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Pepper Spray vs Criminal Identifier Spray – The Ideal Choice For Self-Defense UK

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Although self-defence laws in the UK are based on common experiences of the past, there are times that call for a different course of action. For example, you can use force as a way of protecting yourself during an attack. However, you should constantly keep in mind that you do not harm the person any more than you have been harmed. You are only allowed to use force in the following cases:

  • As a means of defence when your security has been threatened
  • As a way of protecting another person
  • For the protection of property
  • For crime prevention
  • For making an arrest approved by law

There is no restriction as long as you are using pure physical strength in order to defend yourself. However, things can get pretty complicated if you are using a weapon. Any weapon that can cause a disproportionate injury to the person who is attacking you or in simple terms, an offensive weapon can land you in serious trouble.

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Pepper Spray UK

There is even a detailed explanation of what could be considered as a reasonable force within the UK and where you can use it. This may sound rather absurd, especially during instances when you have your life at stake. But even then, using any weapon is strictly prohibited.

Laws around Pepper Spray in the UK

Irrespective of whether there has been a break in, theft or mugging, you have to think twice before using a weapon, even something as basic as a kitchen knife. This naturally leaves you highly vulnerable to attacks. So, is there any legal alternative you can use to protect yourself and your family? What about the Pepper Spray? Well, pepper Spray is used as one of the most effective, non-lethal weapon all across the world. It can be used to deter any attacker within seconds and is even popularly used by the police and defence authorities themselves.

However, pepper sprays may be a concern when you are in the UK. The English law classifies the pepper spray as an offensive weapon and hence, one of the illegal weapons. This is mentioned very clearly in Section 5(1)(b) of the firearms act 1968. The act rules out the use of any toxic gas, liquid, and other substances as a means of self-defence. Since pepper spray contains a harmful gas, it cannot be used by the public for self-defence. In fact, even carrying pepper spray is considered illegal, both for the civilians well as the preppers.

What are the pepper spray alternatives in the UK?

All types of pepper spray used around the world for law enforcement contain one or the other type of gas or liquid to irritate the eyes. Hence, there is no doubt that these are considered illegal in the UK. So, how about alternatives? Is there any product that is legally safe and yet effective enough to deter attackers? Well, there are a few alternatives that can be safely used by the law-abiding UK citizens.

The alternatives are known as Deterrent Self Defence sprays and are a somewhat safer version of the pepper sprays. These sprays abide by the law and will, therefore, not land you in any legal trouble. At the same time, they are also effective enough to deter attackers. The Deterrent Self Defence Sprays are:

  • Entirely legal to carry and use within all of the United Kingdom
  • Can be used by any citizen above the age of 18
  • Contain no harmful chemicals and toxic substances
  • It is non-lethal
  • Causes staining, thereby allowing for an easier criminal identification
  • It tends to be highly accurate, up to a distance of 4 meters
  • Highly effective
  • Comes in a compact and easy-to-use spray can

How do the alternatives work?

The deterrent self-defence sprays may have a small dimension. However, they are quite effective when it comes to execution. If sprayed directly on the face, it can completely disorient the attacker, giving you enough time to escape or use force in response. When the spray makes contact with the eyes, it immediately turns vision blurry. This will cause them to back off while protecting their face from the incoming stream. The attacker may try to wipe off the gel from their eyes. However, this only makes things worse as rubbing tends to blur vision even more. This will immediately strike panic in the attacker and make him/her stop right in his tracks. The other advantage with this spray is that it leaves behind a very deep stain that can stay for as long as 7 days. This allows the police to make an easy identification of the culprit and track down any potential attacks.

The Best Criminal Identifier Sprays UK

Safehaus Mini Self Defence Spray Criminal Identifier Review
Safehaus Mini Self Defence Spray Criminal Identifier
Safehaus Mini Self Defence Spray Criminal Identifier

This is one of the most popular self-defence sprays used within the United Kingdom. It is not only convenient to carry around but also very easy to use. The spray does not contain any pepper extract or tear gas. Hence, it will not land you up in any legal trouble. The spray comes in a small-sized, compact can that easily fits even into small handbags and pockets. There is a release button at the top of the can. When you press this, a red coloured gel spray gets instantly released into the face of the attacker. This will give you enough time to distract the attacker and back away from the scene.

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One of the notable things about this self-defence spray is that it leaves a strong orange tint on the skin and clothes of the attacker. This dye is very hard to remove and stays for quite a number of days, allowing the police to identify the criminals with much ease. So basically, this is just a marker spray. However, if sprayed directly in the face, it can also cause temporary blinding. The most natural response in such situation is that the attacker will try to wipe away the gel from his face. However, this will only create more irritation and mess up the situation, even more, thus buying you enough time to call the police.

The trigger is not placed directly at the top of the can but at a slightly lower level. This ensures that you do not accidentally spray the content into other items while carrying it in a purse or pocket. There is no lid at the top. However, the can does not leak. So it should not be a huge concern. The can is so compact that you can even have it attached to a key ring. This way, it will double up as a keychain as well as a self-defence spray. You can also carry it around in a carabineer so that it remains easily reachable when the need arises.

The trigger spray tends to be highly precise even at distances of up to 8 feet. So yes, you will not be missing out on your target even if you spray it from a safe distance. As you can see, this is nothing but a spray marker. So the common question that arises is, whether it is any more effective than a can of paint and if yes, what makes it so? The very first thing to note here is that this is a very compact spray can and, therefore, much more convenient to carry around. Furthermore, the contents are highly pressurized. So when you spray it, the gel comes out in full force. This is enough to disorient an attacker, even if just for a short while. Another noteworthy thing about this product is not restricted in any area. You can even bring it on planes. Hence, it is a great option for females who are mostly travelling solo.

This is not a onetime use product. Instead, a single can last you quite a number of sprays. You can also shake and feel the weight of the can on your palms to decide the amount that is left within. However, self-defence sprays are not something you use on a daily basis. So, one can last you a good length of time.


  • Compact size
  • Easily fits into pockets and small purses
  • Highly pressurized spray
  • The release button is at a lower level in order to avoid accidental spraying
  • Leaves a very strong orange dye over the surface on which it is sprayed
  • Completely legal within the United Kingdom


  • The spray does not cause any stinging sensation in the eyes
Safehaus SHS001 TUW Farb Criminal identifier Self Defence Spray Review
Safehaus SHS001
Safehaus SHS001

This is easily one of the smallest self-defence sprays you can find in the market. The small size makes it rather discreet, and you can easily carry it in your handbag, purse, and even pockets. The product does not contain any pepper spray, tear gas or other toxic chemicals that are listed as illegal under the British Law. The can is very neat with a dimension of 85 by 34 mm. Hence, it easily fits into your palm. A single can has a capacity of 40 ml and can last you a couple of sprays. Due to its extreme convenience, the Safehaus SHS001 has gone on to be one of the best selling self-defence sprays in the United Kingdom.

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The spray can does not have any cover on top. This allows for an easy accessibility in case you are required to make a quick response to the attacker. Furthermore, the can has a sunken release button so as to prevent any accidental sprays. This ensures that you do not spray your belongings inside the bag.
It should be noted that this is just a marker spray. When you press the release button, a ted gel liquid is sprayed out. This leaves a stubborn red stain on the face and clothes of the attacker. The dye is very strong and remains for a quite a number of days. This allows the security personnel to easily identify the attackers and track potential cases of crime. The spray does not sting. However, it can definitely cause some amount of irritation if sprayed directly into the eyes. So while using the spray, you should make it a point to aim it straight at the attacker’s face.

Although this a legal self-defence spray within the United Kingdom it can only be carried and used by citizens who are above 16 years of age. This should be kept in mind if you are thinking of buying it for the youngsters. Furthermore, the spray also comes with an expiry date. So make sure that you take note of the expiry date before using the product.

This self-defence spray gives you a great sense of security, especially when you walk through desolate areas. Therefore, it is highly recommended for people, especially the females who frequently travelalone. Even if you do not have to use the spray, it is still better to stay equipped. Being an entirely legal product, you will also have no problem getting it through security. The other good thing about this spray is that it is delivered in just 1 to 2 days of making an order. The instructions for use are also clearly mentioned on the label. Since the spray contains non-toxic substances, you can own and use it without any risk to your own health.


  • Comes in a compact spray can
  • Easily fits into pockets and purses
  • Sprays out the content with high force
  • Does not create any mess
  • Leaves a stubborn red mark on the skin and clothes of the attacker, making it easy to spot them


  • Cannot be used by citizens under the age of 16
  • Does not sting
Self Defence Anti Attack Spray Review
Self Defence Anti Attack Spray
Self Defence Anti Attack Spray

This is the only legal pepper spray clone within the United Kingdom. It works very similar to pepper spray, but does not contain any harmful chemicals that are prohibited under the UK law. Therefore, it is easily one of the most popular self-defence sprays sold within the United Kingdom. The spray has a very strong anti-attack odour to repel even the most determined attackers. Unlike other sprays, this is not simply a marker spray. In fact, it is visible to the naked eye as well as identifiable in the Invisible UV Identification.

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The spray is available at a very low price and can be easily afforded by almost all. There is no reason why you should not own this self-defence spray. Its triple action makes it extremely effective and keeps you well prepped against any attack scenarios. The spray is ideal for different types of people, including female commuters who are required to walk through desolated areas, doormen guarding critical points, students, elderly, travellers, shop owners, bikers, hikers and anyone looking for some extra protection.
The ingredients used in the spray are entirely legal and do not pose and health hazards. As soon as you press the release, it shoots out a spray of purple gel with great force. This gives you time to escape and alert the police. If sprayed directly into the eyes, it can also cause some degree of irritation which gets worse when rubbed. The effect is somewhat similar to getting soap in the eyes. However, it does not cause any lasting damage. Furthermore, the spray leaves a very bright red dye on the skin and garments worn by the attacker, making it easier for the police to track them down.

The spray can come in a very compact size which easily fits into small purses and even pockets. Furthermore, there is no expiry date on the product. So there is no risk of it getting confiscated by the police at any time. The dye is easily visible both during the night as well as during the day. It does not cause a burn to the eyes like pepper spray. However, it has a strong garlic scent that can easily disorient the user for some time. The spray can does not have a cover which means that you can access it instantly whenever the need arises. It also does not leak accidentally inside your bags. The press release is slightly sunken below the top, and you are required to apply a moderate amount of force in order to make it work.


  • Gives a precise aim even when sprayed from a safe distance
  • Causes irritation in the eyes
  • Does not contain any illegal chemicals
  • Leaves a fluorescent purple stain
  • Gives off a very strong garlic odour to repel the attackers


  • The dye only lasts for 3 days
  • Cannot be used in case of dog attacks
SABRE DID19 19 ml Review

This is a deterrent marking spray with UV identification. It uses a water-soluble purple dye to mark the attackers and does not contain pepper, tear gas and other chemicals listed as illegal under the UK law. When you press release, a high-pressure jet of purple dye gets sprayed upon the attackers. This can disorientate them for a couple of seconds, buying you enough time to escape and call the police. However, the effects of the spray are not long lasting like that of pepper spray. So, you should not try to restrain the attacker all by yourself.

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The spray is entirely non-toxic and non-flammable. Hence, it is very safe to be carried around. It mainly works by tagging the offenders with a strong purple dye, making them easily identifiable to the police. The aim is very precise for upto 3 meters. However, you may have to get a little closer if the weather is windy. So you can effectively startle the attacker by spraying it directly into his face. The immediate response will be that the attacker will close his eyes, which can block the attack temporarily. However, it will cause no lasting physical injuries, thereby ensuring that you do not get entangled in any lawsuits.
The canister is very compact, with a width and height of 23 and 100 mm respectively. It even has integrated safety features to ensure the release does not get pressed accidentally. Since it does not occupy a lot of space, you can easily slip it into bags and purses. It even has a clip which can be used to attach the canister to the pockets. This allows for easy access whenever the need arises. The stream comes out in liquid form which allows for greater speed and accuracy. This also reduces the cross-contamination that comes with marker sprays.

The liquid is mainly nitrogen and, therefore, non-flammable. Hence, it can be safely used in any environment. It is best if you give a slight shake to the container before using it and spray it directly at the face of the offender. Press the release for 2 seconds. This should be enough to send out a sufficient amount of the liquid. If the attempt seems to be ineffective, you can repeat the process while trying to keep a safe distance from the attacker.


  • High accuracy
  • Temporary irritation to the eye
  • Leaves a strong purple dye
  • Can be secured to a pocket using the clip integrated into the canister
  • No leakage
  • No accidental sprays


  • May have limited effect on people who are in an intoxicated state
  • Should only be used for self-defence


Pepper Sprays may not be legal within the United Kingdom. However, there is a plethora of other products that do the work as effectively as a pepper spray. The four products listed above do not contain any illegal chemicals and are a great alternative for self-defence. Furthermore, they are available at very reasonable prices. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep one close to you, especially if you travelling alone or regularly commuting through unsafe locations.

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Pepper Spray vs Criminal Identifier Spray – The Ideal Choice For Self-Defense UK


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