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Profit Accumulator Review 2016: An Honest Review of Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator Review 2016: An Honest Review Of Profit Accumulator

We get TONNES of requests for a Profit Accumulator review.

It might be the most popular request we get: people looking for an honest review of Profit Accumulator.

We completely understand why so many people ask for it. It can be really tough making decisions online with your money these days, especially when many people are worried that matched betting is a con.

There are plenty of other reviews out there, but as always on Guide to Matched Betting, we wanted to provide the most detailed, in-depth review possible for anyone wondering if Profit Accumulator ltd are any good. 

General Overview of Profit Accumulator

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced matched bettor, or someone completely new with no idea what matched betting is. There are hundreds of opportunities on Profit Accumulator every week for you to earn good money, regardless of if you’re already signed up to bookmakers. More on that later in this post.

We often get people asking if there are any risks with Profit Accumulator, and we will aim to convince anyone reading this post that there are absolutely no risks when using their service.

Because they offer a full refund if you do not make your money back, you are essentially freerolling the process. Note: you will almost certainly make your money back in just one or two days – it only takes a couple of sign-up offers before you’re in profit.

Personally, I signed up for a full year to the Platinum (paid) package, and my Platinum review can be summed up in one simple way: the twelve month membership costs £150 (or £22.99 on a monthly deal that you can cancel at any time) and I was in profit after just two days, despite not understanding a thing about matched betting before I joined.

We also get people frequently emailing us asking “are Profit Accumulator legit?” and “does Profit Accumulator work?” – yes, they’re absolutely legit, and yes, it works unbelievably well. Simple enough, right?

They’re not fake and they’re not illegal – they’re completely genuine, and offer a free trial to help show you how they work and how their extremely simple systems operate.

The best thing about the company is how easy they make it to earn thousands of pounds every year tax-free and legally. However, there are many things that go into making them a great company, which we’ve explored below…

Products & Services

The main thing that makes the site so good is the products and services they have on offer. All of their services – except for their Match Catcher – are included in their ‘Platinum’ membership package.

Let’s take a look at some of the services and software that Profit Accumulator provides, in addition to their free trial:

Tutorials & Training Videos

In terms of basic training, they will guide you through the entire matched betting process extremely efficiently.

They have super simple beginner matched betting tutorials and well-produced videos that talk you through each and every offer step-by-step.

It’s incredibly hard to make a mistake when completing your offers because the tutorials take you through the whole process from start to finish; signing up, finding your bet, choosing which odds to go for, getting your free bet, choosing what you should place your free bet on, wagering or rollover requirements and more detail wherever necessary.

They write up a unique tutorial for each offer they put on their site – which is several every single day.

Matched Betting Calculator

One of the most off-putting things for beginners is wondering how much they need to bet on each outcome in order to make a profit.

Well, Profit Accumulator’s matched betting calculator is extremely simple to use – you just put your odds in from the bookmaker and betting exchange, put the stake of your bet or the free bet, and it will tell you exactly how much you need to lay off and what your profit will be.


ProfitAccumulator have developed their own oddsmatching software in-house and it’s one of the most useful tools you will ever come across.

The software covers a range of different markets within football and horse racing,

Instead of needing to find odds on bookmaker websites for you to place your bet on, you simply choose the bookmaker within the oddsmatcher and the odds you’re looking for – the odds that are recommended in each guide that you’re following.

Within the oddsmatcher you’re able to click on the odds and place your bet without ever needing to put any real effort in – their calculator is even built in to the software and does the calculations for you right there and then.

Minimal effort, maximum profit!

Matched Betting Forum

One of the best things about the company is the amount of help you get on their forum.

Because they’re the biggest matched betting site around (by far) and have a huge number of platinum members, their matched betting forum is packed with other matched bettors at all levels of experience, moderators and Profit Accumulator staff willing to help with offers.

Not only are they willing to help, but members are also constantly sharing new tips, notifying others of great odds in certain markets and generally being all-round useful people. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one helping out the next newbie with their query!

It’s a great place where everyone really gets involved in help and discussion 24/7.

On the forum is advice on almost any area of matched betting you can think of, but on top of that there is also informal social chats about sporting events and other day-to-day life too.


As well as the forum moderators, Profit Accumulator’s support staff are also great.

They’re extremely clued up on matched betting, but also provide great customer service whether you need to ask queries about their service or your membership via the phone or email.

Match Catcher

Launched around March 2016, the Profit Accumulator Match Catcher is one step ahead of their oddsmatcher and five steps ahead of any other software that competitors provide.

It updates in real-time, and specialises in finding odds on horse races in the lead up to offer races.

On Saturdays and during big horse racing events like the Grand National and the Gold Cup, the Match Catcher is a Godsend. It will save you hours of time every time you use it, helping to further improve your matched betting ROI in terms of both time and money.

Accumulator Software

Also being released is acca software, which will help you to complete accumulator offers with no fuss at all.

It’s worth noting that horse racing offers and accumulator offers are for slightly more experienced matched bettors, so you won’t have to worry about these things too much when first signing up.


Many people are under the massively wrong impression that matched betting is only good for sign-up offers, and once you’re signed up to bookmakers you can no longer make any profit. This is completely WRONG!

Even if you already have a Coral account, or a Bet365 account, or any other bookmaker account for that matter, you can still make a great deal of money every month from matched betting.

This is because of one main thing: reload offers.

These are the offers you can take part in when you’re already signed up to a bookmaker. We’re not talking about having multiple betting accounts here, it’s much more simple than that.

Reload offers are where the real money is – consistent returns, month after month.

Profit Accumulator list all of the day’s or week’s offers all in one place – on their Platinum forum. This makes it incredibly easy to work your way through them on a daily basis.

In addition to reload offers, there are also a range of other enjoyable and extremely profitable offers to complete, such as casino offers and bingo offers. Yes, that’s right, they’ll teach you how to exploit Bingo offers and profit from them!

Comparison vs. Competitors (OddsMonkey, Profit Maximiser & Other Alternatives)

Profit Accumulator are the biggest matched betting site there is, and when you become so successful, you’re going to have people rising and trying to challenge you for the throne. It’s only natural.

The current matchups for the title of ‘King of Matched Betting’ are the likes of Profit Accumulator vs. Oddsmonkey, or Profit Accumulator vs. Profit Maximiser.

Here’s the simple thing, and I’ve already said it a couple of times so I’m going to hammer it home: Profit Accumulator are the biggest matched betting site around.

They are the biggest for a reason. Well, several reasons actually, all listed throughout this post.

Their support is fantastic, their forum is the best matched betting resource on this planet, and their products are second-to-none.

Consider this: Profit Accumulator used to pay OddsMonkey to use their oddsmatching software.

All of a sudden one day – right around the time of the Gold Cup, the busiest matched betting period of the year – OddsMonkey decided to prevent Profit Accumulator from using their software anymore. OddsMonkey tried to throw a huge spanner in the works by removing access to the platform with no notice.

Profit Accumulator immediately developed their own software and had things back up and running at full flight in just a single day.

Not only did they come through a time where a competitor tried to screw them over, they came through it stronger and better than ever.

Asides from paid competitors, many people are also on the lookout for free matched betting sites and free Profit Accumulator alternatives.

Look: you get what you pay for.

Free matched betting sites are fine, if you want to earn £200 a month profit. And some people do, that’s cool, we get it.

But for those that want to make ten times that amount, £2,000 a month profit, you have to invest just a tiny percentage of that in a site that will do all of the hard work for you.

Success Stories

There are thousands upon thousands of Profit Accumulator success stories, and these are shouted about in the various clubs they have on their forum.

They have a £1k profit club, a £3k profit club, a £10k, a £25k, a £50k and even a £100k profit club that has several members in – all from matched betting through the site!

As well as providing many, many success stories on a regular basis, these clubs also provide motivation for many other matched bettors.

There is also a thread on the forum for showing off things you’ve purchased with your matched betting profits – further enforcing the success stories that every single member of the site will replicate.


All-in-all, Profit Accumulator is without doubt the best matched betting site there is. That advice comes to you from experienced matched bettors that have been doing this for a long time.

The one thing they’re missing is a Profit Accumulator Reddit section, but that’s fine – we’ve got you covered if you’re interested in that. Come join r/GuidetoMatchedBetting today.

Here’s that free trial link one last time.

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Profit Accumulator Review 2016: An Honest Review of Profit Accumulator


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