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The Lovers Card

The Lovers Card is the sixteenth trump of the Major Arcana. This is the card of deep, ultimate, and divine love. The love and affection here is not tough. It is fruitful, tender, and progressive. The love is also safe and secure. It is insightful and intelligent. It is both a spiritual, emotional and physical love between people.
The Lovers Card is depicted with people who look like Adam and Eve, a couple who stuck out their greatest downfall and betrayal but still lived together in fruition. When The Lovers Card is drawn, a person has to consider if their love for something is naked to the world like the people in the card. Nothing about it is hidden and nothing is kept in the dark.
This is a masculine and feminine card. The energies come together and communicate to form a well balanced and ideal whole. The people involved with the card are or are in the process of becoming whole. The relationship or connection between the two people is the same way. The card is just as equally about divine progress as it is divine completion.
In modern decks such as the Rider-Waite, a couple is shown as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Seraphim Raphael looks over the card making the card even more divine to some faiths. In older tarot decks the couple is shown as ordinary people being watched and sometimes struck by a cupid-like figure that is hovering overhead.

Upright Position

The Lovers card in the upright position is a very positive card. It represents harmony, communication, and attraction between people. Trust and honesty are well founded and not in question. The relationship between those people is also built on strength, confidence and intimacy as well as the aforementioned qualities and many more. The people involved with the card be from any relationship that is important to you. This can be your best friend, your parents, a cousin, your familiar, a pet or your (more obviously) lovers.
While this card symbolizes a relationship, it can also predict an impending or improving one. Relationships form throughout our lives with new people. Like the moon, relationships wax and wane. Sometimes we are lucky and they just stay full. But if that one special person got neglected, it may be time to show them that you care and bring them back into the swing of things, especially if they are valuable and meaningful. A new relationship may also be a romantic one. Such as a brand new lover or a flame that simply burned out. If the time is right to let love into your life, open the doors. Surrounding cards always give hints to this.
Another situation this card may indicate is a big decision, especially if you are already at some sort of crossroads. This decision may rock your relationship but remember where you stand. The relationship is very secure and sound. When made carefully, the decision will work out favorably one way or the other. Love is a team effort.

Reverse Position

When an act calls any of the virtues of love into question, the love begins to break down and falter. Things like doubt, distrust, weakness, dishonesty, separation, and low esteem in either partner (whether it be with the querent or in the other party(ies) involved. These qualities separate people and can signify a dying relationship. Surrounding cards will always clarify those types of situations.
The Lovers in reverse could also mean that the people involved with this important relationship have lost their spiritual connection with one another and fell out of the honeymoon phase from whatever type of bond they had. This can also mean that the time to commit is not now.
Communication is also on a downswing when The Lovers are in Reverse. When communication breaks down, so do important relationships.

When it comes to relationships, it is important to have certain virtues. Honesty, truth, intimacy, harmony and communication will get you far with another person. However, you need confidence and self-esteem with yourself to get ahead in the relationship. Relationships are a two-way street and are a team effort. Always make sure equal amounts of effort are being put into the relationship and that it is something that will create beauty in the lives of those involved. If a relationship is ever toxic to you, leave. You don’t have to stay for any reason at all.

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The Lovers Card


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