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The Female Hive Is Evil. 1

The majority of men and women are Darkside. Women are especially darkside, and they are the prizes to be won in the sex school and allied games. They are the backbone of the system as warriors, and as the system administrators for the sex school and allied gender games. They promote, enhance, respond to, and live the darkside life. Mamma's boys are their darkside sons who get the privilege of doing what they want to the girls, and to the good guys, and to make it in grand fashion in the world of materialism. Mamma's boys get to have all the fun they want without punishment for their transgressions and trespasses because of their backup. Females serve their pimps, their mates, their colors or hives, and their 'sugar daddies' with their bodies and darkside/bacteria combo, without resort to moral principles and knowledge of truth or God. They have the utmost faith in their darkside powers to make the human landscape in their own image and likeness. What is 'right' is whatever enables their engineering ambitions. What is 'wrong' is whatever obstructs the evolution and functioning of their empire. The darkside women script the lives of everyone alive, except perhaps the of the male elites who run things. Good people are ruthlessly killed, marginalised, made destitute, set up, subject to accidents etc. because they do not sing the darkside tunes that women love. The good guys resist manipulation and live by morals and principles, and these present obstacles to their manipulation by women. You cannot disobey them if you want to live longer, and they do not take no for an answer. They think that their satanic power is supreme. They will even engage male good guys physically. They love to deal with darkside men who are fellow predators, but when they get 'preyed' on, they blame all men....a clever ruse to just have a reason to revenge themselves on good males who have nothing to do with their problems. The darkside women 'love' the darkside males: like vibrates with like. They are both on the same page. Their lives get fulfillment and validation when relating to fellow darksides, even though such fulfillment is only fleeting. All darksiders are a team, except that the elites are now practising eugenics on the lesser darksides.

Physical fightback against the elites or the darkside society is beyond the means of the good minority. We do not encounter the ruling elites daily in our neighborhoods. Maybe the collective 'colors' or 'hives' could do it but they are asleep to truth. They are so focused on wealth accumulation and societal control through the sex school and allied mechanisms that waking up will be too late. Those who feel they can fight have the freedom to do so. Survival is the only rational option for the good minority. You must see the strategies of the darksiders and try your best to stay clear of their traps, ploys, sex-school graduates and grasping 'hands. The darkside society serves the elites' purposes, whether they know this or not. Some do it directly by being freemasons but most do it by living the life spelt out to them by the Occult hierarchy and conveyed to them via 'eyeball-reading' or by 'listening' to and obeying their bodies. All darksiders do 'eyeball-reading' and 'mind-reading' to get their orders and cues for how to relate to others, what to do with people they encounter or what to do to them. Simply leaving others alone does not occur to them. They see others as greater or lesser than them or as allies and enemies. They are interaction-focused. They reach out for 'guidance' just as soul people do, but from a satanic source. That source always has work to dole out as it tries to completely rule the world. The occult-guided darksiders are who you meet everywhere in everyday life. They are the hives and colors you are forced to live among because they control the majority of male and female bodies. 50 years ago, when goodness governed in the heads of people, living was not as excruciating as it is now. Merit, justice and fairplay was there to be had. Thanks to the elites, society was engineered to shed all its moral princples and to chase after wealth, power, pleasure, control of others and conquest. Somehow, darkside energies and powers became increasingly available, and moral people were targeted and destroyed by its use. The darksiders have largely lost their powers recently. It seems that God's invisible hierarchy has battled with the satanic hierarchy and defeated them. Without a source of energy, the darksiders can only leverage their greater numbers and their control of the various occupations. The tension filled atmosphere of the past decades has departed, and is replaced by harmonious energy. The darkside society has grown accustomed to godhood over lesser beings. They relate to non-darksiders or lesser darksiders with authority, backed by a sense of entitlement or natural right to have the world obey them as they manipulate everything to fit into their image and likeness. They are surprised now that their energy-power has deserted them as the times have changed. Their arrogance, domineering attitude and ruling gambits have not died. They do not believe that their ruthless award of material plenty and desired stations of life to their own kind, while mercilessly depriving the weak and the good of the same, have karmic backlash. They believe that they can evade the consequences of bad karma by cunning, by human forgiveness, and by having the backup of their large hives. They therefore continue to trespass with impunity. God will have the final say. The curses of their victims will also manifest effect. Over the last 40 years I have witnessed the growth of evil in people. It is as if satan came and looted the bodies of the human race.

The darkside is engineering the world to their image and likeness. Its not that the world is simply growing worse. It is a deliberate series of plots being executed, with the present status being the endgame. The knowledge, or info, we were given with which to understand the working of reality was nothing more than deception: a wall preventing us from seeing the truth, until it is too late. Now, we know about 'too big to fail'. The hidden hand has shown itself to be the bankers. The actual operating mechanisms of society have been cleverly hidden. The role of freemasons in engineering society has been left out completely. Natural foods and healing therapies are being outlawed by a system composed of entities that do not represent our views, or know what is best for us. Not only are the external systems being engineered: people are being engineered too, from within! Your purpose is firstly to stop the engineering taking place in you. Only the un-engineered consciousness can assay the real problems, and devise proper solutions. Are GMOs really safe? Is tap water really safe? Do vaccines cure you? Are sugar-free sweeteners good for you? Is canola oil the best for frying? Is 'eyeball-reading' the guidance of God? Don't let them do it to you. You can adjust and change so that the 'death by one thousand cuts' that is occurring because of the eugenics plot, does not get you. You have to do it to stay alive. You have to detox, and remake your body. That doing is very possible. You have to change your food intake into only what your cells need, or into what helps them. You have to question those paradigms created for the cultivation of the 'strawman' identity, those which were created by the system, or which were not questioned because of being accepted culture or tradition. These paradigms cannot halt the engulfing evil that threatens doom, and need to be discarded. You cannot refuse to look at the existence of evil and wicked people anymore. You cannot afford not to point the finger. You cannot believe that the darkside society or the elites are good people, doing good things for you in the way they operate the world. You have to firstly ensure that you yourself are not being engineered by lies, disinformation, deception and manipulation from external or internal sources. Only if you can assure that your own strings are not being pulled, can you be sure that you are making your own decisions, and living your own life. So, let others face the oncoming years how they want. Let them fight their own fights. As souls, you have no hive, grouping or human backup because the communication connection is with the Super-soul. Souls are true individuals whose can only share camaraderie or satsangh with other souls.  Even camaraderie was destroyed as the darksiders reduced the ranks of the good. Good people are individuals and survivors who have had to defend against the outrages levied by both the elites and the darkside society. There are those fight-back charlatans who destroy both the good and the weak, but who now wage war on the elites, while highlighting the people-engineering sins of the elites. Perhaps they belong to the biggest hives whose next in line conquest is the very elites themselves. They give you the elites as the prime enemy yet hide their own complicity in enslaving or destroying good people. Your task is to obtain your own salvation while alive by preventing your body from being toxified and killed, but it also lies in preventing the darksiders from accessing and using the darkside/bacteria combo within you. If you conquer it by reducing its power and potency, they cannot use it against you. You have to stop listening to your body while instituting protocols for managing it in the direction of life extension. You have to control and govern your own body. If not, the darkside/bacteria will. Research and knowledge are the homework you must do.

This puts us into who manipulates and engineers your darkside on an ongoing basis: darkside women. They vast majority of women are darkside, and this post is about them, not good women. The end justifies the means for these servants of womanhood. They collude and target the material outcomes that are good for themselves, and for womanhood, and they make it happen by: 1) the engineering of the darkside/bacteria combo of others, 2) their ubiquitous presence in the various occupations in both public and private sectors, and by 3) having laws which are biased in their favour. They believe that their ability to manipulate the consciousness and energy of the darkside/bacteria combo within gives them the perfect tool for asserting their superiority over their enemies. They aver that this ability exists because they are more spiritually evolved, and special. Their role of being 'wombs' for babies makes them feel like co-creators with the God who devised this mechanism. All that is just satanic ego enhancement. To know that you are soul, a spark of God, requires the presence of that actual consciousness pervading the awareness. It begins when you install that understanding in you by underpinning every action with that basic enlightenment. Every action becomes filtered by this understanding, and if guided by knowledge or by intuition, righteousness blooms. You cannot have that while the darkside/bacteria combo is actually infiltrating its behavior, and practically directing the show. There are about 100 trillion bacteria in the gut alone. They outnumber human cells by about 10:1. Most of these are bad bacteria and candida: the good bacteria never having been inherited, having been decimated by antibiotics, having been converted by gene transference from genetically engineered foods, and having not being replaced or nurtured by diets. Bad bacteria amplify and further enable the darkside force. This same kind of bacteria wreaks havoc in the consciousness of good people, while dominating evil people. Change can be experienced with the actual consumption of good bacteria (eg kefir) and witnessing the clarity, harmony and conquest of desires and urges that accrue. The fact is that accepting the darkside/bacteria combo and working with it, and for it, is actually denying the soul its life, and becoming complicit in its enslavement. Reveling in the energy, preying and pleasures afforded by the darkside/bacteria combo is the obstacle to the salvation of the soul. There is no salvation in the post-mortem unknown that matters. The female hive is engineering the world to be the opposite of what it should be for people to get salvation while alive. The sexual focus is the medium for infection and continued infection by the 90% of bacterial cells that comprise their bodies. They know this and use this fact to infiltrate bacteria into male bodies so that they can control them. The darkside/bacteria combo has energies that are enhanced by the activities which doing they influence. Acidic foods, sex, ego-building and preying are the principal indulgences. 

The majority of males are darksiders. They are active in that mode and will never become souls because they don't know the way forward or don't care for any other life. The majority is always right in their eyes. They are stuck in that mode unless calamity forces a rethink, and a reset. The bad bacteria must go because they are the foot soldiers of the darkside. Women have the power to influence both darkside and the bacteria, and this gives them their leverage. Destroy the bad bacteria to restore your immunity, and they can't do squat. Their ability to infuse sexual desire into the bodies of males is a very potent weapon, and it is difficult to conquer. Let the macho males think that they are really macho, and that their apparent virility is not being engineered by women, with the cooperation of their own darkside/bacteria combos. The macho males could have premature ejaculations, to their utter embarrassment, if the women wanted. But, their own darkside/bacteria combo needs the energy explosion of orgasm, and they support these male enablers and destroy those who do not oblige. They don't care about, spirituality, knowledge and intelligence because that does not please their darkside/bacteria combo.....another name for satan. Knowledge is just plain old blah blah blah! But, the macho male darksider is darkside too, and he has no shortage of waiting or prospective clients all looking for 'greener grass'. Darkside male/female conflict results in 'men are all bad'. The darkside females can't hurt the darkside male because he will always have a female (and her hive) to lobby for him. So, the feminists transfer their vengeance to good males because they can. Their real macho targets, they can't touch! Shapeshifters are the powerful darkside women who pilot the feminist cause. The society has put them as the most desirable among women because of their powers. The good guys do not see any merit in that kind o f satanic power, and look for more than their powers and magical tricks in prospective companions. Darkside females usually have no morals or enlightenment which would make them attractive to good guys. Good females are so hard to come by. Rather than give the good guys their freedom to look for, or have, moral women, the society tries to convert the good guys into darksiders or selects and cultivates powerful female 'snakes' or shapeshifters to be cooked for them. The 'snakes' use their empowerment to live the society's script for them (ie be a bitch, look for a conquering 'leader', get caught, get cooked, become hyper-sexualised by mamma's boys and become like a prostitute). The darksiders want no good people on earth, and they configure their civilisation to this effect. The darkside society builds or cooks the darkside/bacteria combo of some good guy stooge who will then get 'caught' by placement with a cooked 'snake' or shapeshifter, but only after the long lines of the various hives get their turn at sexual intimacy with her.

Women have their foremost loyalty to the female hive. They live and die for it. Together they form a darkside umbrella of consciousness which is used to engineer and regulate all that happens in society. They have powerful darkside/bacteria combos that can act on the darkside/bacteria combo of others. They have various tricks and energies which can create the results they desire from others, especially males. They create powerful love energies in the darkside/bacteria combo in the heart or whole body. It is a 'delicious' experience but it is fake. This is what is called 'love' but it is not produced by the soul. It is just manipulation or engineering. Females can generate positive and negative energy, as well as energies that become experienced as moods, even the mood of mourning. The darkside within can inflame you, and pushes that inflammation so powerfully that your hands actually want to strike or take action against others, if you associate with it or accept that it is your wish coming up for physical execution. Violence, passion, fear/flight/panic etc are all produced for immediate action by its own volition or it can be influenced by the external darksides. Your method is to watch all influences from within from its start to its fizzling end. Only then will you discover the ploy being used on you. The women's  ability to influence the dark side within can be helpful or malicious. They can inflict inflammations but can also do the opposite ie impart harmony. They can influence the darkside/bacteria combo in the different parts of the body in order to manipulate the body to their chosen ambition. It is the darkside/bacteria combo's use of energies which accomplishes all the washing, cleaning, seasoning, enhancing and cooking that they levy on males and females to convert them to complete darksides. It is all focused on giving the darkside its needs for sex, pleasure and material things. It is as if pretty faces, sexy bodies and the anticipation of delicious sex is all they have to offer mankind, and mankind has to aspire to that only. Other aspirations will diminish their value and importance to the world. They have no knowledge of truth, and they are not interested in such. When darkside male and female get together, their interpretation of relating is having sex.

Darksiders can use the darkside/bacteria combo of others to produce all kinds of mental states, including forgetfulness. They can make you sick with fevers and chronic fatigue. Of course, they can kill you with snake-power which increases your heart-rate and blood pressure. You can die from heart attacks or get strokes. The medical fraternity will call this death by 'natural causes'. One of their principal attacks is by VOICES. They can turn it on or off. Those who are adept at this can extract the darkside through your eyes or ears so that your dark side becomes constantly focused on seeing or hearing. You become accessible to them 24/7. Female voices are at the forefront of the 'voices' attack, and if your darkside's attention has been extracted or harvested by them, you are attacked by all the darkside hives. The content of what they say is designed to invalidate the soul and  its modus operandi, while building or programming the darkside so it can take over in the body. Females have devised the body language, physical looks and general moves to solicit, extract or attract the attention of the dark side. They are specialists at this. All the smiles, beauty, tossing of the hair, playing with their hair, crossing and uncrossing of their legs, manicuring of eyelashes and nails, dressing up of hair etc is done to attract attention. It makes them desirable and marketable, even if they come with lots of sordid baggage. They love to have males compete for them: which is why they love the sex-school experience. It does so much for their egos. Yet, other guys are used to raise the emotions of the darkside in the target male. It is not jealousy or envy that is generated by the sight of seeing another male courting the girl the one is interested in. It is more like a feeling of betrayal or heartbreak that your darkside experiences. The female has the ability to boost this emotion so the feeling of loss overwhelms you. It is this heartbreak 'shot' that gets men to commit irrevocably, not love. The ploy is discovered only afterwards. The darkside females love to compete against each other. They use then share their men around, and if you are a soul person looking for that special one with special qualities, you may end up empty-handed or dead or destitute. You did not please them. And with their proliferation in the world of work, you will never succeed because they do take their agendas into every aspect of life. It does not matter who you are or what special talents you have, you will never be free. Darksiders become stars because they suppress, enslave or destroy the good and talented. They will work on your darkside, and your material deprivation, with a vengeance until you humble yourself to their system of things. Now that they have lost most of their powers, they still have their control of households, and of the world of work, to use in enforcing their plans against you.

Humans unwittingly and wittingly become darksiders. They do not have the relevant enlightenment about karma. They put their money on the existence of a 'forgiveness' mechanism. Religion which was constructed by darksiders gives a bailout from the consequences of one's actions in the form of forgiveness. One feels safer if one is forgiven. You got away from paying that penalty so the worry is gone. Now, if only everyone forgives when you perpetrate, all will be well. But, karma has no rewind, reset or edit buttons. Maybe God forgives, but humans can't because they do not know how to. Saying words and conjuring the remorseful heart-feeling makes no difference to the subtle control that karma exerts. If you do something accidentally, the knowing of this breeds sorrow, repentance and the conviction of not wanting to do that again. Nice fabricated dramas and good excuses for doing unjust things to others is business as usual, and does not eliminate the sin. Darksiders convince their own about their justification for sin, but God knows the truth. Karma moves onward taking the indwellers of the body along their respective pathways of action. The good become more the karmic freedom that comes from the freeing action of good deeds. The darkside builds with each bad karma done.  You have to scrutinise each karma for which force within that it feeds. Look before you leap is the preparation for any action big or small. One must research to beef up one's knowledge base, then adjudicate which is the best possible action out of the given possible actions. But, thought in today's world slows down the output of the action, and speed of action is counted as more top priority than well thought-out action. The mechanism of speedy action is invariably linked to listening to what your body tells you. This is the mechanism of darkside-directed action. Darkside people, especially  the women, take/obey the cues for behavior that emanate from the darkside/bacteria combo that resides in the flesh. These colonisers get their wishes for ego-building, actions, experiences and other things by this 'listening-to-the-body' process. This extends to taking information and ideas from these colonisers, who have their own benefit uppermost. By listening to them, they more thoroughly complete their colonisation. The 'beast' completely installs itself. The 90% of bacterial body-cells, along with the darkside, is impossible to beat if you don't fight back. How clever of them if they can convince you that they are you, and that their concerns are yours. And, the process aggregates like a snowball rolling downhill, in the absence of enlightenment that one must stop this 'listening' and that a problem does exist. God speaks directly to you through the faculty of intuition only. So who/what speaks to you from the body? It is the darkside/bacteria combo that is speaking to a barely awake but deluded soul. This clueless soul thinks that it is alone in the body and and any communication emanating from within must be from itself. But when did it consciously emit that communication? They will say that it just happens. So, the satanic combination within controls the soul and its actions. The body becomes an instrument of satan, not one of God. This is where womanhood made their error and are pushing satan's wishes on the good who listen, not to the body, but to their brains, morals, and to God. And they continue to proliferate their sex school nonsense and allied games, while using their stranglehold on the public and private sector employment to promote their own kind, and to deprive and decimate the ranks of the good. They refuse to question their modus operandi or the mechanism with which they operate and get their orders ie listening to the body, eyeball-reading, mind reading and the darkside script which they follow. They refuse to enlighten themselves, develop their moral principles or even wake up to who the real enemy is. This would obviously detract from their solidarity with the ambitions of the female hive. Some even say that they love satan. They cover up their crimes by changing the language that describes what they are doing. Sexual abuse and rape becomes 'cooking' and 'forced signing'. Human beings become 'meat'. These people are crazy! If the Spiritual Research Foundation is correct, Armageddon will remove them from the path of good people who choose to live by moral principles and not by obedience to the dictates of womanhood and mamma's boys, so spirituality can be rekindled.

Religion has deceived us about man having dominion over the rest of creation. The larger elements of flora and fauna can be seen and defended, or offended, against. The microscopic elements like bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts etc cannot be seen and their activity is detected after their invasion of the body, and from the mal- or good effects experienced. Bacteria clone themselves and form colonies. When colonies are large enough they become predatory. Much of the powers possessed by darksiders are a result of the evolution of the bacterial colonies in human bodies. We are taught that their consciousness are primitively developed. As colonies, however, bacteria are a completely different organism. I have presented research indicating this in earlier posts. Add colonies of bacteria to the darkside force, and one can account for the predatory natures evinced by 'evil' people. The soul is the size of a thumb, according to Swami Sivananda. Bacteria have consciousness too, but when one factors in the fact of 90% of the body's cells or roughly four pounds by weight being bacteria, then the soul is out-sized by a greater mass of bacterial consciousness. They operate instinctively as one force (don't know if good bacteria opposes them or gets converted), and exhibit energy and light characteristics. They are the culprits behind obsessive/compulsive behaviors, like sex and other addictions. They love the explosions of energy generated by orgasms. They also grow more powerful when they receive acidic foods and bad electricity like EMFs. As colonisers, they are warlike though they collude with their own species no matter which bodies they are found in. They have a telepathic connection with each other, just like darkside forces, which is utilised in mind-reading. They are the indwellers responsible for the various colonies/hives/colors of human beings. Each hive has a shared consciousness but different bodies, just like bacterial clones share the same consciousness but different bodies. Separate bodies do not transform humans into individuals because all the bodies have essentially similar darkside/bacterial hive-minds. So, in reality what is happening is that darksiders implement the wishes of the darkside/bacteria combo on earth, and on good people. This combo gives its info and orders via the process of eye-ball reading. All darksiders can be seen doing that. The Elite Occult hierarchy introduces their wishes via this doing. The elites and the darkside society are engineering of human bodies for total colonisation by the darkside/bacteria combo. It is inter-species warfare in which the microscopic bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts etc have teamed up with the darkside within to win outright. Women are the easiest conquests because they accept and listen to the invaders, touting them as God because of the powers that they confer. Females are more productive and incubative of microscopic organisms, and have not gotten around to discover the treachery involved. Neither do they care to go there because the powers they get, and the enjoying lifestyle, is key to their quest for a starring role in a male darkside world. They get to be trophies in the sex school, they get to listen to their bodies and enjoy, and they get to have the powers that makes them rulers complete with the arrogance, or offensive attitudes, or cunning outlook, each displayed according to the meekness of the prospective victim. Darkside women are predators too!     

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The Female Hive Is Evil. 1


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