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2022-09-21 22:59
This dashboard displays the progression of the COVID Omicron variant and its subvariants. The main variant established itself quickly. Since then, sub-variants dominated, starting with BA1… Read More
2022-09-17 02:51
This dashboard of popular song data measures the relationship between popularity and genre, musical key, and various other factors. Read more about it and interact with it here Read More
2022-09-15 01:29
This superstore dashboard focuses on the operational data from a superstore that has many branches all over the United States. The dashboard can help businesses with decision making by answe… Read More
2022-09-10 01:05
What-if analysis is the process of mathematically predicting how an organization will be affected given a predefined situation. Businesses use this technique to determine their next best mov… Read More
2022-08-25 23:06
Having a human resources dashboard seems to be a new trend in the HR industry. And it’s no wonder – these dashboards have many advantages to them that can improve your business… Read More
2022-08-24 22:40
Building analytic reports don’t have to take all day. This guide to analytic reporting will detail how to build analytic reports that are informative and easy to read. Read it here Read More
2022-08-20 00:39
Style Report is expressly designed to be embedded, whether inside an enterprise portal or another solution provider’s cloud-based solution. Read more about it here Read More
2022-08-03 22:22
InetSoft’s business intelligence (BI) platform offers the unique feature of enabling end-users to combine disparate data sources that are not already mapped within a data warehouse sch… Read More
2022-07-27 22:04
Inventory management provider Sperantus has selected InetSoft’s Style Intelligence, to integrate client dashboards and reporting into their Stock & Trace logistics system. Read mor… Read More
2022-05-27 23:16
InetSoft’s business intelligence software offers a full scope of analytics capabilities for helping gaming companies and investors to understand the development trends of online gaming… Read More
2022-04-22 23:43
Interested in gaming? This interactive InetSoft dashboard displays sales of different game consoles over the past 25 years. Interact with the dashboard here. The post Gaming Console Sales Da… Read More
2022-02-25 21:15
This InetSoft dashboard of professional logistics metrics that will not only ensure that logistics operational processes are running smoothly, but will also help optimize costs while maintai… Read More
2021-11-18 19:51
Telecommunications are the backbone of information age, and the industry has been a pioneer in data gathering and analysis. Data intelligence can greatly help insure safety and efficiency of… Read More
2021-09-24 21:12
Need some tips on creating actionable intuitive marketing dashboards? Read advice from our experts here. The post How to create marketing dashboards appeared first on The Mashup Read More
2021-09-14 00:45
Defining your analytics and reporting needs now is one thing, but how do you account for expanding informational needs in the future? Read this article on the challenges of implementing… Read More
2021-09-01 22:44
Lean BI Tech has decided to use InetSoft’s Style Scope as a component in their custom BI solution. Read more here. The post Lean BI Tech Selects InetSoft appeared first on The Mashup Read More
2021-08-27 20:55
Effective project status reporting is essential for an organization’s progress and should be implemented at all levels ranging from employees to owners and executives. Read more here… Read More
2021-08-19 19:48
Want to connect to multiple data sources, including those on premise, to a customized BI platform in the cloud? InetSoft’s BI solution is perfect for real-time business dashboards and… Read More
2021-08-06 20:55
How do you determine your most vital KPIs? Read our guide here. The post How to Define Your KPI’s appeared first on The Mashup Read More
2021-07-16 19:03
This machine learning driven web cluster analysis measures the average time spent on different sections of a website, and also breaks down web visitor data by region. Interact with the dashb… Read More
2021-07-06 17:58
Focus Consulting has selected InetSoft’s Style Scope for client dashboards and reports. Read the release here.   The post Focus Consulting Group Selects InetSoft appeared first on… Read More
2021-06-25 15:48
If you’re looking to start learning data visualization basics, consider InetSoft’s free cloud hosted dashboard visualization software, Visualize Free. The post Free Dashboard Vis… Read More
2021-06-04 17:44
Searching for the best dashboard tool to integrate your Copper CRM data? InetSoft’s solution, Style Intelligence, has a custom web connector for Copper CRM data, as well as a host of o… Read More
2021-04-28 15:07
AskNicely is a cloud-based online survey software that helps businesses create surveys and collect feedback in real time based on Net Promoter Score. InetSoft’s flagship premium b… Read More
2021-04-05 22:03
Do you need help making sense of your Amazon Aurora data? InetSoft’s software can access Amazon Aurora, as well as various Big Data sources from anywhere, making it easier to manipulat… Read More
2021-03-27 23:56
Google Calendar is a popular time-management and scheduling calendar service developed by Google. InetSoft’s Style Intelligence comes with a custom Google Calendar web data connector f… Read More
2021-03-18 17:50
Looking for analytics to use with Buffer? InetSoft’s software allows social media marketers to create web-based interactive reports that can take the viewer from a high-level view of m… Read More
2021-02-24 21:29
Take the depth and breadth of Adobe Analytics and harness the intuitive agility of InetSoft’s software, available to you for robust digital marketing dashboards! Read more here.  … Read More
2020-12-24 04:00
Harvest is a web-based time tracking tool developed and launched by Iridesco LLC in 2006. InetSoft’s Style Intelligence comes with a custom Harvest data connector for incorporating tim… Read More
2020-12-17 19:23
With InetSoft’s Style Intelligence, sales tracking metrics, customer return ratio, and website page views can all be mashed up with data from Stripe and other payment processors. Read… Read More
2020-10-28 18:57
InetSoft Technology provides an excellent interactive report generator software which enables the flexible transformation of data of all types into client-customizable batch generated report… Read More
2020-10-22 22:12
InetSoft provides user-friendly javascript reporting tools that allow business users to tailor dashboards and reports with javascript to adapt to even the most unique reporting needs. Read m… Read More
2020-10-08 18:45
InetSoft’s dashboards not only present a unified view of your supply chain in the form of intuitive visualizations, they also provide instant access to powerful business analytics thro… Read More
2020-09-29 19:03
The Style Intelligence product team at InetSoft has received SelectHub’s best-in-class Mobile BI Award for 2020. The team has been recognized by SelectHub analysts as an excellent prov… Read More
2020-09-03 19:45
InetSoft’s Style Intelligence employs a design-one, deploy everywhere approach, delivering mobile business intelligence dashboards to iPhones, Android-based tablets, and smartphones, a… Read More
2020-09-01 19:14
This call reporting dashboard refreshes every 5 seconds, feeding the user a constant stream of live data. This kind of dashboard is extremely useful for helpline, auto dispatch, customer ser… Read More
2020-08-27 21:15
InetSoft’s tools provide sales professionals with flexibility, interactivity, and ad hoc customization for quick business decisions. Read more here. The post Sales Dashboards and Repor… Read More
2020-08-26 21:10
InetSoft’s Style Intelligence is the ideal solution for school districts in need of a reporting tool to monitor and compare student performance and the effectiveness of the educational… Read More
2020-08-25 22:27
Are you looking for an online report maker to track business performance? InetSoft’s online report maker is the ideal tool for users wanting to track their KPI’s remotely without… Read More
2020-08-20 21:08
  Facing unprecedented challenges, manufacturing and industrial companies have to strategically adapt to advanced reporting and business intelligence tools now more than ever. Learn mor… Read More
2020-08-18 21:03
Online dashboards have become the number one business intelligence tool in use today. InetSoft’s online dashboards supply professional users with a quick look at key performance indica… Read More
2020-08-13 21:56
Tech analyst firm G2 recently compared InetSoft Style Intelligence and Qlik Sense across 30 categories of customer ratings. InetSoft outranked Qlik Sense in most of these categories, includi… Read More
2020-08-12 17:35
Effective project reporting is essential for an organization’s progress and should be implemented at all levels, ranging from employees to owners and executives. InetSoft’s repor… Read More
2020-08-07 20:40
What makes InetSoft stand out from the rest as an application for creating intuitive customer management dashboards from CRM data? Find out here. The post InetSoft’s CRM Reporting Tool… Read More
2020-08-06 20:11
InetSoft offers reporting software that is easy to use without sacrificing functionality. Users with excel-level skills can build and customize their own reports, without help from IT. Read… Read More
2020-08-03 18:54
Looking for dashboards your employees can access over company intranet? While InetSoft’s web based BI tools are cloud ready, they can just as easily be deployed on a single server on p… Read More
2020-07-29 20:09
InetSoft’s comprehensive real-time analytical reporting and dashboard software provides users with client scorecards that serve to monitor, measure, and manage performance by tracking… Read More
2020-07-28 19:03
Looking to view and/or build dashboards in the cloud? InetSoft’s dashboard web application can be installed either on-premise or in the cloud, on a remote server provided by Amazon web… Read More
2020-07-24 20:59
Weekly dashboards and reports are vital for the regular monitoring and control of business conditions. InetSoft’s solution, Style Intelligence, makes the setup and delivery of weekly d… Read More
2020-07-23 20:35
Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, are essential business metrics used to track and benchmark an organizations performance. InetSoft’s graphic KPI dashboards provide dynamic, easy to… Read More
2020-05-29 00:14
InetSoft’s tools can help you turn your data into stories. But what makes InetSoft’s approach to data storytelling different? Read more here.   The post Storytelling With Da… Read More
2020-03-25 21:31
Searching for the best dashboard software for managing customer accounts? For years, InetSoft has been a leader in providing businesses with easy to use, flexible, and versatile dashboard re… Read More
2020-02-21 21:05
If you are a regular user of business intelligence, consider taking a few minutes to take this business intelligence and analytics solutions survey from TEC. Your answers will contribute to… Read More
2020-01-22 21:02
Choosing the right solution for business intelligence and automated reporting can be daunting. In a recent match up compiled by user review aggregator G2, InetSoft won higher ratings than SA… Read More
2020-01-08 21:15
Looking for an intuitive, flexible reporting tool for tracking your KPI’s? InetSoft offers both free and enterprise versions of its award winning KPI reporting tool, Style Report. Read… Read More
2020-01-03 19:55
To create its comparison of InetSoft Style Intelligence and Geckoboard, analyst firm G2 compiled reviews and ratings done by independent users of the two BI vendors, comparing the BI tools i… Read More
2020-01-02 20:16
In a recent comparison, Style Intelligence beat Plecto in a majority of G2 Crowd ratings. Read more here.   The post InetSoft as an Alternative to Plecto appeared first on The Mashup Read More
2019-12-19 22:19
Marketing reporting tools are crucial for analyzing a marketing department’s leads, progress, and traffic. What are the advantages of using InetSoft’s BI tool for marketing repor… Read More
2019-12-11 21:51
Are you looking to automate more of your reporting processes? Read about InetSoft’s automated reporting tools here.   The post InetSoft’s Automated Reporting System appeared… Read More
2019-12-06 19:59
What kind of metrics do production managers need visualized and reported? Read how InetSoft dashboards can help track manufacturing kpis here.       The post Manufacturing Met… Read More
2019-12-03 22:05
How does InetSoft compare to dashboard and analytics provider Slemma? In a recent matchup of user reviews on G2 Crowd InetSoft outranked Slemma in a majority of categories. Read more here. … Read More
2019-11-27 19:59
How can dashboards and automated reports aid in logistics? Read about KDL’s planned  integration of InetSoft into their logistics solution here.         … Read More
2019-06-11 19:19
How does InetSoft compare to Qliktech’s Qlikview solution? In G2 Crowd’s user reviews, InetSoft scored higher than Qlik in 4 out of 6 categories. Read more here. The post An Inet… Read More
2019-05-17 20:20
How can data visualization help admissions officers track student enrollment patterns? Check out this interactive College KPI Dashboard from InetSoft!           The… Read More

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