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Tonight’s Messages

Tags: skies realm trump

i should just get a chair and sit in that shower for a day.  i was tired tonight and just as i thought “ok no messages” the floodgates opened.  i also suddenly felt energized.  here’s what came through me.

  1. the female being Clair i (and rick) have communicated with ~ he much more than i ~ is part of a team that are an observation unit.  they are observing the processes taking place to bring this game to an end.  she said if it had been up to her and her alone, she would have wanted this game to end long ago (speaking in earth terms, she said).  it is no coincidence we have the dismantling of the old system’s inside as well as on the outside.
  2. as i received this info, suddenly i “see” myself at a party in the new.  there is a big stage in front of me.  this is going to sound strange ~ it still does to me ~ anyway this screen is off to the left and all of a sudden, there’s an announcement and on the screen appears Trump.  the feel i continue to have is upon the end/transition, many go to the new timeline where there is no money systems, no government ~ our inner “tech” is what we rely on.  instant manifestation.  our real Original bodies and abilities.  then there are those (who are not quite yet ready or not ready/awakened at all) who will be in the new realm that Trump and others are putting in place ~ the $$ relief, new tech, healing machines, etc.  anyway Trump has chosen to stay in that realm for awhile to ensure it doesn’t get hijacked ~ as well as to “enjoy the fruits of his labor” so to speak.
  3. i felt in the new, in “time”, i will be part of a welcoming team greeting those who choose to leave the, let’s call it the Trump timeline realm ~ and venture into the “all is free” realm.  welcoming teams help with the acclimation and assimilation process.  kinda like when trinity worked with neo upon his full awakening out of the matrix.
  4. the part of me that is highly logical and questioning is starting to pitch a fit right now.  i am hearing “this is NUTS!  fantasy!”  as i was saying this in the shower i heard “this is what made you a good leader in the previous experiences with us”.  so apparently this is not just my personality.  this is just Me.
  5. i was also guided to tune in to today’s weird sky stuff and how i felt upon awakening.  i awoke agitated and seeing the skies only amplified the mood. i felt like “they” had put up the shit screen/image.  the chem’d skies.  the smoke in the air.  but then throughout the day the skies seemed to miraculously grow quite beautiful ~ blue sky ~ clouds leading to a beautiful sunset.  my mood also elevated as the skies changed.  so it felt like to me a game – the “bad” dudes putting up yuck skies and the “good” dudes say nope – and slowly put up the beautiful skies.  are we literally seeing 2 different scenes playing out now?  just an impression i received.
  6. now this part is pretty wild.  i had a feeeeeeeeeeeeeeling we have what i heard of as “telesponder’s” in our homes.  it is how we communicate w/those outside of our realm.  i didn’t know what a telesponder was.  at first i thought – teleprompter.  or transponder.  nope – telesponder.  so i google the term and see it was a term used in star wars – a communication’s device found on spacecraft.

ok then.  i feel that is enough for now.  more to share from other channels.  whether they are on the same page as many of us, all are saying the same thing:  weird things are happening to this Realm and quite quickly too.


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Tonight’s Messages


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