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The Event – The Shift Ship is Coming!

editor’s note:  FINALLY ~ found something that resonates!!  lol  ok well i had read this one days ago ~ wanted to share ~ promptly forgot (no surprise there) and it was brought back into my presence again by one of the newer soul tribe people to appear in my life ~ and for whom she recently had a vision while in a guided meditation of the event energy on/in her body which was in complete alignment w/the experience i had last september while awake where i felt the energy go up my back, out my head and felt i was literally being lifted and then heard off to my left “this is how it happens”.  also of note – she saw the energy come in from the east – where i have felt/seen it from the south/southeast.  


April 2018

I’ve had so many dreams and meditation experiences about The Event! A lot of it is about the pastel rainbow waves of love and light. If usually shows up as three waves that create a sort of interference pattern. As I wrote in The Event – Waves of Love, when I first saw this in a dream I heard the words, “Event Horizon” and I knew I needed to remember this phrase. That is what led me to search the internet where I found that many others have been seeing and feeling these Waves of Love and Light.

Below is an image representing what I’ve seen, except it is static and in my dreams it is charged with movement and energy, pulsing and expanding.

Event Horizon

There are three main “levels” and each of these have seven sub-levels.
3 (waves) x 7 (colors) = 21. I’m not sure exactly what the levels are, but I think it has to do with the dimensions that are being affected. It is possible that there will be 21 separate events in total that make up The Event in whole.

Individuals will not perceive and experience it in the same way, both in the timing and their unique perception and reaction. Some of us will be totally blissed-out and radically, beautifully transformed. Others will have a lesser experience which will match their level of spiritual awareness and awakeness. Some people will even be frightened and will resist it. We need to be ready to help them.

In one of my lucid dreams about The Event I saw a sort of flame-shaped bright white light that had pastel rainbow waves radiating of of it as it moved forward. It looked kind of like this:

Wave of Love "Ship"

Like with a prism, the light comes in as white and when it hits the surface of the prism it splits into the seven colors of the rainbow. Then when the light hits the surface on the other side the rainbow the colors expand out.


Then my vantage point shifted and I saw the white light as a Ship in the ocean that I had been observing from above. I call it the Shift Ship.

In front of the ship were waves caused by the compression of the water as the ship pushed through it. There were dolphins playing in the compression bow-waves!
Dolphin Playing in Shift Ship Bow Wave
We are currently in the compression wave right before the Shift Ship arrives. Some are closer to the Shift Ship and are really feeling it and some are further in front of the ship and are just beginning to experience the waves or haven’t felt them yet.

Like the dolphins, we need to use the force of the waves to elevate us. We need to be playful with the incoming energies, disengaging from the drama and struggle of the Old Earth reality and engaging in the fun, pleasure and peace of the New Earth reality.

Old Earth energy (and those people who reside there) will do the “change back”*, trying to get you to focus on the annoyances, struggles and battles that cause negative emotions and thought spirals.

Pick your battles, walk away, choose to DISENGAGE from any that you can.

Most of it is not really about you. Take a step back from any person or situation that triggers you. What could happen of you didn’t ENGAGE? Could it resolve itself without you? ”

I know that this is not always easy. There are challenges, for sure. Read The Event – The Challenges.

The challenges so many of us are facing now are opportunities to learn (remember) to stay anchored and engaged with the New Earth. This too shall pass. More triggers will come, but knowing that the reason is to help you learn makes it so much easier!

The Shift Ship is coming, this is a guarantee! We all know that shift happens.

Let go and trust that The Transformation is happening!

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The Event – The Shift Ship is Coming!


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