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How We Doing Today?

With ^^ this thing affecting the human vessel, this is one of those days to say “‘scuse me i am having a schumann moment'”.  (and yes i do say that.) I did manage to get the avatar onto my mountain bike and took a ride. Finding quiet streets is easy in this section of town (as compared to the rest of this ginormous city I ~ we ~ will be happy to exit from).  My body feels heavy and slow today but I pushed the ride.  Another quick run to the store to get something pre-made for dinner.  Just not up for that most days ~ it really has become a challenge.  Where is my food replicator??

So as I said earlier, I had this flying dream last night.  It was more of an experience.  It started off with myself walking along the side of this shopping center.  It was dusk ~ the Parking Lot was empty.  I saw this woman and Walked up to her.  She looked familiar and I said “oh, I know you from high school”.  However, as we made eye contact she turned into one of those creatures from the movie They Live.  I looked at her and said “holy sheot you really are real!” and walked away.

At this time some old little pick up truck came racing into the parking lot.  I knew the entity in it was looking for people like me.  I was able to successfully hide behind a post I manifested for a bit but I must have given off some energy they (matrix scum) picked up on for I knew the post wasn’t going to be enough.  It was time to pull out my skills, I thought.

As the person got out of the vehicle, I walked out from behind the post.  I felt no fear but I was very cautious.  He walked towards me with a purpose.  I could sense it was nothing but a program, however it was still something for me to avoid.  As he got up to me I said “I’m not who you think I am ~ I am going to fly now” and wow fly I did.  It was amazing.  I felt the buzz/pressure in my lower spine and I literally flew straight up – and fast too.  I went up at least 300 feet before I thought “Ok, I need to work on that. I didn’t need to go that high” so I began to slowly float down back towards the ground.

Then I see another program bot also looking for beings like myself.  He came running over to me and I was able to stop myself and hover – just out of his reach.  I was still practicing and had to concentrate but it couldn’t touch me and I said “I am leaving now” and zoom – I was off again.  Then I awoke.  Wide Awake.  Wanting to do that again!  

For over a year I have intended a flying machine for myself.  Perhaps that will just be a back-up toy.  My body will be my main “machine” used for such purposes.

I did think about the dream and can feel it was more than just a dream.  I was able to see that there indeed are “fake” entities within this realm ~ possibly truly indeed fake and/or (unknowingly) victimized people who are being used by the controllers of this realm via their technologies.  That shit is breaking down more and more.  Their abilities weakening.

The awakened ones strengthening.

Let us be good to ourselves and hold onto one another in whatever way we can as we ride out this final hill…perhaps it is the final curve.

For now I am going to end this one for I just realized I paused and stared at the screen for a longer period of “time” than is normal.  lol  Going to do some stretching…..and it is time to feed the bodies too.


Victoria Zoooooooooooooooooooooooooom


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How We Doing Today?


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