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Love and Duality: Tapping into Absolute Love

by Daniel Mitel

Absolute Love – Dissolving Duality

“In love, on a higher plane, the inner one moves, merges into the other, and there is a feeling of oneness. Duality dissolves.” –Osho

When we are in absolute Love, our minds cease to be; they stop functioning. The reason is obvious: when we are deeply in love, the present is the only time that exists, we are completely open without caring about the past or the future. Our language is different when we are in love.

Normally, we are concerned to prove something; principles and beliefs, opinions and arguments are at the base of our language. When we are in love, our language is concerned with our lovers, it helps their transformation. It is a communication from Heart to heart not a debate from mind to mind.

The Little Brain in the Heart

The author, pioneer, and neuro-cardiologist Dr. J. Andrew Armour, M.D., Ph.D., from the University of Montreal in Canada, discovered a sophisticated collection of neurons in the heart organized into a small but complex nervous system. The heart’s nervous system contains around 40,000 neurons called sensory neurites that communicate with the brain. Dr. Armour called it “the Little Brain in the Heart.”

It has been known for many years that memory is a distributive process. We cannot localize memory to a neuron or a group of neurons in the brain. This is big – a scientific confirmation that our hearts can make decisions independent and free of the brain, that our hearts have memories!

A few years ago, an interesting medical case happened: a gentle, soft-spoken woman who never drank alcohol and hated football got a heart transplant from a donor who had passed away after a motorcycle crash. She turned into an aggressive, beer drinking football fan. The biker was a well-known football fan who drank a lot of beer. This is only one of many reported cases where something extraordinary happened to heart transplant recipients: they seemed to take on the likes and dislikes of their donors!

Heart Communication without Words

How is unconditional love communicated between master and student? Through the Heart! The favorite language between the two is silence, quietness, and stillness. When the students meet the Masters, spoken words are almost irrelevant. The silence between words becomes important. Their compassion, their love, their gestures were important. Their eyes and their signals, their empathy and tolerance were more important than words.

On the subject of love and duality, the spiritual teacher Osho said that Krishnamurti and Zen systems are all concerned with how to create more consciousness because we are unconscious. They are concerned how to be more aware and alert; how to move from unconsciousness toward consciousness. But this is duality – unconscious and conscious.

Basically, Osho said that if we move from unconsciousness to consciousness we are moving from one duality to another. Unless we move beyond both, we can never reach the ultimate. We need to go beyond both states of being, we need to be neither the unconscious nor the conscious; just be!

Absolute Love – More Than Duality

In our earthly experiences, only love can give us a glimpse into what Osho is talking about. Only love goes beyond duality. Only when we are in deep love, we become one rather than being two separates. We are two human beings, but inwardly we transcended the duality, becoming one. Duality dissolves and we arrive at Absolute Love, absolute oneness!

The Masters tell us that unconditional love is a beautiful journey that for a moment, helps us touch upon the absolute of love. This is the ultimate peak; then we will have to come back. We get so dizzy up there, on this peak, that we need to go back to the valley. It is so elevated there that it is difficult to stay. So, we need to go up constantly again and again until we learn to pass the dizziness, the sensation of spinning around.

We need to learn to live on the peak, learn to live in absolute love. We might ask ourselves what is the difference. Well, when we are on our way to the peak we feel love, but when we arrive on the peak, we became love.

About the Author

Daniel Mitel is a world-class master of meditation, helping people understand the intimate connection to their inner selves. Interviewed and published around the world, Daniel’s books are highly regarded as some of the best meditation and spiritual guide books. Connect with him on Facebook and Twitter, and discover more at, and

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Love and Duality: Tapping into Absolute Love


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