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Tarotscopes for February 2019

Welcome to the Tarotscopes for February, written by Patricia using The Tarot House Deck.

Hello! Once again it’s time to get a look at what might lie ahead in the coming month.  Scroll down to find your genuine tarot reading based on your star/zodiac sign, and do feel free to comment – it gets a little lonely in the virtual tarot world 🙂 and feedback is always good even for seasoned Readers.

Here’s wishing you a joyful February and, even if it does bring hard work and effort, remember we are all on a magickal pathway to somewhere – learning, and earning merits, along the way – every one of us, and, if you like, you could join us on ours, on Facebook  You will need to Like the page if you want to see posts, and as for me………… I would love some new page Likes this February. 🙂

Patricia x


Tarotscope Aries Feb 2019

Ten of Pentacles, Page of Wands, The Devil, Ten of Cups

The Ten of Pentacles brings good news in terms of finances and a secure/stable home situation. There’s no doubt that you have worked hard to get this far, and as a result you are able to afford what you consider are the real comforts in life – over and above the finances you need to have a roof over your head, and food on your table. There is a possibility that you get a financial influx in February from a legacy or someone sharing their own good fortune. Make the most of it.

February might well bring some news, or the start of an idea, in terms of business, work or projects that have caught your interest (Page of Wands). Just ensure that you don’t rush into anything without speaking to experienced people on the matter, or doing some research on the subject, to make sure it is a viable prospect.

The Devil indicates that you might be stuck in a mindset, though, that could be holding you in a stagnant position. Perhaps you don’t feel worthy of recognition or, maybe, hold yourself back by indulging in habits that are to your detriment and don’t allow your free spirit to soar. Take a good look at your current thoughts, and throw out any feelings that are making you feel worthless or useless. These thoughts are not helpful and will only waste your time – nobody else’s.

If you can change your attitude/mindset about yourself, you are likely to benefit from the wonderful relationships around you (Ten of Cups) they are just waiting for your attention, and will blossom once you learn to love yourself a bit more. These relationships have endured a lot of hardship and strain along the way but are well worth nurturing now. You’ll feel the difference tremendously.


Taurus tarotscope
Tarotscope for Taurus Feb 2019

Knight of Pentacles, Six of Pentacles, King of Cups, Four of Cups

The Knight of Pentacles seems to indicate that you have put much effort into your work just recently – making sure that you have paid attention to detail, ensured everything you’ve touched is correct, and generally worked hard and dutifully. The Six of Pentacles beside it suggests that you will now benefit from all that effort with some sort of a payout in terms of finance. It might be that it is a bonus from someone who feels that your efforts should be rewarded, or it could be a loan that comes out of the blue but which might help you, considerably, to move ever upward toward your financial goal. Whichever it is, use it and invest it well – money can make more money, but it can be frittered away easily too. These opportunities rarely come along so be clever with this gift, and make it work for you.

In terms of your relationships, the King of Cups might be suggesting that, for some reason, you are not truly committing to them. You may feel that you are happy with the status quo and feel that you might not need to make the effort, but relationships are always a two-way street; if you take, but can’t give much, then the relationship is not going to flourish. The Four of Cups, beside the King, suggests that if the relationship continues in the same vein as it currently is, then boredom and loss of enthusiasm for it might ensue – maybe not just on your side, but in terms of your partner too, perhaps. Maybe it is time to expend the same energy into your relationships as you do with your work, it is so easy to get stuck in the rat race and miss the signs that things are slipping; it looks like it is time to just have a peek at how your love life is going.


Gemini tarotscope
Tarotscope for Gemini Feb 2019

The Sun, Page of Swords, The Hanged Man, Five of Swords

Mostly, February will see lots of good things happening for you, as The Sun is fully shining down on you. Everything you touch will go well, things will happen easily, and it will be a fun, and happy, month. Make sure you utilise this magical time well – if you are interested in any business, projects or ideas then you should go for it, whilst The Sun is out, because it is the optimum time.

There is always a caveat, however, in life. Just as everything is going swimmingly in some ways, there is the chance that you could overstep the mark in some way by, perhaps misunderstanding or misinterpreting something. The Page of Swords indicates that you are still new to a particular situation, or new approach you might have taken on, and this could mean that you could say something which might upset the applecart. It would be a good time to be careful how you relay things to other people through you words, or make sure you listen carefully to advice without taking it the wrong way.

You might have to wait a bit longer for something you would like to have. Things are not moving quite as quickly as you would like, but The Hanged Man advises you to relax and go with the flow for now – the time is not right for pushing this situation, and you might be the one to suffer, as a result, if you do. Take this time to do some reflective thinking, or doing some research, because when things do start moving you’ll be way ahead of the game.

If you do come across any conflict in February, the Five of Swords advises keenly to avoid any battles that are not constructive, or helpful. You might win the battle but not the war – save your energy until you are in a better position. So whilst The Sun bodes well for February, the other cards suggests you might want to keep your head down, in some respects, and just be a bit wary. Just stick to what you know, and what you do well and you’ll nail it.


Cancer tarotscope
Tarotscope for Cancer Feb 2019

Nine of Wands, Three of Pentacles, Page of Pentacles, Page of Swords

The Nine of Wands suggests that you are feeling exhausted with all you have been dealing with, and what you are still tasked with. The cycle is nearly complete and it is important to not give up at this stage when you are so close to success. Remember, and revisit, the determination you had at the start of the journey and just try and find the energy to keep at it for a little longer, because success is just around the corner. This is validated by the Three of Pentacles, which indicates that in February you will see real signs of achievement in what you have been working on, and that, if you continue to work at it, there is more you can build on to bring even bigger rewards. So be patient, keep putting in the effort but look out for signs that will validate that you are on the right path.

The two Pages that have turned up in this reading, indicate that there is room to learn a bit more about your subject, and to be careful to communicate a lot more clearly about your needs. The Page of Pentacles suggests that a little educational research into your current task would help. It is good to be knowledgeable about your subject, anyway, but what you will really benefit from is the confidence it will bring you. The Page of Swords just indicates that communications could get difficult, simply because it is not clearly, or well stated, so be honest but gentle in what you say, and listen carefully to how something is said to you – because it might be you who is missing the point.


Leo tarotscope
Tarotscope for Leo Feb 2019

Three of Wands, The Empress, The Chariot, Seven of Cups

The Three of Wands suggests that, in certain aspects of the project you have undertaken, there is an indication of success, but you are still going to have to work hard at this, if you wish to achieve more, because it is still early days. However, you should take time out to congratulate yourself on this achievement and pat yourself on your back, but don’t take your foot off the pedal for too long or you’ll lose momentum.

The Empress indicates that a relationship around you, in terms of a mother/child dynamic will be having a significant effect on you at the moment. It might be worth remembering, when The Empress appears, that her temper can flare if she feels that things are not being done in the correct way. The Chariot, another significate Major Arcana card, could be indicating that you should keep a firm hand on the way you want things to go. If not, then you might well find yourself being pushed and pulled by the various relationships around you. This appears to be validated by the Seven of Cups which follows those two cards. This card indicates there could be a lot going on in your key relationships which are causing difficulties, and which could put you in a situation where you might have to choose between a variety of options, or maybe even who you are going to commit to. Whilst this might cause you some angst, it is really important to think, and act carefully, around your options, and, in order to make sure the pain is mitigated, remember that each deserve to be treated with respect, and kindness, because you are loved by them. Whichever choice you opt for, you should be prepared to commit fully to that choice, because otherwise you may find yourself out of control in all of the relationships and not making headway in any of them.


Virgo tarotscope
Tarotscope for Virgo Feb 2019

Two of Cups, The Chariot, Four of Cups, The Moon

Relationships seem to be key for you in February. The Two of Cups suggests that a new relationship you have recently got into could be blooming into something more substantial, with a lot of promise. This should be a lovely time for you, where the joy of exploring this new relationship flows in abundance.

The Chariot card suggests that there may be a pull in opposite directions, however. Whether this is your own attitude blowing hot and cold over this new relationship, or whether it is a pull from someone outside the relationship, is not clear. The Chariot would advise that you should make a decision about what you want to do about this and, more importantly, to stick to that decision, otherwise the relationship might not be able to flourish. It takes two to nurture a successful relationship and, without both being fully committed to it, it is bound to suffer. The Four of Cups would validate this. If you do not commit fully then you will soon bore of the relationship – and this could happen as a result of your own mindset (which you can easily fix), or it might come from allowing whatever/whoever has the influence on it from the outside to have an impact. The Moon, another significant card, indicates that not all is clear to you at the moment, there is something you don’t yet know. Maybe it isn’t clear that this is the ‘one’ for you, but maybe that will show in time. Maybe, someone is influencing you who does not have your own interests at heart who pulling you away for reasons you are not aware of. It would make sense to hang in there, through February, to see whether this relationship can develop further in the full knowledge of what you can both have to offer, and from the hearts of the only two people who know whether it can work or not – you and your partner.


Libra tarotscope
Tarotscope for Libra Feb 2019

Eight of Swords, Knight of Wands, Five of Pentacles, Nine of Pentacles

The Eight of Swords indicates that you might be avoiding making a decision about something which is causing you some stress. This could be making you feel trapped. However this tarot card also advises that you were party to this situation coming about, and it is with this in mind, and taking responsibility for your own actions, that it would be better to face the issue and to tackle it, to help you be able to move on.

The Knight of Wands suggests that the time is perhaps right to face the issue too, in that this card could indicate that the others involved, in the situation, do not really have your interest at heart – they are only interested in what suits their own motives. This should help you understand what you need to do to sort it out.

The actual issue at hand does look to be a financial one, in terms of your income or perhaps your job, because the Five of Pentacles suggests that you are wary of taking any risks with your current work situation, and you may feel there is too much to lose. This adds to the feeling of being trapped. If you fear that making changes will cause you difficulties on a material front, this in turn will have a detrimental effect on your self confidence and faith in the future. Just remember that tying yourself to unworthwhile job to keep the money coming in, cannot replace the importance of happiness in terms of your home and family, and this is something that needs careful consideration. We all seem to have to face that choice at some point in life.

However, it looks like your finances are going to take a boost soon, anyway. The Nine of Pentacles would indicate that all is going to be very well in terms of finances – maybe you will get a rewarding offer from somewhere, a gift, a new job.  Perhaps the cards, together, are saying that, regardless of the issues at hand or whether you are being tasked to choose an option, it’s not just about the money, but quality of family life, that matters here and that, maybe, is what your mantra should be all the way through February. This should help you to make your choices with much more ease.


Scorpio tarotscope
Tarotscope for Scorpio Feb 2019

Queen of Cups, Seven of Pentacles, Death, Ace of Pentacles

February may bring a time when you might be considering what you really want out of life. The Queen of Cups is a queen who knows how to use her skills for anything she desires, normally she doesn’t need to work hard to attract what she wants in life, because she is totally attractive and approachable to everyone, however, there are times when she will allow her more ruthless side to get her what she needs. This card could be indicating that you may, now, need to find something within you which will help you achieve what you want. The Seven of Pentacles suggests that it might have something to do with your present home situation, or your income in terms of work or business. This card usually indicates that a decision has to be taken regarding your material situation. So it may be that whilst you are happy within yourself, you might feel – given that decision you’ll be asked to make – that you may feel ready to do something completely different.

The Death card could validate that thought. This card indicates the end of the old way. It heralds a new future. It could be indicating that whatever decision you make in terms of your home or income, it will be a total change from anything you have experienced to date. Sometimes this can be scary – that is why many people are happy to cling on to familiarity, because they fear change. Along with this change, though, is an exciting new opportunity. The  Ace of Pentacles brings a whole lot of energy around a new, and hopefully profitable, opportunity for you to build on. All these cards seems to be saying that when you get an opportunity to change things this coming month, consider making big alterations to what you have experienced so far. Dig deep to find the new ’emerging’ you and don’t be afraid to embrace the challenge, because the Ace of Pentacles suggests the beginning of something that has the potential to take you further than you have ever been before.


Sagittarius tarotscope
Tarotscope for Sagittarius Feb 2019

The Star, Ace of Wands, Nine of Pentacles, Ten of Wands

Heading into February The Star tarot card suggests that you might feel that despite your hard work you can’t really see where you are heading, and you may be feeling a bit worried about what the future holds. This card, however, also encourages you to keep going – with your eyes firmly on The Star ahead – with hope that things will start to improve. No matter how hard you work, no matter how weary you are of the constant effort, never give in to doubt, because everything you do is leading you to the place you need to be. The Ace of Wands suggests that you are involved in a fairly new project which has a lot of energy around it, and you may feel it is not progressing greatly at this stage. The Nine of Pentacles beside it indicates that it should show very soon just how much potential it has, which suggests that it makes sense to keep pursuing it, no matter how dark it might seem right now.

The Nine of Pentacles, of course, denotes success and a substantial income, which is always good news. The Ten of Wands suggests that it won’t be much easier in terms of the effort you have to put in, in fact the work might get harder and bring you to the point of being overburdened. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging to yourself, and to other people, that you just can’t deal with everything. You will be able to cope, but only if you learn to prioritise the most important tasks and to delegate work to other people to help you spread the load. This is just common sense if you want to continue on this exciting path, which could offer rich rewards – you have to find the compromise somewhere. You can’t manage everything alone. Look to others around you for help and offload those tasks you really don’t need to be doing.


Capricorn tarotscope
Tarotscope for Capricorn Feb 2019

Four of Pentacles, Two of Swords, Temperance, Ten of Swords

Come February you might be feeling somewhat unsure about your financial situation (the Four of Cups) and indeed be wary about taking any risks around the work you do, and the income it brings. Whilst it is sensible to be careful with money, there are times when not taking a chance could mean you miss out on wonderful opportunities that could take you so much further. Providing you are able to take care of the basics it is worth considering taking a chance on something new. This might bring some conflict into your life (Two of Swords) and you may feel more like avoiding such a situation – but in fact if it is tackled head on it might save you further aggravation down the line – perhaps when there is even more at stake.

Temperance to the side of these cards suggests that you should take a little time to consider a couple of things. One is how far you have already come, what great things you have already achieved, and what an array of abilities you have collected to date. The second would be to allow yourself some balance between your head and the thoughts it holds, and your heart and the feelings that matter to you, and see whether this helps you when you consider your financial options. Can you really take the risk? You seem to have the skills. Perhaps a change of work in some respect may still bring the income you need but bring some joy to your heart too. Only you will know what the real drive is.  The Ten of Wands suggests that there will be always hard work, passion and effort needed to make something work, but this card also advises prioritisation and delegation will help you to get to where you want to be – in other words, don’t be afraid to ask for help, or to drop some other tasks, because you also deserve the help you need to achieve your goal.


Aquarius tarotscope
Tarotscope for Aquarius Feb 2019

Two of Wands, Knight of Pentacles, The Emperor, Judgement

From these cards I see a steady progression in February from ‘just out of the starting blocks’ (Two of Wands) to a significant event which could lead to bigger and better things (Judgement).

The Two of Wands indicates you are building up a new project which is now coming out of its infancy; but this cards also advises you to look at an opportunity, or idea, which can bring your project to a significant new level. The Knight of Pentacles suggests that you really should keep a close eye on the detail, to be almost pedantic at every level – dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ – because this is a key stage in the development of this project. Do this well and The Emperor suggests you will have mastery over this particular project which will prove worth defending, and fighting for, with every breath and fibre in your body. The Emperor also indicates that you have all the strength and determination you need to keep building your domain exactly as you want it. Just ensure that your oversight of the project, and the people within, are dealt with assertiveness not aggression – that a good Emperor believes in, and loves his people, reserving his strength and dominance for times when his domain is under threat and he can fully protect it and all within.

Judgement, a significant Major Arcana card, indicates that you will be judged on your efforts and your achievements, but this card following the first three indicate to me that those sitting in Judgement will be astounded by your ability and your success – because all the cards are pointing to progression – providing you keep tabs on your own actions and behaviours in the meantime.

February seems to be a month of real growth and progression for you, Aquarians, so make sure your work is spot on, because who knows what could follow on from Judgement? One would hope great success  and maybe even investment – it is in your hands to make this happen.


Pisces tarotscope
Tarotscope for Pisces Feb 2019

Knight of Cups, Six of Cups, Four of Swords, Six of Swords

The Knight of Cups could be indicating a new romance for you in February. Or, it could be that this Knight represents someone you already consider yourself to be in love with. Why ‘consider’ you ask? Well the Six of Cups would suggest regret over a past relationship going wrong and perhaps wishing that it could be rekindled. Which it could be, perhaps, if both of you have learnt something along the way and approached a reconciliation with a new attitude.

The Four of Swords, however, would represent rest and recuperation after a traumatic time, and therefore the reasons the ‘past’ relationship ended could be as a result of some serious emotional distress. It is always easy to look back on something with more fondness than it merits because you are no longer feeling the pain as it was then. Added to that, we have the Six of Swords which would indicate that you are coping pretty well, at the moment, even though you do not feel very happy  – this could suggest that the pain of loss that you are suffering makes you feel that the best thing would be for you, and your partner, to get back together – then that would make everything alright. Perhaps, if you recognise that the pain you are feeling is absolutely natural in recovery and, thankfully, not inflicted on you from someone else’s agenda……. AND that you have 100% control of your life right now, then you might consider giving yourself a little more time to recover (as suggested by the Four of Swords), rather than flinging yourself back into a situation you will only have 50%, or less, control of.

Whether this is a new love on the horizon, or the temptation of an old flame, the truth is you are still struggling with a lot of pain, so don’t get yourself too involved before you are truly ready, and are able to think carefully, and honestly, about what is right for you.

End of Tarotscopes

Sending Love

Patricia x

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Tarotscopes for February 2019


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