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How to Develop and Grow Your Women Health Tracking App in 2020?

Women Health Tracking App in 2020

Are you fitness enthusiastic and want to develop a female Health tracking app but not sure where to begin and what to consider for the App Development process? Before directly collaborating with the best app development companies in Dubai, here are the few things that you need to know…

No doubt a combination of the medical industry and the leading technologies of the digital world have resulted in outstanding mobile health tracking applications that have made it far easier for womens to keep track of their health metrics with just a tap on the mhealth application.

In recent years, with the advent of technology and rapid innovations, the medical industry has not just increased to a substantial extent but also has brought a positive change in the lives of people. Now the good news is, the mobile app industry is building mhealth apps specifically addressing the women health issues and providing a perfect solution.

Right from tracking menstrual cycles, checking overall body health to predicting ovulation, the female health tracking apps can help women to understand and respond to every health issue in real time. The app development companies in Dubai, have designed these applications in a way to bring together doctors, physicians and womens on the same platform so that they can better understand the issues and are able to access the data.

Why You Need to Invest in Female Mobile Healthcare Apps in 2020?

Today, thousands of mobile healthcare applications are available for users and healthcare experts with different functionalities. Since using digital platforms for communicating with healthcare experts adds a great convenience and keeps everything in record, therefore the usage of healthcare apps have become more widespread.

Secondly, mobile health services can offer better programs for chronic illness, better access to treatments in remote areas, in time diagnosis and quality treatment, better access to patient data, generating e-prescriptions and more. Even monitoring health and data of patients via mobile application has just become a matter of a few clicks on mhealthcare apps.

Since these apps could save millions of dollars a year in avoidable healthcare costs and provide improved treatments at the lowest cost, therefore users and healthcare experts prefer to stay connected with the digital health checking products.

Important Key Figures of mHealthcare Applications and Its Predicted Future

According to Sources, the mobile health industry is expected to grow in coming years and is predicted to generate revenue of 100 billion U.S dollars in 2021.
1 in 5 Amercians are relying on the mobile healthcare app for tracking their health metrics.

According to the survey, 45% of the Americans have at least tried digital health products such as fitness trackers and more. Below image will guide how frequent mhealth apps are being used by people of different age and gender.

Let’s assume you are ready to hire a mobile app development company to get started with the healthcare app. But now the central question is, what type of women health tracking app should you develop to stay in the market for next decades?

What Types of Female Health Tracking Apps you Can Launch in 2020?

Firstly, whatever healthcare app development idea you have in your mind, always keep in mind that you need two apps, one for users(patient) and another for service provider(Doctor/Physician). The functionality and feature of both the apps are depending upon the type of mhealthcare app idea you choose to build. Secondly, make sure the app development company you choose to hire, must have knowledge and experience in building such types of apps.

Let’s explore what type of mobile healthcare apps you can develop for women in 2020

Maternity Apps

Since no application can replace the need of medical care throughout the pregnancy, but still maternity apps are proven to be very useful at all the three (pre, during and post) stages of pregnancy. Whether you are a mom or mom-to-be, the pregnancy apps are like true guiding mothers for you. Right from tracking your health metrics to understand your body changes, knowing what are the natural health issues during pregnancy to what’s not, the maternity apps will guide you everything. Apart from providing enrich information about pregnancy planning, these apps can also suggest healthy nutrient diet plans for new mommies to get back in shape without starving.

Menstrual Cycle Tracker

Whether you are trying to locate the most fertile days of the month, keeping track of your periods, trying to conceive or to avoid unexpected pregnancy, menstrual cycle tracking apps can help women in multiple ways. Let’s learn how they work:

  • Fertility Tracker: Based on the data you enter into the app, it starts evaluating your monthly menstrual cycles and calculates the most fertile days of the month.
  • Menstrual Cycle: If you are pissed off with your monthly periods skip, then this app is for you. This app asks you to log PMS Symptoms in the calendar which ultimately help in tracking your body behaviour during the whole menstrual cycle and let you know about the exact dates of periods.
  • Avoid Pregnancy: This app will work for both, who are embracing natural birth control pills and for those who are on pills. This app will analyse the data of the user and make them remind about the right time to take pills or notify them whether the user is fertile or not.

Women’s Well Being App

Apart from tracking menstrual cycles or identifying the most fertile days, overall women wellness apps are like digital clinics for women where you can bring various therapists, dieticians and gynecologists on the same platform. The overall wellness tracking apps might turn out into the perfect go-to-place for the female users and allow them to discuss any health related issues without any hitch. In addition, you can enhance the functionality of the app by simply adding the chatbot or video chatting features to allow users get high-quality treatment, medicines and consultations through the app.

In the Nutshell: If you like any of these app development ideas, then keep in mind it requires a set of essential features and functionalities which make it perform flawlessly. Also, you can look for the pro assistance of the mobile app development companies in Dubai.

Essential Features to Integrate in Women Health Tracking App

When it comes to developing a mhealth tracking app for females, then it is worth getting collaborated with the right app developers in Dubai as they better know what features and functionalities can make your fitness app a successful giant. There are various types of health tracking apps and every app requires an advanced level of features to provide excellent user experience. However, here we are providing you a list of the basic yet essential features that you need to integrate to develop a mobile health tracking app for your business in 2020.

User Registration

If you really want to make your healthcare app successful in the market, then make sure you provide a high level of personalized experience to the user which begins with the user registration. For having a personal account, it is important to ask users to add personal details including age, weight, height and more.

Now coming to the log-in procedure, try to make it simple and straightforward. You can allow users to sign-up their account by using their social media accounts as well including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Gmail.

Creating a User Profile

Instead bombarding the set of questions to the new users, it is worth keeping it simple and limited to the necessary yet basic questions. Sometimes, women quickly uninstall the app, if it is asking to fill so much of detail at the initial stage. So add this feature and ask them to fill in basic and relevant information like weight, allergies, height, menstruation cycle and more.

Menstrual Cycle Tracker

This is one of the most important features to consider in women health tracking apps. The period tracking feature allows users to visually track and analyze the changes that they feel throughout the period.

Some of the additional factors that can be tracked are the present date of the cycle, fertile days of the month, upcoming PMS time and more. Make sure you hire a specialised mobile app developer in Dubai who can keep the app interface simple and easy to navigate.

Push Notifications

Usually females who are using these mhealth apps are busy, so in this app type, sending ample amounts of reminders to the users will be beneficial. But keep in mind, sending an excess number of notifications at the wrong timings can pose a negative impact on the users. The best way to manage the notification is to divide it into three stages- daily updates, medicine reminders and notifications for the next phase of the cycle.

One right way to leverage this feature is analyse all the user data that has been received and add the alerts at the right time to help users understand the important health concerns.

Symptom Tracker

Now this feature can really make your app interactive. The app can provide the accurate healthcare metrics based on symptoms and patterns you logged in. Moreover, with the help of modern technologies like Machine learning and artificial learning, you can better access this feature flawlessly.

Online Consultation and Share Information

This feature of your app actually makes the whole sense of creating the app and making it far easier to access for women. There are a number of health doubts that every female needs to discuss with the doctors, and getting professionals on board gives them quick access to digital consultation. This feature allows them to avail online advice and reliable medication right away.

Refer and Earn Loyalty Points

The best way to expand your user base is to give your existing users some benefits in exchange and help them earn some loyalty points on referring the app to their friends.

Additional Features of Female Healthcare App

Build a Community

When people get started with something new and amazing, they always want to tell it to everyone and this is the best opportunity for your business expansion. For this, all you have to do is to add a number of social media features in your app to make it popular. Also, allow the users to share their experience on social networks and let them invite their friends to leverage the same facilities.

Compatibility to Wearables

Whether you are developing an Android or iOS application, make sure it is compatible to get connected with the wearable gadgets for easy access.

Leading Technologies to Be Used In Health Tracking App

There are a number of women healthcare applications available in the market leveraging the most powerful yet latest techniques including machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Since both of these technologies are better known for mimicking human intelligence which ultimately works in gathering data and analysing large sets of collective user data. The collective data further helps in providing personalised algorithms that better help in understanding the health issues of the women in a more proficient manner.

In fact the CEO of famous women healthcare application “CLUE”, says that applying machine learning to female health apps will not only help women understand their bodies better but also help vendors to build solutions that identify early symptoms of the diseases.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Women Health Tracking App?

Predicting the app development cost is one of the most complicated things even for the pro developers. There are a bundle of blogs and articles available on the web that help you understand the costing of mobile app development but there is no online calculator that can reveal the exact app development cost. Because, the cost of the app development is influenced by various factors including its features, functionalities,complexity, OS, technologies, development team and more, therefore, it is hard to provide the exact estimation of the app development.

Predicting the cost of the app development is like buying a car, until you don’t know what features, model and make you want, you are not able to get the accurate price. However, to give you a rough estimation, the cost of mobile healthcare app development with basic features can be starting from $20,000 to $35,000 and go to any expensive price depending upon the features and functionalities of the app. Moreover, for accurate costing, it is advised to consult mobile app developers in Dubai who will analyze your app development project and accordingly provide you the pricing quotes.

Formula To Calculate the App Development Cost

Cost of Features & Functionalities of the App + Cost of UX/UI Designer + Developer’s per hour cost + Cost of Quality Assurance = Final App Development Cost.


The bitter truth of today is people are paying a lot for healthcare services but in return they hardly get a great experience. So planning to invest in the women mhealthcare application in 2020 can turn the game around and help you stay in the market for the next decades.

To develop a brilliant female healthcare app, all you need is to keep in mind essential features, right technology and methodology for the app development. If you are finding it complicated and challenging, then it is worth getting collaborated with the best mobile app development company in Dubai. They will not only help you with all the research but also make efforts to bring your dream app alive on the screen.

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How to Develop and Grow Your Women Health Tracking App in 2020?


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