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The Top 6 Vegetables to Grow with Your Kids

One of the best ways of getting Children to eat healthier is by having them help grow their own vegetables. Children are much more likely to eat what they have had a hand in growing than trying to force them at the dinner.

There are other benefits of gardening in early childhood, and it has been shown to improve a child’s sleep patterns and eyesight along with lowering their stress levels and improving their performance at school.

Generally speaking after watching children running around in the garden, they do become worn out and more relaxed. There is also the added benefits of the Vitamin D they will receive from being in the sunlight. This helps to fend off asthma and helps their bones to grow.

To make sure your kids do not become disheartened while helping in the garden. You have to choose the right vegetables for them, and these should be easy to plant and to grow. To make it even easier, you can start off with small vegetable gardens, or they can begin growing veg in containers.

Here are the top five vegetables for your kids to grow:

Cherry Tomatoes

We all know most cherry tomatoes never make it to the kitchen. If your children are growing tomatoes and have a nibble as they pick them, that is a good thing. These tiny juicy delights come in many varieties with one of the most popular being Sun Gold. This is ideal for children to grow as it produces many fruits and can grow in less than perfect conditions.


Pumpkins are a part of the winter squash family, and although they do not have the same eat in the garden appeal. They can be ideal for children to grow as they are naturally attracted to them. Small children become amazed at the large leaves, and the color is changing. Pumpkins urge children to thump them as they are growing and to listen to the dull thud they make.


Kids growing potatoes is not that special, it is the harvesting part they love the most. When they get to pull on the leaves, and they rummage around as if they are searching for hidden treasure. To grow these is easy, all your children have to do is place seed potatoes around 4 inches deep in the moist soil and then cover in a mound.


You tend to find children who do not like cucumber love pickles, while the ones who are not keen on pickles love the fresh juiciness of cucumber straight from the vines.

Cucumbers are generally grown for either pickling or eating and have different varieties for each. That being said, it is possible to grow one type and pickle this to go along with your lunch.

Cucumbers are suitable for children to grow, Yet they are climbing plants and have to be supported. This helps your children to look at, and solve problems of where they are able and unable to plant.

Snap Peas

Bush type peas are easy to grow as they can get away with less support than the larger varieties. When planting, the seeds are a decent size for small children to hold. Once grown and your children begin to pick the peas, they can eat them as they are as they require no peeling.

Support wise they can grow over anything that is pushed into the soil around their base. When it comes to harvesting, your children only have to steady the vine with one hand and pull at the peas with the other.

Once the peas have germinated, they will be ready for harvesting in around two to three months.


Your children can happily grow strawberries in pots, yet they do spread in the next growing season. If you have space, and you are wondering how to make a veg garden, you can set aside a section just for your strawberry plants to thrive. Out of all the veggies being grown, these are more than likely the favorite one as they are sweet and juicy when ready to pick.

All of these vegetables vary enough for them not to be similar for your kids to grow. They also give a wide range of different vitamins and nutrients once your children sample what they have produced. Even if your children do not eat all of what they have grown, the fact they are outside in the fresh air will do them nothing but good.

Once all of your children’s vegetables are at the stage they are ready to harvest, your child’s interest will pick up from the times they have been waiting.

BIO: Tim Graham is the where he writes about his passions in life yard care, gardening and getting outdoors.






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The Top 6 Vegetables to Grow with Your Kids


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