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Message To The Wayshowers ~ 12/11/17

Message To The Wayshowers ~ 12/11/17
Amanda Lorence
December 11 at 9:58am


The energies and personal shifts that have been occurring since early Nov 2017 and written about here, are affecting every Human being on the planet at energy levels applicable to their life, their reason for incarnation, their path chosen prior to their particular birth. Each, applicable to this timeline where all are honoured, all are loved. Where thanks is given for each part played in this grand, GRAND unfoldments of universal truth. Truths that span the timeless, that span universes upon universes shall unfold. There will be GREAT revelations. Each man and woman upon the planet will BECOME aware of that which plays out, via our communication systems. No one will be left out of hearing these revelations, for all Human Beings across the planet are ALL significant to these times.

I speak now to those that deeply resonate to these words:
Some human beings on this planet if not already aware, will become acutely aware of:
Who they are now.
Who they were in a prior incarnation (in human historical terms).
What they are at higher frequency level within the multiverse of Creator.
This revelation will come within you, not through another human being. When another human being speaks or writes something, people can choose to BELIEVE or DISBELIEVE. But they will NOT KNOW, via that system. For it is only from WITHIN that, through Self Realisation and linear time spent honouring the journey that realisations come forth within. When these realisations occur, they will make sense of EVERY PIECE of THIS present incarnation, in your human form. Where ALL pieces of the puzzle within this life, from birth to now are understood with complete and utter clarity. The human beings that will reach this point will experience these revelations and REALisations alone. For only in this manner, does it become KNOWN. So there is a great difference between believing and KNOWING. Knowing is the experience of, the REALisation of. And once these human beings experience this of which I speak, their knowing and realisation will then produce EFFECT. That effect will be, that their REALisations are confirmed to them via other source outside of Third Density frequency. It IS all, a give and receive system. They will have confirmed, that which they REAlise. These human beings that enter this stage now, will either already know this information I post for they have embodied such data, or, will be going through this Now, or will go through this very shortly in the next two weeks or so.

It is THESE human beings present NOW in this specific lifetime and timeline, that will be the ones that instigate the domino effect throughout the world. That which brings the changes every human heart desires for the planet and it’s inhabitants of all forms. There is much to play out, and all that plays out I assure you from my heart and knowing, is absolutely, perfectly timed. It always was and will be. May each receive and give of Love. May these first humans Self REALise now, for the greatest good of every life form that is made of and from God.

Whilst this post affects everyone on this planet, the people of which I speak that create the effect, are of a certain number. If this does not apply to you, I ask you to play your part and NOT feel in any way, shape or form that you are ‘behind’. NO ONE is behind. And these key people that are currently, literally remembering who they are, who they have been, what they are, and why they are here, are the ones that LOVE you more than any HUMAN words can ever describe. For their love is beyond the human form. It is these humans that will be assisting you, Humanity, your families, your pets, and all life forms upon this planet, whilst in tandem, being the bridge between humanity and intergalactic. They is everything to be grateful for and everything to celebrate. Each can play their part as things unfold if you wish, for it IS a dominoes effect where more and more shall KNOW, embody etc. Yet it is IN the GIVING, that we receive. Holding back is kind of not an option, unless YOU choose to hold back and stay behind any mask that may be still present.

Here, I have not specify long term dates. The dates 21 and 22 Dec 27 are hugely significant where the energy of Sirius will assist on those dates and during proceeding unfoldments. I do not know how many human beings initiate this beginning stage of world wide revelation and change. I do not have any time period.

I will be going up The Tor, (Heart Chakra of Gaia), as called, on dates 21 and 22 December, to give of my heart energy and receive. Via a quiet meditative state. Anyone wishing to join me there are most welcome. I will receive the ‘correct’ time for this connection, between now and those dates. I do not know what will transpire there, only that I trust completely this path.

AL 11/12/17
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Message To The Wayshowers ~ 12/11/17


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