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6 Ways Gantt Chart is Changing the Modern World of Work

Gantt charts aren’t something new. Anyone who is even remotely related to the project management process knows or have at least heard about Gantt charts. In simple words, Gantt charts are a staple tool for project management, particularly in planning and scheduling projects. These are basically visual tools that help agile teams to keep track of projects and tasks against time.

Back in 1910, Henry Laurence Gantt invented the first Gantt chart with the intent to speed-up and simplify machine shop production. And today, after years of evolution and automation, a Gantt chart has become the most preferred and powerful tool for managing projects of all types and sizes. Now, here are a few questions that might be roaming around in your mind — What makes Gantt chart so useful? What difference does it make to the modern world of work? Is it the right choice for your business?

Here’s the answer to all your questions.

Below, you will find the list of ways in which Gantt chart has proved itself as a popular choice and an essential tool for the modern world. Take a quick look:

1. Promotes detailed planning and scheduling

The most important aspect of using Gantt is that it allows you to create project plans and schedule projects in a visual way. With a Gantt chart, you actually see every little project detail right in front of your eye -Task names, task lengths, task groupings, dependencies, allocated resources, key milestones, and more. Gantt charts create a clearer, intuitive picture that promotes detail-oriented planning and gives everyone a better understanding of the entire project in one good look.

2. Brings clarity to who, when, and what

A Gantt chart is a matrix where you have the list of tasks to be done on one side and all the other task details like start date, end date, and assignees on the other side. This kind of visual representation gives project managers, stakeholders, and teams a better view of each task and activity across various projects. With Gantt, everyone on the team has up-to-date information about important details like who is working on what, how long will it take to complete a task, and what tasks are likely to fall behind schedule.

3. Gets everybody on the same page

Improved collaboration and communication are another key benefits of using a Gantt chart for project management. It’s no secret that a successful completion of a project is the combined effort of every member of the team. That means, it is imperative that everyone on the team is on the same page and has access to all the information needed to ensure the success of a project. Now, the role of a Gantt chart is pretty clear in this matter — it creates a clear communication channel between teams and eliminates the scope of any kind of confusion or misunderstanding. In all, it helps teams to work together as efficiently as possible.

4. Brings transparency to task dependencies

Apart from visualizing every little detail of an individual task in a project, Gantt charts also play an important role in defining the relationships between tasks. A Gantt chart helps to identify sequential and parallel relationships between various tasks and activities involved in a project. it provides project managers a clearer idea of which tasks are dependent on each other for completion and how they should go about allocating resources among these tasks.

5. Say goodbye to mismanaged mayhem

Using Gantt is a simple and inexpensive way to keep your projects and tasks organized. A Gantt chart provides the needed framework that helps teams to keep their plans, projects, and tasks organized at all times. It eliminates the scope of important information getting missed, thereby ensuring that each part of the project is moving forward in a disciplined manner. Above anything all, a Gantt chart saves everyone a lot of time and prevents them from burning out when they have too much on the plate.

6. Monitors project progress in real-time

Using a Gantt chart tool makes project monitoring and visualization a breeze. Once you insert details in the chart and share its access with everyone involved in the project, you’ll have the ability to monitor the progress of the project in real-time. You can see how each task within a project is progressing and use this information to predict the future of the project.

What’s next?

As said above, a Gantt chart is the staple project management tool that helps teams to plan, collaborate, organize, track, and most importantly, drive their projects to success. It’s quite obvious that getting the right kind of Gantt chart software or tool is the next task on your to-do list. But before you invest in a software solution, here are a few things that will help you narrow down your choices.

  • Look for a simple, intuitive and responsive user interface
  • Find a software solution with comprehensive functionalities matching your needs
  • Look for a software that smoothly integrates with your favorite third-party apps
  • Find a software solution that keeps your work safe and secure at all times
  • Prefer Gantt chart software and tools that offer a free trial
  • View and analyze customer reviews


A Gantt chart software selected with your team’s requirements in mind helps to elevate productivity and ensures smoother implementation of the work process. When choosing a Gantt chart software, keep the above points in mind and don’t forget to involve your team members before taking the final the decision. Don’t wait till your next project. If you and your team are willing to improve, then be sure to find the best Gantt chart creator available in the market. However, if you’re already using Gantt to manage your projects and resources, then let us know how it has changed your world of work.

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6 Ways Gantt Chart is Changing the Modern World of Work


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