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Strengthening My Wings

One of the most beautiful things God created is the butterfly.  Each set of wings is as unique as a set of fingerprints.  The colors, pattern, size, and shape will tell you the type but each set is different.  The most amazing thing is that butterflies aren't born butterflies,  they transform.

Nobody is in awe of the beauty of a lowly caterpillar but we all marvel at a Monarch, a Swallowtail or one of the other bright colorful beauties.  Most times we don't even notice the caterpillar until it's eating one of our plants.

Right now many of us are caterpillars, unnoticed,  in the foliage of life eating and growing,  staying out of the way and the limelight. .. but when I tell you our time is coming! !  The caterpillar doesn't stay lowly for long.

See there's this process that it goes through called metamorphosis.  During metamorphosis, the caterpillar makes itself a chrysalis (for some it's a cocoon) and goes into isolation.  It uses a layer of skin to form a hard outer shell and hide itself away for a time of transformation and change.  While in this chrysalis this caterpillar undergoes a complete change.  It sheds it short stubby body for a long slender one with antenna and big beautiful wings.  Once the change is complete the  chrysalis serves as a tool to help the butterfly strengthen and harden it's wings.

So what does all of that have to do with you?? or me?  That's easy, put yourself in the place of the caterpillar.  You may be in the season of eating and growing where you're consuming more and more of God's word so that you can grow and change and shed that old skin.

 You may already be building that chrysalis or sitting inside it. This may be your time of isolation where you feel God pulling you away from certain people and things.

Me, I'm definitely inside that chrysalis and going through changes. I have spent the last year or so in this chrysalis and my time to break out is here.  The struggles that I've faced and conquered are that very chrysalis that I'm standing on as God strengthens my wings.  With each victory they unfurl a bit more.  With each step toward destiny they harden just a little bit and each time I stand firm on the word of God they gain strength.

Just like the patterns on the butterfly's wings are unique, your story is unique.  It paints the pattern of your wings.  Every tear, laugh, every loss, prayer, disappointment, win, person, relationship, friend, word of encouragement, every mistake, and everything you got right all paint the beautiful design of your wings.  It's not like any other testimony, and just like we stand in awe at the beauty of those butterflies... someone needs to stand in awe of your testimony and your journey with God.

Those wings are delicate enough that they need to dry and harden but strong enough to burst out of the chrysalis and carry the butterfly in flight.  Some places in your testimony may be sensitive but somebody needs it to overcome.  So no matter what stage you're in... learn to be content and endure the process.  God is making something beautiful.

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Strengthening My Wings


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