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The Ultimate Productivity Gifts Xmas Wishlist


Xmas is coming and I’ve always been stuck as to what gifts to buy for friends.


Since starting my journey into becoming more productive I’ve realised subscriptions to Netflix and buying the latest FIFA just don’t cut it anymore.


It’s a much nicer gesture to buy something for someone that’s really going to have an impact on their overall wellbeing and improve their life.


So I’ve compiled the ultimate list of Productivity gifts to get your friends (or yourself) this xmas.




productivity giftsPhilips Wake Up Light


This one tops my Productivity Gifts wishlist for good reason.


Those who want to be earlier risers and get sh*t done are often put off by brutally waking up to an alarm clock while it’s still dark.


The Philips Wake Up Light produces an artificial dawn and slowly pulls you out of slumber.


Better still, it enables our body to wake up more naturally as rising to light is more balanced with our circadian rhythm (our natural sleep cycle where we use daylight to wake up).


And if you do manage to sleep past the light wake-up call, there’s a built-in natural sounds alarm just in case.


productivity gifts


Wugum Sleep Aid Chewing Gum


Trouble sleeping?


Wugum is an ideal chewing gum supplement to help induce sleep. It contains Valerian, Tryptophan and Melisa to calm you down after a busy day. Their flagship product, WUG Relax, is made of natural plants and doesn’t require water or digestion.


Simply chew and chill.


Available in racks of 12 packs of 15 units each.


productivity gifts


The Chilipad Cube Cooling Pad


If you tend to get too hot or cold at night, the Chilipad is a mattress cooling and heating pad that has temperature settings ranging from 55°F-110°F (13°C-43°C).


Sworn by productivity gurus such as Tim Ferriss, it helps you get a good night’s sleep, improving memory, aiding weight loss, boosting your immune system and reducing stress.


While it may be pricey at $499 dollars, it’s one of the best productivity gifts anybody could buy for themselves or others.


Helping you feel happy and refreshed every day for the rest of your life, it’s a solid investment.


Health And Nutrition


productivity gifts


5 Ingredients by Jamie Oliver


World-famous chef Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredients provides quick, easy and delicious recipes with just five ingredients.


Most recipes take around 30 minutes to make, saving you time and cash.


This book is a staple for anyone who enjoys cooking quality food quickly and easily without compromising on flavor.


productivity gifts


Bento Compartment Japanese Lunchbox


The Bento Compartment Lunchbox is a super-functional, Japanese-inspired lunchbox with a slick design.


It enables you to carry an array of foods without mixing them — great if you enjoy nuts, seeds and other protein-rich nibbles throughout the day.


It’s 100 percent leakproof and includes cutlery and chopsticks.


productivity gifts


Host Defense Mushroom Formula


Made with U.S grown organic mushrooms, the Host Defence Mushroom Formula is the perfect nutritional aid for productivity aficionados who want to stay healthy and on form.


Did you know we share more DNA with mushrooms than with plants?


Because of this, we can easily utilize compounds from mushrooms for total body support, including brain, nerves, energy and skin cells.


This is great if you’re the type who regularly gets sick in the winter (or any time for that matter). The Host Defence Mushroom Formula has been shown to supercharge your immune system, allowing you to stay productive.




productivity gifts


Tribe Of Mentors by Tim Ferriss


The number one productivity sensei and author of the globally revered 4-hour Workweek brings you his latest book, Tribe Of Mentors.


One of the best productivity books of 2017 it includes productivity advice from 100 of the world’s elite businessmen, sportsmen, spiritual figures and more.




productivity gifts


The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle


This is the book that changed my life and is recommended on nearly every ‘Best self-development books?’ thread on the internet.


Why is The Power Of Now part of my productivity gifts wishlist?


It introduces the concept of ‘presence’ (the past and future are constructs that can cause us anxiety and all we have is ‘now’).


Since reading this book I have less fear about life, a way more positive mindset and it kick-started my journey into meditation. This has allowed me to be increasingly focused and productive. (Check out my article ‘Miserable AF? Stop Moaning Start Meditating Be Happy.‘)


If you want to help a friend who may be down in the dumps and get them up and running, this is the book you simply must buy.


productivity gifts


Getting Things Done: The Art Of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen


I sometimes place enormous pressure on myself to be productive and I’m sure you often feel the same.


In Getting Things Done: The Art Of Stress-Free Productivity, Allen shows you how to be both productive and alleviate stress to optimize your performance.


It shows you how to:


  • apply the “do it, delegate it, defer it, drop it” rule to get your inbox to empty.
  • reassess goals and stay focused in changing situations.
  • plan projects as well as get them unstuck.
  • overcome feelings of confusion, anxiety, and being overwhelmed.
  • feel fine about what you’re not doing.


Productivity should be an enjoyable experience. Allen ensures it is.


Productivity-Boosting Gadgets


productivity gifts

Bidet4me Msh-10 Music Showerhead Waterproof Speaker + Bluetooth


In the world of productivity, time is golden.


This waterproof showerhead bluetooth speaker is one of the elite productivity gifts for individuals who want to turn their shower time into a self-development session.  Great for listening to your favorite productivity audiobooks or podcasts.


productivity gifts



Asobu Combine Daily Pill Organizer With Water Bottle


We need a range of vitamins and minerals in order to not feel tired and sluggish all the time. (See my article, ‘Eat These 6 Mood Lifting Foods To Stay On Top Of Your Game.‘)


This can often mean supplementing them in pill form.


The Asobu Combine Daily Pill Organizer allows you to take your pills at the right time while ensuring you also stay hydrated.


productivity gifts


Babysense Video Baby Monitor


If you’re a dad, you’ll know how hard it is to juggle between tending to the little one and other daily tasks.


The Babysense Video Baby Monitor has two-way talk communication allowing you to both see and talk to your baby to soothe them when they’re crying.


It boasts infra-red night vision allowing you to monitor your baby without disturbing them by turning the lights on.


It also has a whole host of high-tech features. These include room temperature monitoring with eco-mode voice activation, high/low temperature alerts, alarm/timer setting and sound-activated LED indicators.


I hope all these productivity gifts help you in some way during the festive season.


We’d love to hear what productivity gifts you want to receive this xmas. Let us know in the comment section below.


Wishing you peace and productivity.


Merry xmas guys!


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The Ultimate Productivity Gifts Xmas Wishlist


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