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Contemporary Society and Powerful Solutions

“Contemporary society has always been suffering from the desire for too much Money. And recently the Bulgarian state has issued so many banknotes, but where is the active circulation? There should be effective money. The products of nature, however, are always effective. If there are wheat, fruits, and potatoes – there is culture. Without them there is no culture. Culture is determined by Cosmic Love, sent to us from above. Do not think that the Sun and the other planets do not take part in our lives. The Sun is most of all interested in us and every year it sends a credit of a thousand millions to Bulgaria. If you go to the Sun, you will see that its inhabitants have energy of many thousand millions for the culture of Bulgaria, for Love, for religious beliefs and for spiritual elevation in the Way of Truth. Observing the Sun today with a telescope, we say: ‘The Sun is fire’. I do not agree, because fire is a weak energy. There is energy on the Sun, but it is not fire. It is something more powerful which could not be expressed in words. The Sun is not a hot body, but a body of immense energy.” ~Beinsa Douno

Contemporary Society

Contemporary society suffers from many things, a desire for too much money and wealth being just one of them. Douno talks specifically about Bulgaria because that is where he lived, but it could be anywhere in the world, especially Europe and America.

Bank Notes in Active Circulation

What Douno means when he says there is an abundance of banknotes, but little active circulation is that the central banks in many countries are issuing huge amounts of paper money that is far more than could ever be backed by silver or gold, as money always was until a few decades ago. Now if a government wants more money in circulation, they just ask the bank to print it. It actually has no more real value than Monopoly play money. The value comes in the backing of the governments for the currency. So when governments start to collapse, so does the economy of the nation and other nations that may depend on it.

As for active circulation, the biggest problem there is that we have the super-wealthy who hoard vast amounts of money and wealth just to spite the rest of us. We have television shows where hoarders are treated as someone with an illness, and they are offered help in ending their hoarding. Why is hoarding money an exception? Because money hoarders have a lot of political power. Plus contemporary society doesn’t seem to think hoarding money is an illness as with all other kinds of hoarding.

Sun in our Lives

Yes, the planets, and especially the Sun, are very much involved in our lives, and in many ways. This isn’t about Astrology, although that is a small part of it. It is more about the general effects rather than the personal ones.

For starters, we know that the Sun controls much of our climate and weather. When the Northern hemisphere is tilted toward the sun, they have summer. When the Southern Hemisphere is turned to the sun instead, then they have summer and the north has winter. That is just one of many ways the Sun affects our weather. The planets do also, but to a much lesser extent.

But it is really a more subtle type of effect that Douno is talking about. Energies from the sun have an effect on our minds and our thinking as well as on our physical bodies. You have to realize that thought is a frequency of energy, and the Sun is bombarding us with various frequencies of energy all the time. They are bound to mix into the thought energy, either in a complementary way or a disruptive way. Now that we are living in the End Times, and the Sun of Righteousness, a special version of the Spiritual Sun, now shines down on us, those effects are stronger and more complimentary than ever before. That is why people are becoming more spiritual. It is why people are beginning to question many things that they always excepted as a part of life. Contemporary society is slowly becoming the New Golden Age Society that will live in peace and harmony, without poverty, jealousy, or anger.

There will be those who resist the change. As predicted by the prophet Malachi, they will be “burned up” by the power of the Sun of Righteousness. It is not clear if that means their literal destruction, r it means only that the evil and foolishness will be burned out of them so they too will eventually be saved. I suppose only time will tell. In the meantime, we must all do what we can to help contemporary society become spiritual rather than materialistic. The sooner that happens, the better for all.

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Contemporary Society and Powerful Solutions


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