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The Wheel of the Year is WRONG!

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Winter this year in the UK has been late, and the most obvious testament to this is that Narcissi have sprang up in December.

Some people have said to me that they like this change, as winter depresses them and they'd love a climate more steady and, more specifically, always warm!

 In 30 years, will I be nostalgic for days when we actually felt winter in December? And how are we Pagans supposed to celebrate the year if Beltane, Yule, and the Autumn Equinox are changing dates?

What Seasons? What Sabbats?

The long-term effects on the natural world nobody can predict accurately, and I can't help being made anxious by the fact that we honestly just don't know.

Climate Change we can't ignore, and is the undeniable (IMHO) cause of much of this natural
disarray, and frustratingly won't be easily 'cured'. I could go on about climate change, but I won't be dwelling on it here. Be aware of it, and do your bit, that is all I can ask.

As a Pagan though, I'm more concerned, as following the Wheel of the Year just doesn't seem possible anymore. Where is Yule? With pictures of snow, holly, mistletoe, berries, hot fires, and warm clothing? Not here.

Where will Ostara be, when daffodils have come and gone, and the best of the sun scorches us instead? How will Litha and Lughnasadh be differentiated when temperatures remain unchanged?

What about the harvest? Do I follow the dates on the wheel or my own whims, when things happen later or earlier than they're 'supposed to'?

This debate has been talked about before, and I can't stop myself from wondering...

Should we change or make our own Wheel of the Year? Because it just doesn't work anymore.

As much as I am afraid, I can honestly say I'm comforted by the notion that Paganism is itself eclectic at times - and many of it's followers do create their own versions of everything to suit their needs. However, the nostalgic in me can't help but lament this loss, if indeed it is one.

The Wheel for Non-UK Pagans 

As it's origins are within the rural United Kingdom, the wheel's seasons follow the traditional UK weather too. Anyone who lives in a city, elsewhere in Europe, the US, Australia, or anywhere that isn't traditional and rural UK will have an inadequate and awkward wheel which doesn't fit. 

Even if you flip it for Australian Pagans, there's little difference between certain Sabbats because the climate is different. 

Surely the ideals of Paganism is following nature's patterns and caring for her world. If we follow an inherently wrong ideal of what the season is supposed to be in the UK and not where you live, how are you or I following nature's cycles? We aren't.

So we create our own Sabbats and cycles to suit our environment, and follow them?

Yes, I suppose that's what I'm saying. What do you think, dear reader?
Can we expect temperatures and seasons to disappear eventually? And what can we do? Should we follow the original Wheel of the Year, or create our own? What happens if we do?

I for one do not like breaking from tradition, but maybe we have to.

Thanks for reading!
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The Wheel of the Year is WRONG!


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