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Ownership Defined

Ownership Defined

Ownership DefinedThose who can afford to buy can say that they own it. Property ownership is defined by the person who has paid for it and possesses it. Possession is all about establishing who is the master or proprietor of that object and claiming ownership.

A man can say that he has a certain say over his wife when he marries her. Similarly, a woman can say the same. But man is a monkey and he gives away his heart to someone else and then there is a dispute over the ownership in marriage. Technically the wife still owns him, yet he isn’t going to honour the relationship with her. Therein lies the problem of who owns what!

In immovable property disputes too the ownership can be claimed by someone who holds a government paper defining ownership of property. Even if the claimants prove that they have been staying there and have been bequeathed the said premises. There is always a slip between the cup and lip.

Certain landed properties were given to people by the erstwhile kings of those lands and if one owns the title to that property they can still claim it. But if the current government were to come up with the nationalisation of properties then the owner would be the current government or whosoever they appoint.

Can you see how many such technical, physical or emotional difficulties one can go through in this world only because he wants to own things? Even a pair of shoes have ownership.

In the spiritual domain, nothing belongs to you or me. Everything is owned by the divine. We came empty handed and will die empty-handed. We can never claim ownership to anything or anyone. The relationship existing during our sojourn on earth is also in question. Even if you are born from a certain womb, you cannot claim ownership of that individual as a child to those parents.

Relationships are not established by sperm and egg. The claimant is the container or the Body and not the one who occupies it, so that gets nullified in spiritual. The one who occupies the body cannot be known so even if you establish the birth parents of the body, the premise of ownership is destroyed.

In spiritual we believe everything is given to us for using it and returning it back once you finish using it. The animate and inanimate objects around us form a homogeneous singular creation or being. There is nothing separated from each other just like our body! The eyes, ears, hands, heart, liver and other parts have an independent existence but they exist because of you. If you die everything dies. You are the owner of every part of the body.

Hence, we say it is my ear, my nose, my hair, my body! The term “my” cannot be known and it’s extremely difficult to establish who this owner is.

This brings us back to ownership of the universe and the objects within. Nothing belongs to you or anyone else. You cannot claim ownership of anything at all. So when the people fight for material worldly ownership of properties, the sage laughs at their stupidity. Nothing belongs to anyone. We are all tenants here.

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Ownership Defined


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