in Rio de Janeiro at the Ricardo De La Riva Academy. He tried this martial art to keep himself in shape. 9 years down the lane, he is soaring through it and is just one step away from earning the prestigious black belt.

He received his first 2 striped jiu jitsu blue belt in the early months of 2014, after 2 years of training. He trained on and off one year, while during the second year, he took private lessons religiously, every day.

When did Ashton Kutcher receive the Jiu-Jitsu purple belt? Keen determination and hard work helped Ashton Kutcher achieve the BJJ purple belt by the end of the same year, 2014.

The jiu-jitsu fan base had mixed reactions to this news, and many were concerned about how the former ‘two and a half men star’ received a purple belt in such a short span of time.

Rigan, however, was quick to respond and stated that Ashton had a firm background in wrestling which, along with his hard work, helped him in the quick grasping of this prestigious art.

When did Ashton Kutcher receive the BJJ brown belt? After almost 5 years of training Brazilian jiu-jitsu as a purple belt holder, Ashton Kutcher was finally awarded the brown belt in October 2019.

Source: Jiu-Jitsu Times

Unlike last time, fans had nothing negative to say about the star and his BJJ journey. They were simply ecstatic to hear the news.

Ashton Kutcher Jiu Jitsu Fight

Source: The Fighter and The Kid Clips

Where Does Ashton Kutcher Train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? Like many other stars, Ashton Kutcher has been training BJJ under the coral belt holder, Rigan Machado.

Rigan Machado is not new to teaching this art to celebrities. He and his brother, together known as the Machado brothers, have worked with plenty of stars and have trained them to various degrees.

The coral belt holder, Rigan, is famously known for creating a BJJ routine fit for celebrities, which he calls the ‘Flow Jiu Jitsu.’ He trains them without regularly making them go through tough sparring and competitions.

That, however, doesn’t mean that celebrities don’t get their share of fighting.

More often than not, Ashton Kutcher jiu jitsu fights have become the talk of the town. He is often seen fighting big names in the BJJ fraternity and well-known fighters singing praises to him.

The video went viral a while ago, where Ashton was seen fighting the BJJ black belt Paulo Costa, who is currently ranked number 2, in the middleweight UFC Championship.


Ashton Kutcher BJJ Rolling

ashton kutcher bjj

There was another Ashton Kutcher Brazilian Jiu Jitsu video that made rounds on social media recently. In which he was seen mid-sparring with Craig Jones, the ADCC Gold Medalist.

Although the sparring’s intensity and the pace looked more accustomed to the Flow Jiu Jitsu Routine, fans were clearly impressed.

This particular Ashton Kutcher BJJ rolling video puts a lot of unnecessary rumors to rest. The rumors were mostly about Ashton being unfit to carry the brown belt ever since he received one in October 2019. The fans were curious to know if he could really roll.

And so he proved. Not only was he seen rolling in this video, but he also managed to pass the guard and defend himself against the BJJ legend Craig Jones.

While traveling outside the State, Ashton has seen training at Ricardo De La Riva’ Academy in Rio de Janeiro and Roger Gracie’s Academy in London.

Ashton Kutcher BJJ Belt

ashton kutcher jiu jitsu

What BJJ belt is Ashton Kutcher? As of now, Aston Kutcher is a BJJ brown belt. He is only a step away from being a BJJ black belt, which is the second most prestigious and sought-after rank in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The second being the Coral belt / red belt, for which one needs to have 45 years of experience in black belt BJJ.

How Long Has Ashton Kutcher Been Doing Jiu-Jitsu? The lead actor of ‘The 70s show’ first tried his hands at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, during his stay in Rio de Janeiro, when shooting for an ad campaign. The actor, producer, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist Ashton Kutcher took up BJJ grappling as an alternative to his morning runs, as suggested by his security personnel.

This was more than 9 years ago.

So, almost a decade down, and he is still accustomed to BJJ; in fact, he is getting stronger with each passing day.

How Long Has Ashton Kutcher Trained in BJJ? As of today, Ashton Kutcher has been successfully training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a couple of years, shy of a decade. He started training religiously on a daily basis a year before he received his blue belt, which was in 2014.

So if not mistaken, he started his BJJ training in 2013. This means he has been under training for the past 9 years.

Want to Learn How to Train Like Ashton Kutcher?

ashton kutcher bjj

Here’s a quick rundown of Ashton Kutcher’s BJJ Workout, as designed by the 8th-degree cobalt belt and maestro, Rigan Machado.

This routine includes a warm-up, BJJ move training, stretching, and cool down. This workout emphasizes each of the body muscles, especially the core. It strengthens muscles, improves flexibility, and brings balance.

  • Begin with a 15-minute warm-up that includes bodyweight exercises like:
    1. Pushups
    2. Pull-ups
    3. Jogging
    4. Crunches
    5. Bear crawls
    6. Mountain climbers
    7. Jumping jacks
  • The next 30 minutes include BJJ move training, which is done with a partner. Moves such as:
    1. Choke – Triangle choke from guard
    2. Escape – Scissor sweep from guard
    3. Submission – Armbar from guard


  • The last 30 minutes of the training are based on stretching, such as:
    1. Pigeon pose
    2. Lying hamstring stretch
    3. Cross-body rear-delt stretch

Do 3 reps of each and DONE!

Here you have it: a killer 1 hr 15 min Ashton Kutcher BJJ workout routine!

Here’s a video of Ashton Kutcher doing Jiu Jitsu. Source: GRACIEMAG

Whether you are an Ashton Kutcher or Jiu-Jitsu fan, watching him earn the black belt sounds exciting!

How soon will Ashton Kutcher receive the black belt?

What will Ashton Kutcher do next?

For answers to all your questions, stay tuned!

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A Run Down of Ashton Kutcher Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Journey


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