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AMETHYST- A Miraculous Majestic Mystic Gemstone

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The Crystalline Quartz -AmethystA well cut AmethystAmethyst is a spectacular, ecstatic, purplish, lilac colored gemstone emitting the rich violet rays of majesty combined with purity and sanctity.

This exclusive representative of crystalline Quartz family on one hand has been desired and prized by Royals for its extravagance as a jewel and its secular powers for past many thousands of years. The Russian Empress, ‘Catherine the Great’ hurled and propelled innumerous miners to Urals to search and mine this magnificent majestic gemstone.

On Contrary, Bishops and Priests wore it for its ecclesiastical and spiritual powers. Amethyst gemstone was worn by Catholic Bishops as a symbol of devoutness, humbleness, honesty sincerity, piousness and Spiritual wisdom. They marked it as a Wisdom Stone.

Mosses illustrated it as a symbol of ‘The Spirit of God dressed in the official robes of the High Priest of Jews’

Amethyst been the healer’s guide since times unmemorable .The serene violet color rays emitted by this magical gemstone have mystic ability to impart tranquility and calmness to the wearer. For the reason, Amethyst gemstone is extensively prescribed and used by Gemstone Healers, Color Therapists and Spiritual Healers for holistic healing.

Amethyst emits the mixed rays of Unsaturated Colors which are a mixture of first three wavelengths of Visible Light Spectrum namely Violet, Indigo and Blue.


  • Visible Spectrum of light has 7 colors of rainbow VIBGYOR, Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow,Orangeand Red respectively.
  • Unsaturated colors such as lilac, purple, pink, magenta etc. are a variations and mixtures of multiple wavelengths of light.

These three spectrums further correspond with the three Chakras in our body namely Crown Chakra, Third eye Chakra and Throat Chakra respectively. These three Chakras in human body relate mainly to spirituality and meditation. The divinity and mystic attributes in Amethyst enhances the wearer towards spiritual growth and development.

The intermediary and transitional attribute of Amethyst bridges between Consciousness, the present state of mind and Unconsciousness, the deep unknown state of mind where thoughts are deep rooted and hidden. It assists to attain deep meditative state and to reach ‘the Trans’ which is symbolized by the mystic violet purple color of Amethyst. It enables the Psychic ability of the individual and thus channeling and spreading the positive energy can be the virtue of the wearer.

Reiki Masters and other holistic healers use Amethyst as a booster for healing powers. They also recommend the patients and clients to wear Amethyst for mental healing and relaxation as it brings tranquility and calmness to the wearer. It is said to relieve the problem of insomnia and when put under the pillow it guards’ unpleasant dreams. It relieves headaches when rub against the forehead.

It is strongly believed that Amethyst cures and prevents all sorts of addictions. As it relates to Third Eye Chakra (between the eyebrows), the 6th Chakra, it allows Affirmative thinking and as related to Crown Chakra it develops Rationale thinking and promotes Will Power so that the wearer easily overcomes all sorts of Addictions.

Ancient Egyptians used Amethyst as a guard against, intoxication, fearfulness, deception, poison. Egyptian Kings drank wine in Amethyst Goblets to prevent drunkenness. The Amethyst goblet said to change colors if the wine or drink was mixed with any poisonous substance.

In fact the word Amethyst itself means ‘Not intoxicated’ and is translated and derived from the Greek Word ‘Amethystos’.

The Greeks believed it to protect against witchcraft, evil eye or conspiracy. The Holistic Healers still prescribe Amethyst for protection against all the above mentioned evils almost around the world.

  • Amethyst is the gemstone for those born in the month of February and seems to be perfect to symbolize the Age of Aquarius.
  • It was adopted by the American National Association of Jewelers as an official birthstone for February.
  • It is the birthstone for the Zodiac Sign Pisces.
  • Jupiter is the ruling planet of Amethyst astrologically.
  • Amethyst can be gifted on the 4th, 6th, and 17thwedding anniversaries.

Amethyst is the most valued variety of purple quartz. The shimmering soft purple shaded Amethyst is rated high on quality and also priced higher than the lilac, mauve, pinkish purple, lavender or even deep purple shaded Amethysts.

  •  The purple color of Amethyst is due to absorption of Manganese in clear Quartz.
  • The ratio of Iron (ferrous) with Manganese varies the depth and intensity of purple reflection.

Amethyst gemstone when exposed to sunrays directly often looses color due to irradiation. Therefore, Amethyst jewelry should not be worn during sunbathing.

Amethyst changes colors to yellow orange or dark brown when heated and resembles the quartz variety Citrine.

 Note; Irradiation is a process through which an object is exposed to radiation through natural sources which result in ionizing radiation. It excludes exposure to non ionizing radiation such as cellular phones, microwaves or other electronic gadgets.

Amethyst is often found in crystalline form or massive forms inside geodes and in alluvial deposits. Amethyst crystal is often six sided on either ends.

Amethyst is ruled by watery element and has a hardness of 7 on Mohs scale.

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AMETHYST- A Miraculous Majestic Mystic Gemstone


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