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Angular 5 Constant and Global Variables

How to CREATE Constant in your Angular 5 Apps? A constant is a value that can’t be changed by the program during normal execution.
Constants are of fixed values that do not change during the execution of a program. There are various types of constants. The Constant types are – Numeric, Character, Integer and many more.

And constant class looks like –
exportclass AppConstants{
    public staticget baseURL(): string { return"http://localhost:4200/api"; }

And Use of constant in Services –
import{ Injectable } from'@angular/core';
import{HttpClient, HttpParams, HttpHeaders} from"@angular/common/http";
import{ Employee } from'./employee';
import{ AppConstants} from'../app/constants'

exportclass EmployeeService{
  //variable initialization
  headers : any;
  _baseURL : string;

  //constructor initialization
  constructor(private_htc:HttpClient) {
      this.headers= new HttpHeaders().set('content-type', 'application/json');
      this._baseURL= AppConstants.baseURL;

  // POST employee - for creating a New employee.
    var employee= {,
    return this._htc.postEmployee>(this._baseURL+'/Employees/Add', employee, (this.headers));

  //DELETE employee - for delete employee.
    return this._htc.deleteEmployee>(this._baseURL+'/Employees/Delete/'+id);

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Angular 5 Constant and Global Variables


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