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Light the Soul for Eternal Life

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“And now it may very exactly be understood by the essences and properties of the Soul, that in this House of Flesh (where it is as it were generated) it is not at home; and its horrible Fall may be also understood thereby. For it has no Light in itself of its own. It must borrow its Light from the Sun; which indeed springs up along with it in its Birth. … And if then the Divine Light be not again generated in the Center, then the soul remains in eternal darkness, … where nothing is to be found in the kindled fire but a horrible flash of fire in which source, also the Devils dwell. …. But if the Soul be regenerated in the Holy Ghost, … then it sees with two Lights, and lives in two Principles.” ~Jacob Boehme

Soul in a House of Flesh

The “House of Flesh” Boehme is talking about is the Physical body. It is where the Soul dwells on Earth, but it is not the true home of the Soul. Its true home is in Heaven, in the spiritual worlds. The Soul is pure spirit and it belongs in a body of spirit living in a world of spirit. Because of the Great Fall, however, it is trapped in a world of matter while our physical bodies live. For this reason, the spirit and Soul are dormant when we come into the physical world and effort must be put into awakening them and nourishing them.

Light the Soul

Boehme says the Soul “fallen” into the physical world has no Light of its own, but must borrow Light from the Sun. It is more than borrowing. The Soul is awakened and nourished by that Light. But this Light does not come from the physical sun. It comes only from the Spiritual Sun. More accurately, it comes from God, through the Spiritual Sun, to us. This is the only Light that can awaken the Soul. It is the only thing that can nourish the soul so it grows and becomes fully functional. Wishing for it won’t make it happen. Pretending it has awakened won’t make it true. We have to turn to the Spiritual Sun to get the Light need to awaken the Divine Soul.

Boehme says the Soul will remain in darkness unless that Light is regenerated in its center. This must happen while we still live in the physical world and have a physical body. At least the process must be started on this level. Some think they can wait until the death of the physical body to start their spiritual development. That is like deciding you are not going to learn to swim until you find yourself floating alone in the middle of the sea. In both cases, that would be too late. The Spirit and Soul must be awakened and united with the mind while we still have a body and a brain-mind if we are to truly have eternal life. So take the time to Light the Soul.

Devil’s Fire

Boehme tells us there is another light, another fire, besides the Divine Light that awakens the Soul. This is the physical light that mostly comes from the physical sun. Many have been fooled by devils glowing with this lesser light into believing they were talking to angels. Today many are fooled into believing they awaken the Soul by gazing at the physical sun.

While there are physical benefits that can be gained by physical sun-gazing, the Soul is not benefited at all. So Boehme tells us that the “regenerated,” or awakened Soul “sees with two Lights”. By this, he means that the awakened soul nourished by the Spiritual Light can also see and understand the physical world with its physical light and help us safely navigate that world. Another reason why it is good to become spiritually awakened as soon as possible. Light the Soul while you can.

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Light the Soul for Eternal Life


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