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Platonic Dynamics

Alchemical Life

Are these alchemical life forms considered to exist in the astral? Ah, indeed. In the region of Platonic forms which could also be described as Platonic Dynamics.

So their physical body in another dimension? Though in fact no static region exists. It’s more a field of general potentiation, root ideation, thus perceived beings there seem so complex to our perceptual filters. They are kind of like a great many things so that’s how our ancestors drew them.

There is a theory that any higher dimensional being we might encounter would appear to us as multiple beings, each being just a fragmentary manifestation of a life form that perceives itself as a whole singular entity. Perhaps the basis behind the hive mind concept?

A person said the only information they could find on wyverns is that they are vengeful and use fear… No, they are feared but many things are, and any very reactive being can be seen as vengeful if their behaviour is seen only from a very superficial point of view.

Are our astral forms shaped as these alchemical life forms? Hence our elemental nature like in the Chinese astrology? Ultimately, according to alchemy, all existence comes from the same source sometimes called the Apeiron. Apeiron means the boundless. So anything that emerges had the same state in the apeiron that any other being did. Another name for it would be chaos and is very often seen as a liquid. Perhaps the venom of the wyvern?

Apeiron is beyond astral? It would be, yes. If you placed it in the kabalistic tree of life, it would be the space that lies beyond the last veil, ain soph aur. There is now even strong evidence to suggest that our galaxy and the galaxies near us are flowing in a stream of dark matter, part of a web-work across the universe. Perhaps not unlike capillaries in the human body?

It’s possible that dark matter is the reason that galaxies form in the first place. The chaos of ancient philosophers.

So dark matter could be the apeiron.

Adding the amount of gravity needed to make matter coagulate. Yes, otherwise the formation of matter remains a mystery. We don’t really know why everything didn’t just stay energy.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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Platonic Dynamics


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