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Rick Jewers Update

This one ~ completely deeply resonating.  As I shared in a comment: “resonating in a HUGE way. just 20 minutes ago i expressed to my mate not just my frustration with being enslaved by the financial systems but that i knew – now – I AM DONE. i will not be pushed around any longer. i am also growing in awareness as to uniting with others in such a community. i therefore seek. over the weekend i put out the energetic call – i knew i was done with this matrix system – no more. and if my “move” to new earth is not happening by when i see/feel i will be gathering with this tribe of being’s to create the very way of being/doing I desire – now.   thank you for sharing your words.”



The current internal bleeding and Ascension symptoms brought on by a prolonged period to the Lower Density, is about to be alleviated in the next few days. All were succumbed to this lower density timeline, to various degrees, for multiple reasons. One reason being, to assist and raise particular others to Higher timelines, where their New roles will be more readily accessible to them directly, and they are on their way.It has been extremely uncomfortable for many, but many chose to dive once again, attempting to bring many higher, and You are rising with a considerable backload this time, impressive, but advised, to re-energize and clear Your individual fields of the lower density residue, as You pop back up into Your higher vibratory place. These “New Ones” You are bringing up will allow for the planetary vibration to raise higher, and subsequently, it has triggered new physical body upgrades and downloads for You. You may consider this as a reward of Your labor.

We are entering a major period that has a scheduled Upward Shift involved. The Divine Sun energy will be increased for You and You are reminded to ground constantly with this influx. Outdoors and barefoot is most effective. For Grid Workers and Advanced Energy Workers, it is more effective as a whole, if You deposit this access Light Energy into physical Divinely Energized locations around Gaia, like New Ley Lines, Crystalline/quartz Areas, and All attracted areas of Nature. With this upcoming influx, ample rest to the physical vessel is also required, listen to the body, not a clock. Vertigo symptoms will be common with this Upward Shift. Any of You currently disabled by vertigo symptoms in the Matrix are reminded to apply for disabilities, as more and more will become incapacitated by this symptom/experience and unable to work within the Matrix/the old, during the transition away from the enslavement phase. When You are to separate from workforces of society, there is no freewill by You and the departure from supporting the enslavement system is assured at a Higher Level.

The breakdown of society is well underway on several timelines. Communities are set up temporarily for those needing separation from the Matrix during this Transitional Period, seek, and Ye shall find. These communities are growing in size as more and more detach from the lower reality and are compelled to join with other like-minded These communities vary in the degrees they are connected with the Matrix and the use of money, but All transition to a common ground in relation to how much of the old remains intact. Economics and the ancient forms of sustenance are rapidly imploding to make way for the New, this is a transitional period. In the blink of an eye, global leaders could announce wealth equality, that is how close You are. The very few with great wealth, will/are becoming equal to All, they have NO choice. The larger the support for the New grows, the reciprocal happens with the old, the withdrawn support, collapses everything as it was. The people, the Masses are rising, time is speeding up.

Follow Your Hearts, Your Guidance mechanism, if it does NOT feel right to pay taxes, support corporations, be intimidated by financial institutions etc, then do NOT. Do Not give Your consent away to anything that does not feel right, state Your claim, Your feeling, and share with others what is NOT right about societal programs and the entailed suppression. The more that stand up, the quicker the change. All of the info You may require in standing up against any legal, societal matter, is on the internet, every bit of information You require is written. With larger injustices against You, UNITE and band with others that have suffered likewise injustices, stand as a TEAM, You Know the strength in numbers, USE IT. Do this for Your Children, do this for the Future Timelines You are Creating that Your Children will carry on.It is partially up to You to Create a Free LIFE FOR YOUR CHILDREN, NOT TO LET THEM BE CONDEMNED TO A LIFE THAT WOULD HAVE THEM IMPRISONED at an age of approximately 3 years onward as a slave.

Love and Light

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Rick Jewers Update


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