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We are living under a real darkside conspiracy at all levels. Fight it. 1

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You have to detect and unlearn the lies that you believe. You have to get the information-content of your head out in the open, where you can examine them in light of research on those topics. People are programmed to believe certain things and instead of verifying their truth, they go about making up justifications for their beliefs, as they go. Writing journals is the customary way to get the awareness of what programming lies within. Once you know what you believe, you delete the fakes by updating to the best truth you can work out. You now face the world with updated truth, and you keep updating as updates become available to you. You must have a 'don't know' or 'not sure' label to attach to topics that you are unclear about. This is how to reset your head! No guru can do that for you. This is how you get fresh eyes with which to look at the world and see things anew, by and for yourself. Not knowing what is real or fake is grounds for postponing belief. But this is the opposite of what we do. When you live by the truths you discover, only the truths are capable of generating change. Lies and fakes cannot create change, and you have to keep searching. It is the darkside within which fears change because it feels that it will lose its hold in the body. The soul seeks truth, and it will boldly include things in its life, on a trial and error basis. When the change it desires accrues, the protocol is included in its life. Imagine what will happen if the soul tries out things that create an alkaline body. The healthy stress-free feeling that accrues is enough to assure continuance along that path. This is how you assess things in life: by the changes that accrue! Nutrition has the power to completely reset your life for the better. Good nutrition fights back against the darkside for you! The darkside is content with 'tasty, delicious and trending' foods but these do not give health to the body. The darkside is focused on 'enjoy' not health. The plain foods (amino acids, minerals, vitamins, veggies, fruits, complex carbs, healthy saturated and other fats and oils, and supplements) are what the cells need. The cells can only use what is available. When starved of its tools, the cells under-perform and poor health results. You do feel the change to greater health that comes from investing time, money and research on nutrition. Much of the credit for good health goes to what you avoid consuming. But it doesn't stop there. You have to conduct maintenance on the body. You have to detoxify. You have to get rid of the calcium that accumulates in your arteries and everywhere else. The acidity created by consuming acidic foods causes the body to send calcium from the bones to alkalise the body. But, there is no mechanism that forces calcium to return to the bones and teeth. Vitamin K2 with Vitamin D allegedly does that but not many know about Vitamin K2. So you have to remove the calcium that forms plaque and causes arthritis. EDTA does this. Fibrin also clogs you up. Serrapeptase, Nattokinase and Lumbrokinase get rid of fibrin.Vitamin C with L-Lysine and Proline takes care of Lp(a). Cholesterol is regulated by the liver. Nutritional change can eliminate the top two causes of death: heart attacks and cancer. Getting rid of heavy metals, bad bacteria, various chemical poisons and toxins are also necessary. Survival is simply postponing death. Changing does not mean presenting a new different face to the world. That is merely an ego transformation. And, much like making New Years resolutions, there is always reversion to the old. Changing yourself by including change-creating items and activities in your daily schedule is how to proceed. Look at the real world as an observer, and you will get to know it. Look at 'what is', not positive things or negative things! Help the world change to a better 'what is'.

Religion completely ignored the ways things were done in ongoing reality, and gave us a fictitious reality which they composed in their mental laboratories. If you accepted their fake news, you accepted them as the experts. They're conspirators. They direct their fake news to a 'one-being-in-a body' who does not exist. They told you that the law of karma distributes past karma into the present, and present karma into the future. That law does not appear to have operated at all. If so, the ancient darkside bloodlines would have been destroyed in paying for their crimes. Instead, they thrive! That God is active in creating material changes in peoples lives, and on earth, is very doubtful. He is touted as being the distributor of things, good and bad, but the evidence is that the elites and the darkside society are the ones doing this. That God  needs, or responds to, homage, worship, prayers, rituals etc is also very doubtful. The evidence points to the fact that God inspires and guides souls through the faculty of intuition. satan guides his own via a similar mechanism. Beyond guidance, there is little evidence of God's activities in human living. Religion did not tell us about the darkside as a possessing force, or about its bacterial helpers in the body. Religion did not tell us about the darkside tribes and colors that form the darkside society, and that they run things in the society. Religion did not tell us about the ruling satanic elites who are producing this earthly drama while enslaving us. These darksiders spend their lives building and enhancing their comfort zones while eliminating the comfort zones of good and innocent people. This makes them feel better about who they are and what they can do, but it is their natural hate for souls that is being enacted. They help their own kind to advance materially once the corrupt requirements of soul-selling, favors, bribes, kickbacks and sex are met! Fair play is out of the question! Darksiders form the secret government which is the true dispenser of fruits, good or bad, in the various societies. Sharing the same darkside consciousness, the tribes and colors have their collective meetings or 'panchayats', in which they decide who to build, and who to reduce. In these 'psychic' meetings, they lobby, buy, sell, trade, award and generally decide the fate of those in the society. Key influences in these meetings are the relative sizes of the groups and lobbies, and the wishes/orders/ preferences of the elites and the biggest bloodlines. satan feeds into all darkside consciousness, and these meetings are really about his wishes. Those colors/tribes with the more powerful warriors can more effectively push through their demands, and get what they want. It is the law of rule by majority or democracy. Being darksiders, it is more aptly named a demonocracy. It really is mob rule, not a meritocracy. When the majority is evil, what is needed is a few good men at the helm, not more of the same.

Much of life is being engineered by the darkside consciousness located in human beings everywhere, but especially in the occult factions. The elites have their occult hierarchy consisting of powerful darksiders and 'psychics'. Perhaps, they are reptilian aliens with above-normal darkside powers. Knowledge of the powerful Occult psychic controllers is very scarce: most people think that this is the work of technology. The darkside tribes and colors have their warriors working 24/7 doing remote viewing and psychic manipulation /interference. These psychics spend their lives influencing/affecting people with ideas and energy.  They use energy and voices to attack the good, or other enemy. They deprive you of sleep with incessant voice-chatter, and energy attacks. The voices are sent by darksiders, and is received by the darkside/bacteria combos of the victims. Kill the bacteria and the voices recede! The darkside ground troops are always carrying out operations against soul people. This is how they live. They do not know what peace is! They use public and private office to deny you the fruits you are legitimately entitled to, sometimes claiming that it is not your time. They are arrogant, offensive, brutal, demanding, merciless, bold-faced, cruel, cunning, spiteful..... and pretend to lordship over you. They bark and yell at you as if they own you. They warn you against opening your mouth to say anything. Complaints are severely penalised. They insist that you do the actions they conjure up for you, in obedience. The evil vs good war is real but the good keep pretending that these people have gone astray, and just need to be corrected or rehabilitated, instead of admitting that a satanic conspiracy exists. The good do not know that the darkside entity is completely the opposite of soul. The words 'person' and 'human being' convince us that there is one being within. Language is part of the conspiracy. Darksiders think that they are the gods of earth and that they entitled to use force or other means to keep you down, and to teach you 'respect'. Their wealth/comfort zones are pushed in your face as being validation for their privileges, power, authority, and their feeling of being entitled.

Evil promotes evil by the systems they set up to distribute material things, including females. There is no merit to save you unless you are a darksider with wealth, or have the back-up of a large tribe, color or bloodline. The darkside society rules the various locations on earth, giving or taking as they collectively or individually decide. Whatever a single darksider does, is okayed by tribe or color, no matter how evil it is. They assemble into 'lines' of darksiders waiting to collect the good things in life from themselves, not the law of karma. They decide whose turn it is to get 'life', as if they are earth's gods. God gave life at birth because it was your time. The darkside society can take away this privilege and not return it. They can kill you because you are unwilling to sleep as a soul, and allow the dark side within to wake up and take over. Soul people/good guys are not part of the psychic network or 'panchayat', and if they ever make it to any of these 'lines', they remain at the back ad infinitum. Souls know absolutely nothing about these lines or when it is their 'turn'. Good people are tried, convicted and condemned by these 'panchayats', and they are not  present to defend themselves because it is a darkside affair. Darksiders are usually in key positions in Governmental or Private employment and use their positions to fight their evil vs good war. They favor their own and deprive good people of fair treatment. In some societies, the families keep promoting darkside children while keeping down the others. They engineer it so that the darkside children get the inheritances. Females seem to be at the root of the practice of promoting darkside children in families, and promoting darkside men (and women) at the level of the society. The darkside children are allowed to get whatever they want, and to do whatever they want. They reserve wealth, the plum positions and pursuits for darkside people. These darkside females target good guys for destruction. Part of the reason is that these females cannot control soul people because of the immunity that comes with being soul. They do not like that immunity because they cannot manipulate the soul to serve their needs or to become a servant of the darkside. If they can't control you, they destroy you! These females like, and promote, men who join their pool of the 'willing for sex', or of 'willing to play the game'. The female hive is linchpin of the darkside society. They are the ones who are vied for by darkside males for use as energy warriors, and for sex. The darkside females must activate the dark side good guys for it to have powers and operate like theirs. They don't, unless a good guy qualifies by signing a virgin, or some other qualification like making a female pregnant. If you are karmically 'clean', expect to be persecuted by them. They are dirty people and like to see only dirty 'others' in the society. 'Dirt' gives them the ability to blackmail people in order to get them to obey their orders. They don't activate the dark side of good people because they do not want soul/good people to have powers to fight back with. This activation seems to take place in youth, which gives the darkside more time and leverage to grow and control the body. Only if your body is ruled by the darkside will it be accepted and welcomed by the darkside society. The 'mark of the beast' is the permit to life! The tribes and colors are busy recruiting members from childhood itself. They seem to be competing to possess people with their particular brand of darkside. Good people do exist either by virtue of reincarnation of a developed soul, by virtue of pursuing knowledge from youth itself, or by virtue of proper guidance or nurturing. Living in bondage is very painful. The way out is to learn how to defeat the darkside conspiracy within you, and in the society. It is better to research how to do it and try, than to accept the lordship of the darkside. It is better to live as a broken piece of jade than as a whole clay idol. Death is just a gateway to another more real existence! Do not sell your soul by compromising it for material betterment.

The darkside society is rearing darksides from childhood. Various cultures have practices which assures that the darkside will be built to rule the child's body. Some hindus keep the child's hair long, and do not wash his mouth. Long hair is antenna for the darkside, and keeps the muscles of the neck and head out of condition. Neck and head strength is important in resisting the darkside's transmission of vibrations/urges/influences to the soul. Carrying heavy things on the head or doing the head-stand remedies this. Generating vibrations by singing OM, or by humming, effectively compromises the darkside's ability to send forceful vibrations to affect the soul or the optic nerve. Not washing the mouth allows bacterial and yeast build-up! This is not a problem in the west! All the 'cooking ' and 'washing' done in the darkside sex 'school' is meant to build the female darkside, to program it into hyper-sexuality and attendant behavior, and to become pliant and compliant. The sex school resets the darkside to operate in a different mode. It is not a soul-building event. The various crews in the sex school are darksiders who do not have a clue about building the soul, and that is never their intention. All they produce are boy-toys and honey-traps! It is about building the darkside engine within, not shutting it down. The darksiders have cleverly scripted their games, so that the good guys they include in their games as opponents are faced with moves that build their darkside without their knowledge. The female (who is complicit) is passed around them a few times so she can get him interested, and pull and tie his attention. She is there, too, as a honey-trap to set him up for his ruination/downfall. Then the darkside society whisks her away to 'cook' her. The good guy is forced to see her with a multitude of 'crews', and has real heartbreak episodes every time, if he had a genuine interest in her. The colors tell him that he was supposed to go for sex, and 'sign' or 'open' her. No time for getting to know you! Just do it (sex)! The good guy experiences getting his emotions built, along with being jilted and devalued (actually his dark side is being awakened). Chances are that he is under total psychic, energy and other darkside attack. Mama's boys must be the stars in this show! The good guy is even told to go and look for her, and that she will return, even while the psychic attackers describe who she is with, and doing what. The darkside society ensures that the good guys become obsessed with the female, and make mistakes or suffer such deterioration and loss of hope that they commit suicide. Souls/good guys face this situation by searching for the mechanism which produces the effects he is experiencing, and for the methods for disabling it. God guides them to methodically conduct trial and error solutions. Good guys discover that the sex-school show is building his dark side within, as is intended. They search for methods of cutting it back down because 'pulling and tying' is not love! Immunity to darkside influences exists, waiting to be discovered. One fact changes the game when it is discovered: the females in the sex school, the crews and the darkside colors and tribes who run the show are all on the same page, and on the same side. They are using the good guys as stooges for their entertainment. There's a movie-script which is being followed by the darksiders. Their victory is assured in every season. The sex school and allied games are also their way of running things so that their darkside natures, and powers, get honed. Their predatory nature is exalted in the games as females are hunted, caught, cooked, and killed like 'dead' meat which is to be bought and sold for eating! This is the darkside society's way of getting rid of 'crops' of virgins every season. No other system or way of mating will be allowed to take root, as the present system gives mama's boys, and the other darksiders, their preferred lifestyle. The good guys are decimated, and shown to be inferior losers. Their method of courtship and love first never gets a chance to bloom. Sex first, and everything else after, is the darkside modus operandi. The females accept this ordering of things because they are darkside too. Pleasure, enjoy and fun are mental triggers that turn the darkside on. The darkside society has created generations of 'pimps' and 'hoes'. They get to re-create these roles from generation to generation, as new crops of virgins become available. The elites set up a system that accepts, nourishes and accomodates only the darkside nature. 'Distract' and 'keep them busy', along with 'divide and rule', are leveraged perfectly in the gender games invented by the elites! Then scholars wonder why life has become hell!

Darksiders cannot build the darkside of a good guy who knows how to shut down the darkside engine within. The darksiders do not really know the soul. They treat it as if it just another kind of darkside. When a soul/good person shows up with a weak darkside, they launch their attacks, not knowing that the soul there is a spark of God. The sparks of God are more powerful than the sparks of satan. The darkside is fooled by their superior numbers. The soul sees them as just one evil consciousness. Their darksides are weaker because the good guys know how to fight and defeat them! The God that the good are are attuned to has no problem with good people but the darkside society condemns them anyway! The soul person knows that certain decisions were made by the colors and tribes when his persecution begins, or is accelerated. This not-so-secret darkside government is the actual giver of good and bad fruits in current living, and these fruits are in no way related to merit or the actual karma done by the recipients in this life, or in any life. There is no way that the secret government can know about past lives. Their habit is destroy the good then make up excuses like 'no respect', past karma or 'the good die young'. There is no good reason for the misery that the good have to go through. And to top it all off, the darkside perpetrators want forgiveness! Instead, they deserve curses so that they get the returns for their sins. More on that later. Another trick used by the darkside tribes and colors is that they tout the efficacy of prayer. Prayers and conversations are all picked up by the darkside psychic network. It is all a show wherein darksiders use the requests made in 'prayer' as an excuse to grant to their own, what is requested. When prayers are granted gives the recipients the cue to say that God does answer prayers! Good people are entrapped by their prayers to God for changes they want. Such prayers help the darkside know what good people want. Knowing this, they can block them or prevent them from getting it. Good people are already attuned to God, so overt prayers are self-betrayal leading to entrapment. Even Christ recognised this trap when he advised that the good should pray in the secrecy behind closed doors. Talking to God is a different matter completely. God speaks to you with ideas. These are what you pick up via intuition. You translate these ideas into words so you can record it and communicate it. You don't have to if you don't want the darkside to read your secrets! Man invented language and use them to talk to God. What if man gave up the flowery words used in prayer and focused on communicating with God using ideas? It requires a meditation-like composure but it probably would work better. Besides, God already knows your concerns.

Souls are instruments of God, while darksiders are instruments of satan. This happens only when either is firmly in charge within the body, and the other side has been forced into sleep. The darkside is in charge within for most human bodies because the darkside society and the elites are purposely feeding the darksides of those whom they rule over. They do this through the mechanisms and offerings of the operating systems which the world lives under. The elites stay evil because they purposely nourish and build their own darkside selves to keep it ruling those bodies. Their lifestyles involve acts which suppress their souls. Same for all darksides. It has been discovered that the elites nourish their darksides by drinking adrenalised human blood, eating human flesh, human sacrifices, occult ceremonies, deliberate predatory and brutal evil acts, pedophilia, eugenics, preoccupation with the NWO agenda, dividing and ruling earth's peoples etc. If those bodies have souls, they are beyond salvage. While most of the masses are decidedly darkside-ruled, there are substantial numbers who are searching for truth. Those bodies display both soul and darkside behavior, as elicited by the life situations they find themselves in. One has to observe people's behavior in order to detect whether the darkside engine is governing, or whether the soul engine is in charge. One must go past the overt behaviors to see the engine that produces the actions, or in-actions. The soul with its body is calm, poised, not chasing anything, not pushing anything, using information delivered by the senses or overriding it, making decisions about what it wants, seeking knowledge and truth, etc. There is confidence and self esteem, and the 'complete' state of being exudes. There is always a smile on their faces, unless the darkside wipes it away. Soul people are targeted by the dark side so they will not be happy. Comfort zones are never achieved in most cases, despite trying hard. But, they will exhibit resilience and good-natured dispositions.  In action, the soul is near-perfect and exudes talent and resourcefulness as it tackles its duties and problems. To become superior, the darkside keeps soul people down or as prisoners. Souls are not slaves to time, or to action. The dark side believes that the more one is enslaved to time and action, the greater is one's discipline. They, therefore, tout discipline, ambition and non-laziness. The real reason for addiction to time and action is that the darkside within has to stay busy 24/7 in order to block the soul from engaging in any action. The soul gets little chance to put its head above water. The darkside ego dies during sleep, so ego building has to take place everyday afresh. When there is no opportunity for action, the darkside roots for some action by producing that kind of feeling/energy called boredom. The darkside runs from boredom into willy-nilly action. Souls have creative hobbies like reading to keep boredom and the darkside at bay. When there is no action to pursue, the darkside just preys on others by stirring up trouble. Both kinds of entities like to do things consistent with their natures. It is actually the natures of the soul and dark side unfolding in life, and not any law of karma at work. Things that happen in people's lives arise because soul and darkside are causing them, not because of God or his laws!

The senses are there as info-gathering tools or sensors, relaying messages back to the soul, who may or may not heed the messages. The body itself conveys information like thirst, hunger, need to use bathroom, pain, heat, cold, illness etc. Everything works as the creator intended. When the darkside/bacteria possessions takes over, they are about their own welfare not that of the soul, or the body. Bacteria(viruses, fungi, bacteria) have untrammeled access to everywhere. The immune system is unable to stop the microscopic invaders because even the various fighter cells can be infiltrated. It is alleged that vaccines supply nagalase, which inactivates the immune system, and cause the bacteria to operate without opposition. The bacteria need food in order to grow and replicate themselves. They gouge on their favorite foods to enlarge their colonies. As colonies, and with the ability to communicate and generate energy, they become an amplified version of the senses. They replace the original senses, and can create obsessive action like compulsive eating which is unrelated to hunger. The bacteria/darkside combo become the new amplified senses, with the 'old' senses receding to the background. What then exists is not the normal senses of the soul. These 'soul' senses are over-powered and superceded by the darkside/bacteria engine. The new amplified senses are qualities of the darkside/bacteria combo, and are used by them for successful colonisation, and for getting them the consuming/feeding substances and activities, that gives their lives temporary feelings of completion. Addictions rather than self-control is exhibited. Material satisfactions are temporary, so they go after them repeatedly. Activities that had no priority under the soul, now become urgent and important. Consumption and sex are taken to extreme levels in the operation of this darkside/bacteria engine. To reiterate, it is not the original version of the senses but an amplified version emanating from the nature of the darkside/bacteria combo that operates in darksiders. The darkside/bacteria combo is not about self-control or prudence, but about successful colonisation. Taste, sight, hearing, and touch all become different heightened experiences with astronomically higher usage than when the soul is in charge. When you add ego and emotion to this heightened brew, you get the powerful darkside/bacteria senses that facilitates/guides the operation of the darkside engine within. A super sex-engine begins to operate within, designed to reap sex from all kinds of human interactions. The darkside/bacteria combo experiences a heightened sexual energy experience, to the point of intoxication. The sexual energy generated during sex and orgasm is amplified and transmitted throughout the bacterial colonies, and the darkside. The orgasmic energy courses throughout the body creating a surrender to its euphoria. The darkside/bacteria combo is able to amplify and transmit the orgasmic feeling to its clones in other bodies. For the darkside/bacteria combo in others is able to experience this euphoria, in absentia. For darksiders each sexual orgasm is an experience benefiting their tribes or colors. So, darksiders dedicate their systems to sex: the closest they can get to a heavenly experience. They tout sharing of sexual partners and sexual excursions. They are clueless about the bliss of the soul which lasts. The darkside/bacteria sense-machine deteriorates with frequency of use, illness, and with aging. The soul has no such heightened passionate sexual experience, and does not need it because of its blissful nature that doesn't evaporate with aging, It does not evaporate unless the darkside takes over. The darkside society is assuring that all humans are hyper-sexualised. Females are hypersexualised by the cooking and programming practicals of the sex school, and the gender games. It is the females who have the energy to 'cook' the males into hypersexuality, or as sex is desired. Since they cannot manipulate the soul, they love the bad boys/darkside males. Darkside hell ensues!

The original soul senses are actually inert ( or 'jada'), and are nothing more than measuring units for certain body phenomena. What happens is that the darkside/bacteria occupy the original senses but superimpose their own consciousness on these, to produce another completely different mechanism which still goes by the old name of 'senses'. The created superimposed 'senses' are far more powerful than the old senses, and have a 'mind' of their own. They do not resemble the sense tools which serve the soul. They change from being mere measuring devices and transmitters of data to enticers and tempters that push/propagate darkside kinds of engagements eg consuming, sex etc , instead of conveying thirst, hunger, or other body warnings. They body-organs just don' see like a camera, hear sounds, taste or have a tactile capacity. They do more with the darkside in charge. They are programmed with darkside messages and intentions. They actually urge/demand fulfillment from the pangs they now can generate. They not only see and hear, they gravitate/lock in to certain kinds of information. So the senses take on additional roles as the darkside capacities come into play  eg passion, feelings, the emotions, ego building etc. Souls do not have these in their make-up. But, fear not, souls have a self-renewing, ever new, ever fresh nature that does not require them to run into materialism to complete or enhance themselves. They have nothing to run from within. The darkside impetus to run and do things to feel good is completely lacking. The new 'senses' become like masters and directors instead of the darkside uses them in working its way to lordship of the body. The soul, in charge, is already the original lord/owner of the body, and has no inferiority or thief complex! These new senses are not natural to the body, being merely the darkside version, serving the darkside in its quest to seize the body from the soul. The darkside substance does not come suffused with intrinsic worth or bliss as the soul's substance is. The possessing/indwelling darkside is a spark of satan. It possesses bodies and uses them to acquire worthy and blissful feelings. Using the body means doing things. Without its ability to control the body to do things, it becomes a mere passenger. It launches headlong into materialism for its kind of worth and bliss. It ends up with pleasure/intoxication, power, control over others and accumulations. It then thinks that it has out- performed the soul, and as such it is a more deserving user of the body. The elites are darksiders who know all of this, and they have built their systems to engineer the victory of darkside engines over soul engines.  

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We are living under a real darkside conspiracy at all levels. Fight it. 1


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