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11 Robust Reasons To Hire Software Developers From India

India has become one of the top locations for hiring Software professionals throughout the last 20 years. The greatest IT industry in the world is currently centered in India. Businesses all around the world frequently depend on knowledgeable developers and other IT specialists from India to complete their software development projects.

However, why is India one of the most sought-after locations for hiring software development teams?

This is the response to that! 

Top 11 Motivators for Employing Software Developers in India

Software development talent is plentiful in India, and this talent is constantly looking for the proper opportunities to gain visibility. Selecting the best Indian developers increases corporate process efficiency, which ultimately maximizes income with the least amount of investment.  

Not to mention that 80% of US and European companies choose to outsource software development to India. 

1. India has one of the biggest talent pools for IT

As per the most recent research from Evan Data Corporation, there were 26.9 million software developers worldwide in 2021. First place went to the USA, who made up 16% of the world’s population. With 12% of the global software developer workforce, India came in second.

The Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) projects that, with a growth rate of 39%, India would have the largest developer base in the world by 2024. By 2024, India will have 5.3 million software developers, compared to 4.4 million in the USA, according to this extraordinary growth.

India is a popular destination for firms looking to hire developers since, in addition to having a big talent pool, a large number of its IT professionals possess a solid understanding of their respective fields. 

2. Highly Skilled Manpower

India, which is regarded as the nation with the most prospective source of global innovation, comes in exactly behind the USA, who once again hold the top spot. Additionally, Indian programmers are proficient in creating mobile apps, SaaS, AI, data analytics, and many other areas.

When put through rigorous assessments and coding tests, Indian programmers outperform American programmers in math and logic, claims GILD. 

India boasts a wide range of developers with expertise in cutting-edge technology, including: 

  • Synthetic Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity, Blockchain, and Machine Learning
  • Robots IoT
  • Block Chain

Every year, about 10,000 competent graduates from India study in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada to become programmers and developers for computer companies. Not to mention, executives with Indian ancestry are in charge of well-known international digital companies like Twitter, Google, and Nokia.

In short, India has always been a major player in the global technological revolution. Therefore, Indian software developers are the best option for software development projects if you’re trying to engage developers for a variety of services.

3. There Are No Barriers To Communication With Indian Software Developers

India has earned the distinction of being the “Second-largest English-speaking country globally.” In India, English is taught as the first language and is a component of the curriculum from the very beginning, unlike in nations like China and the Ukraine. India’s success as a worldwide outsourcing destination for software development has been largely attributed to the availability of a qualified workforce with English language proficiency.

Additionally, a recent study indicates that Indian software professionals outperform US developers by 11% in math and sophisticated C++ programming, as well as logic and analytical ability. 

As can be observed, Indian business owners and IT firms have chosen to adopt a global perspective, meaning that language is no longer a barrier for their Indian outsourcing developers. 

Furthermore, as Indian software professionals have collabolrated with teams and clients from other countries—Japanese, American, German, etc.—cultural differences are no longer a barrier. This is beneficial for cross-border teams because it helps them see and value differences.

4. Hiring Indian Developers is Economical

One of the main advantages India offers the software development outsourcing sector is this. Companies can eventually reduce their IT cost by 20–30% by outsourcing to India for their custom software development needs. 

Even with its high cost, Bangalore, the most costly IT city in India, is still 140% less expensive than California. In addition, to reduce software development expenses, 59% of multinational corporations employ offshore engineers from India. 

Furthermore, you can still save between 40% and 70% of the entire cost because the cost of offshore software developers varies depending on the location. For instance, the average hourly wage for a senior developer in the US is from $65 to $130, while in India it is often between $25 and $50.

When collaborating with Indian software engineers, you may obtain top-notch experts at a cost that is more affordable than what you would have to spend in the west. For US, UK, or German enterprises, hourly rates are still rather advantageous. 

5. Advantages of different time zones

Because of the significant time zone difference between India and Western nations, hiring software engineers for your bespoke software development project is highly recommended in India.

 Your in-house staff begins their workday when your Indian development teams have finished for the day. This allows them to review the work that Indian software development businesses have provided, provide comments, and make necessary adjustments. The Indian teams have their work scheduled for the day by the time they report for duty the following day. 

Consequently, having an offshore development team in India guarantees continuous, delay-free development around-the-clock.

6. Indian Software Developers Offer Flexibility

Another reason why businesses choose to work with Indian software development companies is flexibility. When compared to their peers in the US, UK, and other Western countries, they are more flexible and accommodating when it comes to working hours. 

It is also not unusual for Indian software professionals to possess other talents beyond their area of specialization. For example, a developer may hold a dev-ops certification in addition to other technical skills. 

What distinguishes Indian software engineers from others in the industry?

  • They are flexible and willing to extend their working hours in order to fulfill the deadlines.
  • They take ownership of the project and work hard to achieve the greatest outcomes.
  • They go above and beyond to provide a competitive edge, showing empathy and treating clients’ tasks as if they were their own.
  • They prioritize the needs of their clients and provide post-launch support long after the software solution has been successfully launched.
  • They are simple to get in touch with and offer workable answers as quickly as possible.

7. Indian Developers are Good Learners

Indian software developers have a strong technical background and the appropriate work ethic to guarantee that they innovate and add value throughout the software development process. 

A HackerRank research claims that one-third of Indian software developers are self-taught only, demonstrating their eagerness to pick up new skills fast and adjust to changing technology in order to stay ahead of the competition. Indian developers also pick things up quickly because they have experience working with a variety of teams and clients around the world, which has given them an open mind and responsive perspective. 

8. Indian Software Engineers Comply with International Standards

Indian developers have expertise collaborating with clients throughout the world. By doing this, they are able to absorb productivity tools and best practices, which will ultimately teach them how to accomplish things the best way. More specifically, this has played a significant role in establishing a cosmopolitan culture among Indian coders.  

9. Faster Turnaround Time

Indian software engineers has unique knowledge in enhancing goods and services worldwide. Their constant goals are to innovate web design, software development, and development while concentrating on creating more robust prospective growth. When working on your custom software development project, Indian engineers promise to respond to difficulties and changes more quickly.

10. 24/7 Development Support

Indian developers are willing to work at a different time zone in order to complete the project because they are used to working with clients from around the world. When it comes to exceeding deadlines, they don’t hesitate to put in more time. Despite the difficulties encountered during the development process, Indian developers are willing to dedicate a portion of their non-billable time to the client’s project in order to fulfill deadlines. 

For most Western organizations looking for hands-on support on their project, outsourcing software development to India becomes the preferred option.

11. Increasing Talent Gap

The most recent US workforce statistics demonstrate the widening talent shortage for software developers in the IT sector relative to job possibilities. Every year, the USA exports 300,000 jobs on average. Due to a shortage of resources, 48% of UK startups outsource their services. Because of the aging IT population, other European countries are also experiencing a severe skills shortage in all areas.


India, on the other hand, has a youthful population and a thriving economy. On the other hand, 89% of the 20,000 software graduates that India produces each year have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering. A significant portion of these graduates take courses in cloud computing, data security, advanced coding, and other subjects. As expected, India would probably surpass the US by 2024 in the software sector.

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11 Robust Reasons To Hire Software Developers From India


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