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Know 'what is'. Know Yourself. Fix your God-connection. Take back your country! 1

"The trouble is they’re using the Covid crisis to force us to agree to all sorts of things that drive a coach and horses through rights that have been hard-earned through hundreds of years of wars, upheavals, protests, treaties and campaigns. And we’re supposed to do this now under coercion, while democracy has been suspended because of the emergency measures that have been implemented in nearly every country on the planet. All because the World Health Organization’s excessively broad definition of a pandemic allows them to freeze-frame normal life, keep the public in a state of fear and hand governments authoritarian powers." (SOURCE

There are some very rich people around here who do not like me. They are using energy machines to attack me. My psychic friends confirmed my suspicions. ( NOTE: Smart Meters are not the problem. I blocked them with 5 layers of foil. They are 25 feet away.). One of the perps seems to be the rich darkside head of the 'sexual grooming' school. I was included in their 'games' but didn't play. A feminist family 'Judas' helps them to arrange traps like these for me. She agitates the female hive against me. They want to destroy me: near-total suppression, extreme sleep deprivation, persistent arrhythmia/palpitations, high BP, diabetes, memory loss and other maladies. It's excruciating! Then again, homelessness looms in November! My attempts to contact my allies have been futile. So Allies, if you read this, this is a S.O.S. I am too poor to run! No tribe or color to bail me out. P 

In this endgame, the Elites are throttling the civilisation that delivered the world to them, and are inventing a new civilisation in which they exterminate the majority of humans, and govern the rest with an iron fist.  Orwell's 1984 beckons. The COVID rollout delivers a combination of depopulation, complete monitoring and tracking of people, and complete regulation of their lives. Presently, they are making people more amenable to control by increasing their poverty. Any lifeline out of this will be grabbed at. Then comes the vaccines, the micro-chipping and social credit scores a la China. Then, if you displease or offend the authorities, you get cut off from your digital money. Your travel, your movement and your food get curtailed. You get restrained in a detention center until you recant or die. The 'new normal' involves the complete resetting of peoples lives in areas such as employment, worship, education, travel, shopping, entertainment, banking, work, gender and reproduction, etc. You will be completely regulated or controlled. What is happening is that the elites are changing the matrix that they created into one that magnifies their power and control. They have the staff/deep state on their payroll, or a blackmail list for forcing compliance with their wishes. Unless they fight, the good (and the patriotic) will be defeated in their bid to retake the matrix and download and establish a heavenly operating system. This concocted endgame is easy to see through, and the good/intelligent have wisely provided the 'waking up' information far and wide. Only the awake can see the lies. They can see the blatant use of power, authority, force and deception to depopulate the earth. They now know that the endgame is real, and that the conspiracy is not a theory but a fact! The intention of the elites is to divide and conquer. Social distancing, masks, quarantines and other restrictions on normal behavior are separating people and making togetherness illegal. Whites who have served the elites loyally, are now the objects of their ire. The general fragmentation of society is taking place everywhere. 

Elite-created organisations like Antifa and BLM are being used to destroy cities and their economies, while the mainstream media and a vice-Presidential contender calls them 'peaceful' protesters. These organisations recruit people, pay them and bus them into places to riot and destroy while giving people the impression that the violent 'protests' are home grown or organic. Governors, mayors and sundry leaders made arbitrary lists of essential/non-essential businesses/services and shut down the non-essential, including churches. Abortion clinics are essential, but weddings and other small to large gatherings are deemed to be non-essential, and banned. The health and political authorities, however, did not see the crowds that rioted, looted and protested as gatherings that could spread the virus. In fact, they either had a blind eye to them, or supported them. This support was in terms of an encouraging solidarity, as well as in issuing stand down orders to the police, or in actively defunding the police. Churches can be seen as gatherings of good people who get spiritually edified in that setting, or by the camaraderie of fellow believers. This kind of spiritual togetherness and renewal has been denied to people, even as darkside behavior is being encouraged by neutralising the power of the police, or by not punishing real crimes. 

The preparations that created the right atmosphere to launch a global coup, such as this, were already executed in previous years. The war on terror destroyed the economies and infrastructure of victim nations, killed many people, and made many many people available for resettlement in western countries. There, the resettlers indulged in gangs, crime and violence resulting in the creation of no-go zones. European whites found their country pillaged and taken over but there was nothing they could do. Politicians and those in authority turned a blind eye. Some nations went through elite-staged color revolutions to get the right puppets in power. Benjamin Fulford informed us that uncooperative world leaders are being targeted for replacement as early as November. The use of refugees and illegal immigrants to disrupt life in the USA has not produced similar results as in Europe. This is partially because of Donald Trump, but it could be that Latinos (the largest immigrant group) are not an intrinsically violent race. The elites are now forced to reduce the power of the whites in the US, by using Antifa and BLM, and a fabricated civil rights rhetoric. This is another Soros color revolution. These Soros and Democrat-funded organisations are hiring, and transporting (here), mostly whites to burn, loot and destroy across state lines. They pitch tents to operate from. People from out-of-town were rioting in Kenosha. They are supplied with the tools of their trade. When arrested, there's no case filed against them because Soros-funded District Attorneys or others provide cover (here and here). They have bail money waiting for them. There is no real civil rights crusade from black people  resident in the locations where the destruction is taking place. This is about destroying businesses and the economy. 

Our first views of this pandemic came from China. We saw people just keeling over and dying. This built the fear in us. Unfortunately, we didn't know that Wuhan was fully 5G, and that the deaths were because of 5G, not any virus. We swallowed the lie that it was a lab-made virus, and agreed to wear masks to curb COVID-19 transmission. The tests pick up any version of coronavirus, even dead ones. Borders were sealed, and lockdowns were implemented. Three weeks came and passed but the masks and social distancing (facial recognition made easy?) remained. We needed to 'flatten the curve', they said. Increased testing resulted in a giant wave. No reopening of the economy. And, no 'law and order' in Democrat-led states. The elites had their Deep State operatives in place. They also have their key people in organisations like WHO, CDC and NIH, They are guaranteed vaccine approval because they have their doctors on safety boards! The elites have their billionaires like Soros, Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos, Bloomberg etc batting for them. They have the mainstream media and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc) broadcasting their fake news, and censoring contrary information.

The health advisory team to President Trump was led by Dr Fauci. He aligned his recommendations with the Imperial College Model. This computer model used a percentage projection to claim various amounts of probable deaths for various countries in the world. "In February, US Covid guru Anthony Fauci predicted the virus was ‘akin to a severe flu’ and would therefore kill around 0.1 percent of people. Then, just 11 days later, the fatality rate predictions somehow became 10 times WORSE"For the US, the Imperial College figure was 2 million expected deaths. Fauci 's figure was 3.2 million expected deaths, or 1% of the population..The real or adjusted casualty figure, according to the CDC, is around 10,000. (Mainstream media are ignoring the CDC's adjustment to the number of deaths solely due to COVID). The Imperial College Model predicted 68,000 deaths in non-lockdown Belarus. The real tally is 813. Neil Ferguson, the head honcho of the Imperial College Epidemiology Team, estimated 500,000 deaths taking place in the UK. Others estimated as much as 100,000. The actual tally is 43,000. Neil Ferguson has failed miserably in the past (and here). The projection on COVID fatalities was so vastly wrong in all cases that the conclusion is that ...'it was just a scare tactic designed to scare national leaders to declare states of emergencies and to lock down their countries'. It was Dr Fauci who assumed that COVID was going to kill 1%: 10 times as many as the influenza did (0.1%). This is where the whole COVID Scamdemic/Plandemic/CASEDEMIC NWO operation began. The initial lockdown was for 3 weeks, but that never really ended as non-essential services were closed, and mask wearing restrictions were in force. Then it became a 'flattening the curve' venture, superceding the President's call to reopen the economy. Democrat Governors and Mayors were following the beat of a different drum! Then, with increased testing and contact tracing, increased numbers of cases served to justify the lockdowns and restrictions. A script was being followed, but the public did not know. They are trying to initiate a permanent lockdown, and all moves, previous and present, were scripted in advance.HERE'S THE PLOT IN REAL TIME  (and here). The final chapter in this COVID rollout will be written when the vaccines become compulsory, and its contents get to work in human bodies. That is, if we don't fight and stop the nonsense!

The mainstream media serves the interests of the elites who own it. They fabricate and peddle an imaginary version of reality to keep you dumbed down, and to spur you to move in directions that they allow or desire you to move in. They enhance the effectiveness of their propaganda by censoring your access to alternative information. This civilisation was produced by elite conspiracy, and is being run by the elites. This includes the media. If you dare to expose their conspiracy, you will be awarded the label of 'conspiracy theorist'. You have to dig for truth because easily found info is most likely placed there to intercept you and stop you from going deeper. Most people on earth have been caught by this method. Pleasurable distractions are there to tell you to 'lighten up, we are here to help you', and you never exercise your choice to 'know'. Trump is important in this whole scenario because he is the only western leader who has called out the fake news media, and the Deep State, and is engaged in the process of 'draining the swamp'. I cannot believe that this a dog and pony show! Mainstream media attacks Trump, while social media censors him. Mainstream media is the elites tool for creating and sustaining fear and panic in us, thereby preparing us to submit meekly to the lockdowns, restrictions and rules that their deep state allies in power subject us to, in implementation of their NWO/reset program. They keep pushing for mandatory vaccines! Important stories that hurt their team are ignored. The mainstream media is ignoring the truth about COVID-19, even when the medical authorities speak that truth. For instance, the CDC stated that only 6% of the total COVID deaths was caused by COVID-19 because 94% of the alleged total of deaths had 2 or more co-morbidities (here). Thus, the US really had about 10,000 COVID deaths. The media ignores this and sticks to the original figure of over 200,000.

Our history is simple. The elites used their wealth, force and deception to imprison us by tying us into their system which was designed to deliver the earth and its resources to them. They made us feel that we are all on a level playing field, competing fairly for the gifts of earth. This view would lead us to admit that they are the lawful winners, and we, the losers, must accept our fate. How did we come to give up our sovereignty for a role in an 'game' that was scripted by them, and worked in their favor, from the start. It is the fake science of economics. It is money or coinage which they supply, and which they have made us dependent on. The top 1% own twice as much wealth as 90% of the world's population or 6.9 billion people. In the USA, the top 0.1% owns as much as the bottom 90%. An OXFAM report indicates that the top 1% in India controls 73% of the wealth. This OXFAM survey reported that the top 1% in the world bagged 82% of the wealth in 2017 while the poorest half got nothing! In 2018, it took 26 billionaires to match the wealth of 3.8 billion people (half the earth's population). So, this civilisation has largely delivered the earth into the pockets of the elites alreadySuch that now, using the Covid scamdemic to militate for vaccinating everybody, they plan to use a chip that comes in the vaccine to mediate our use of digital money. This is why they are eliminating paper money and coins. Our social credit score will determine our supply of digital money. If they are pleased with us and we do not offend them, we get to enough money for our needs. If not, we starve and die. Their victory will be complete and final with this move. Of course, the vaccine will wound, transhumanise or kill us. The DARPA chip has that potential (and here)! So the civilisation that the elites created have done the job for them, and they are now retiring that to go into a new civilisation that places them in indisputabe control. They want to call this a 'reset', and the new civilisation will be called the 'new normal'. In between these two civilisations, there will be an age of disorder! Society is breaking down. COVID rules are destroying our humanity Seniors are dying alonewithout compassion. Suicides are increasing, Everything good about living on earth is being destroyed! Only a successful fight for freedom can destroy the globalists' NWO. Do not beg them to give you order out of the chaos they are creating for you! This is your chance to seize the matrix and infuse a heavenly order into it. 

This is the NEW WORLD ORDER that the elites have planned for us. COVID-19 is the gateway to this reset into a new normal civilisation. This civilisation will involve the following (according to the UN Agenda 21 2030 Mission Goals): One world government; One world cashless currency; One world central bank; One world military; The end of national sovereignty; The end of all privately owned property; The end of the family unit; Depopulation, the control of population growth and population density; Mandatory vaccines; Universal basic income (austerity); Micro-chipped society for purchasing, travel, tracking and controlling; Implementation of a social credit system (like China has); Trillions of appliances hooked into the 5G monitoring system (internet of things); Government raised children; Government owned and controlled schools, Colleges, Universities; The end of private transportation, owning cars, etc; All businesses owned by Government/Corporations; The restriction of nonessential air travel; Human beings concentrated into human settlement zones, cities; The end of irrigation; The end of private farms and grazing livestock; The end of single family homes; Restricted land use that serve human needs; The ban of natural non-synthetic drugs and naturopathic medicine. The Georgia guidestones indicate that mankind should/will number 500 millions. The article linked above states that a pledge to worship Lucifer will have to be made before a person could enter the 'New Age'. Strangely, Pope Francis has recently called for the New World Order to happen now, with the United Nations in charge! COVID is the elites vehicle for launching a simultaneous global coup. This Canadian whistleblower indicates that the UN/NWO plans are a work-in progress (here, here)! COVID-19 is the gateway to the new civilisation the elites want to create. The physical world and the matrix will change as the per the UN/elites plan detailed above. But, that is not the most important set of changes. Human beings will be changed by the plans created for the elites by Professor Klaus Schwab who created the World Economic Forum. The vaccine will contain technology for regulating and surveilling the lives of human beings. Elements in the vaccine have the capability of changing our DNA. Our bodies and souls/darksides are the prime targets of 'The Great Reset'. Here is a great video discussion of that issue. Quantum dot technology (here) will be introduced into the bodies of kids via the vaccine. This will show up as a tattoo under the skin, and will serve the purpose of recording the vaccine history of children. Then, there is the threat of nano-particles being put in vaccines. Currently, world leaders are planning new lockdowns to introduce the "World Debt Reset Program" which introduces universal basic income and vaccination requirements. Here comes the trial for the 'Immunity Passports' for travelers proving that they got the shot! We do need a new system but not their 'new normal'. So, knowing how they are deceiving us, and are using coercion to bypass the democratic processses in order to totally subjugate us, or kill us off, we must fight back like we have never fought before! Do you still doubt the threat posed by the elites? The whole machinery must be stopped and dismantled: lock, stock and barrel. The only RESET this planet needs is into a 'new normal' civilisation infused with heaven. The darkside must be defeated for this to ever be!

The elites have always been the cause of humanity's problems. They are darkside, and have created a world to propagate the darkside. The elites have ownership of the world and are remaking it according to their own wishes and desires.They now want it all and are prepared to eliminate the darkside masses, who technically are their own kin. The reset into a 'new normal' is nothing more than the destruction of their 'old', but current, civilisation, and replacing it with their new civilisation: The New World Order. They have the wealth which they use to maintain and extend their long list of employees and hirelings running the global agencies like the United Nations and World Health Organisation, and running the Deep State secret government. What is being experienced on earth right now is nothing more than the implementation of moves to kill this civilisation, and to install another one.They planned, and are executing, this plandemic for that purpose. It is not simply a 'live drill' or a 'simulation'. There is collateral damage, and what is damaged or destroyed stays that way. Those who have lost their lives or have been ruined, stay dead or ruined. The Rothschilds patented COVID-19 biometric tests in 2015 and 2017. (See here). Millions of test kits were sold in advance of this pandemic. They knew! COVID-19 was plotted. The elites are extremely wealthy. They print the money we all accept as being wealth. If they print it, how can they ever run out, or become poor. The money or wealth they extract from the world by that which they supply through their Corporations, is not for making them rich but for keeping control of populations. The more they extract means the harder people have work to make ends meet. The demand for the system and its offerings is maintained. Their control is finished when the systems shut down, but then the 'controlled' populations will be 'finished' because they are almost wholly dependent on those systems! Can you really beat the bankers at their own game? That's exactly what we need to do! They are shutting down this civilisation, and chaos is ensuing. They will introduce a 'new normal' in which 5G and digital money are used to control our access to our basic needs. This will be facilitated by mini-electronic devices inserted into us via vaccines which they want to make mandatory. It will be a new era of servility and serfdom. The time to fight back is now, before the new civilisation takes root.

The endgame is accelerating. It involves depopulation measures created to vastly reduce the worlds population, not by a deadly virus, but by presenting a dangerous vaccine that could cure a virus that is made to look deadly. Thus far, and with all the mislabeling re cause of death, 0.01% of the global population has died from COVID-19. The COVID-19 survival rate is 99.5% to 99.997% if under 70 years old, and 94.6% if over 70. Now, they have converted to plot into one which counts the number of cases shown to be positive, according to the PCR tests, and pretend that the world is about to end because of that statistic. This SCAMDEMIC is now being powered by a CASEDEMIC since the mortality rate remains the same. There are serious flaws associated with this test! Kary Mullis, who invented the test in the 1980's, said that it was unreliable for medical diagnosis. Here is the lowdown on the PCR test, COVID-19 is allegedly a brand new disease beginning in 2019. The CDC does not have an isolated sample of the virus, so how could they develop a test relevant to COVID-19? The tests are picking up any strain of coronavirus which is the same as the cold or flu, and not specifically COVID-19. It is old news that a papaya, sundry birds and animals were swabbed and sent for testing by the President of Tanzania. They all came back positive. Even unused swabs, sent to be tested, came back positive. The PCR test is a scientific fraud which cannot detect infection. The PCR test cannot distinguish between the virus and non-infective RNA. Coronavirus PCR tests match genetic base pairs that already exist in human dna. The test picks up dead virus cells giving false positives. Once humans are tested, there will always be 'positives' which will be translated into 'cases'. Cases, however, do not translate into infections, hospitalisations or deaths. In fact, the more the number of cases go up, the more the death rate stays the same. Despite all the noise about how dangerous COVID-19 is, the total of deaths from all causes in the USA, in 2020, resembles the figures of previous years. 

This link gives you a great summary of the COVID plot of the elites (also here). This link tells you about COVID, how it is tested etc. The elites want to suppress/outlaw all other curative options by having their deep state operatives (including the mainstream media which is mostly not trusted) collude to present COVID-19 as a formidable threat to be treated only by vaccines. The vaccine trials are having bad results (here and here). The huge but conspired numbers of cases give the deep state officials the perfect excuse to have restrictions and clampdowns that conduces to a Police State. They plan for this to last forever. COVID-19 is truly an amazing virus! The COVID deception also justifies voting by mail, in the 2020 US elections. Mail-in ballots is how Democrats access the option to cheat! AG Barr has begun a probe into mail-in ballot fraud! This endgame will not stop until the elites get what they want. Or, until they are defeated. Our job is to fight and beat them by any means necessary. There are many varied sources of information which will tell you the COVID story, and more expertly. See here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here,(The choice to know, is yours).


OVER 65    UNDER 65   UNDER 55    UNDER 35    UNDER 25    UNDER 15

 0.23%         0.011%          0.005%          0.0009%        0.0002%        0.00008%

With such low death rates, the COVID machine increased their testing. This resulted in huge increases in the number of 'positives'. With the death rates remaining low, the 'pandemic' is actually a 'casedemic'. These new numbers are neat excuses for declaring that another 'wave' has hit, and that more serious restrictions are necessary, even though your chance of surviving the virus is 99.9% if you are under 65 years of age. A WHO official stated that the COVID infection-mortality rate is 0.13% - the same as the seasonal flu. Here;s the big COVID picture in 7 charts. The increase in the number of infections is a function of increased testing, and does not affect the death rate. People with no symptoms are testing positive. Something is seriously wrong with the testing. Some claim that the test is giving you the virus, (see here) and urge you not to be tested. The nasal swab test punctured a woman's brain. A CDC study found that most who contracted COVID frequently wore masks! Non-medical face coverings do not protect you from COVID but it's a slow form of suffocation. Only a N95 mask can protect you. It is no surprise that the CDC reported that the majority of people getting COVID wore masks. This video reports that 70% of those contracted COVID always wore masks while 3% of those who never wore masks contracted COVID. COVID-19 and 5G are part of the war on oxygen,  Masks deplete oxygen availability 5 seconds after we put them on. There is rapid CO2 buildup within the cavity created by the mask (see here). The brain needs an adequate supply of oxygen to operate efficiently. Masks damage the brain and the damage cannot be reversed (here and here). With oxygen depletion, the darkside builds. The soul becomes suppressed. Masks are a war against the soul. Masks, like lockdowns, do not protect you from COVID but is a political agenda. Some suggest that masks sustain the fear that makes its wearers amenable to taking the vaccine. Look at what masks can do! The lockdowns, it is suggested, created the death spike because of the fear and stress engendered. Beware of a more virulent strain of virus that might be unleashed if the elites don't get what they want!

In the USA, the signs of a buildup to a political war which will involve violence are there. The Democrats want an 'installed' President not an 'elected' one. They propose 'mass violence' if the Republicans try to fill that Supreme Court seat vacated by the de

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Know 'what is'. Know Yourself. Fix your God-connection. Take back your country! 1


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