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Mobile App Forecast – The Dawn Of mHealth Benefits For Hospitals

Mobile App Forecast

This is an exciting time for mobile health segment as it steps the ladder of success along its journey to the future.

The cliche goes “study the past if you would define the future” holds strong for medical vertical with current drivers of change strategizing for 2020 and ahead.

The drivers of change are an ageing and growing population, the rising ubiquity of chronic diseases, technological advancements, evolving medical care models, and expensive infrastructure. However, the unskippable driver is the expanding health care market.


Thus, the Mobile App health market comes out of the cocoon as a vibrant ecosystem. Also, with no signs of stopping, the healthcare industry has turned an epitome of great potential. Many startups and flourished names have already opted for a mobile app development company to leave no room for mistake in the collision of the slow-paced healthcare industry with fast-paced digitalization era.

The mHealth market has been upped in the last few years with the adoption of emerging technologies like Artificial intelligence, Big data Analytics, Blockchain with proofs of new business models and workflow transforming healthcare.

Presently, health has turned out to be a trend which fore-runs the competitive trajectory in the medical grounds. This implies mastering of innovative Mobile technology. So, if you are not a pacesetter, it’s right time you start with your own mHealth app for your hospital.

But, before you reach the future, it’s better to look at the opportunities and roadblocks coming in the way, and how you expect the situation to change over the coming years.

Mythbuster: mHealth Apps Are Flippant For Hospitals

There are two demurs faced by opponents to medical technology.

It’s towards the expensive side.
Secondly, the stakes are too high for novice startups to manage

The facts disapprove both of these thoughts. And, as far as expenses are considered, it’s true developing and deploying medicals products are expansive. Regardless of all the constraints, the saved time and resources, these mobile apps proffer more than pays for itself.

While talking about the danger related to medical mishaps, the stakes are indeed high in medicine. Lives are lost every now and then in the hospital, thanks to clerical errors, oversights and doctors confusion. Far from making this even worse, medical apps come to the rescue, improving the lives of doctors and patients alike.

For instance, consider research done on the use of MedTech products for Alzheimer’s patients at Pixie Scientific. So, the connecting products like adult diapers to the cloud platform allow this startup to become aware of recurring, stressful and expensive concerns like UTIs much earlier than they become detectable by frequent doctor checkups.

Therefore, the use of a simple app and cloud-connected device could necessarily save patients life and thousands of money from gushing down, not to mention here emotional and physical agony. (UTI’s are a common issue for patients with compromised mental ability)

The Big Picture: Good Health Mobile Apps Improve Quality Of Life

Tension-Free Appointment With Doctor

A lot of times, the patients have to step to the hospital or call the reception frequently just to confirm the doctor’s timings and make an appointment. This is undoubted, a matter of concern for both the patients and the receptionist. Don’t you agree?

Now, if you discuss hospital mobile apps, the patients can quickly check the doctor’s visit timings, their schedule for Operations and set a reminder accordingly. This makes the booking procedure stress-free for patients. Adding on, it also lesser the onus of the managing and organizing from one shoulder as there would be no more calls to the patients a day before the scheduled appointment.

This will increase productivity with channelizing their time in a more optimized way.

Easy Access to Reports

Known for its unique mobile app development in Dubai, the app offers immense convenience to the patients. There is no more need to rush to hospitals and laboratories for reports. Instead, they can get the report on their mobile app installed on their phones anytime and anywhere. Then, the patient can straightaway consult the physician, without going through the trauma of standing in the queue, forgetting the reports at home or misplacing them.

This not just boost the convenience of the patients but also minimize the paperwork. The hospital management needs to be stressed about the report collection, storage, and distribution. They just have to touch their device, and the report will be delivered to the corresponding patients.

Unparalleled Efficiency

The mobile apps created for respective hospitals amalgamated with a centralized database allow doctors to have a look at the patient’s medical record and proceed with the optimal solution for them. With this sheer convenience, a doctor can pay proper attention to multiple patients at the same moment.

As an outcome, the quality of service improves and so your brand reputation.

This is not all; the other staff members also reap benefits from the app. They can easily communicate with others and have a clear idea of their responsibilities with the introduction of a mobile app.

Effective Promotion

By now, you must be aware of the potential a mobile apps holds for hospitals and clinics to make you stand out in the crowd. But, somehow there are still some unaware of the ample benefits of mobile technology.

It proves to be the most effective marketing tool. Using the push-notification system, you can quickly inform the patients about the reports, appointments as well as sharing the status update. This ensures, converting a one-time patient to a loyal one.

Hassle-Free Bill Payments

Amid of yearning a proper health treatment, dealing with bills seems a demur for both hospitals and patients. It’s a tedious and time-consuming task to manually keep track of all the patients who have paid the bill and the ones who haven’t, run after insurance companies for bill clearance.

However, with the right app developers in Dubai, you can make your app ready to overcome this onus from patients and hospital staff. The app cuts exponentially on time, making it a matter of touch by offering patients with digital payment methods, contact with the insurance firm through the app.

Moreover, you can personalize content to view only pending amount or to check with the paid balance, and so on. Therefore, the payment process becomes more comfortable for both ends.

Better Brand Reputation

Do you want to outgrow in the competitive graph?

It’s mandatory to entice users, and yes, the mobile app is the best possible way out. A hospital mobile app allows you to gather feedback and reviews from the patients and evaluate the user behaviour also.

Further, with the data collected, you can quickly determine the obstacles in your services and can come up with better and more user-centric marketing solutions.

The Definitive Features For Your Hospital Mobile App

By now, you would be familiar with why building a health mobile app is crucial for your hospital and clinics.

Now, let’s unfurl what features it should offer. Of course, the core functionality is being formed depending on the parameters set by the app owner, but we can provide you with a rough sketch of a definitive feature for your app.

Feature 1- A Distinctive List Of Diagnoses

In some scenarios, the mobile health program consists of academic knowledge with a list of diagnoses divided into categories. A feature like this simplifies the treatment process by allowing doctors to save time and efforts.

Feature 2. Array For Medical Records

A hospital app is the best opportunity to handle patients medical records regardless of the date and your visit. This is one of the significant reason why mobile health apps are in high demand among both – hospital management and patients.

Feature 3. Interface Language

This respective feature allows translating the program, into any language which users can find easy to understand. In addition, you may jell well with several languages at once.

Feature 4. Store Pics Of The Patients Health

Imagine an app able to store pictures of the patient with their health recovery.

Seems motivating?

This will be one-of-its-its kind of feature to be integrated in hospital mobile app that will give a clear picture to the doctor as well as to the patient about their road to recovery.

Feature 5. Faster Test Result

For sure, medical apps should be integrated with features that update the test report of the patient straightway at the app. This will help doctors and other related people have an update without any further ado.

So, make sure you rely on a trusted software development company to integrate this groundbreaking feature in your app for utter convenience.

Reason 6. No-More Paper Documentation

Adjusting templates for patients examinations in the app proves to be helpful to optimize the work of all your specialist and eliminate the paper work in the process.

Reason 7. The Right Treatment Protocol

The treatment protocol allows much more benefit than you imagine. This feature offers efficient planning of the treatment and examination process, as well as jotting down, approving, and right medical protocols. Once again, this will lend a hand in maximizing the efficiency of doctors.

Feature 8. Voice-Oriented Messages

A mobile app which braces this feature can call a patient on behalf of your organization to deliver any important piece of information you want them to know at the instant.

Feature 9. Pop-Up Notifications

Either you can opt for customized notifications for the specific patients or opt for mass notifications in the system of your app. For instance, say you want to inform your user about some news of the clinic or set up a reminder notification about the appointment with a doctor, and the list goes on.

Feature 10. Round-The-Clock Assistance

Because of round-the-clock assistance, the patients have a way out to contact the representative of the hospital or the medical institution at any instance of time and ask their query online.

This approach proves beneficial in many fatal cases where urgent treatment is required.

Feature 11. Filling Form Online

This feature proves abundantly helpful in cases of trauma. You can easily fill the app form online and without any delay in the paperwork the treatment can be started. Also, such a feature is yet another choice to simplify the process of interaction between patient and doctor.

Feature 12. Appointment With Doctor Is A Matter Of Touch

Creating a hospital app with this feature is needed for the hour.

As everyone is occupied with filling the void without realizing the need for good health, it’s best to provide an option to book an appointment with the doctor without visiting them and waiting in line for your turn to register. Irrespective of the time and place you can offer your users an unforgettable healthy experience of an online booking system with the best mobile app development companies in Dubai.

Feature 13. Geolocation Feature Integration

According to statista, 54 per cent of respondents rely on their mobiles for maps/GPS Navigation. Geolocation is also used in Mhealth apps as since it allows users to find the nearest hospitals and pharmacies.

Also, geolocation is handy for more customized information delivery. These include the following:

  • Offering targeted health education
  • Locating the nearby drug/ pharmacist with prices in local currency
  • Showing local disease rates and information, maps and guidelines
  • Getting updates on local health risks and hazards
  • Receiving information on local accidents, hazards and calamities and many more.
  • Receiving relevant medical news according to the app user location

Adding on, mHealth apps with geolocation feature can be put to use for the following:

This extensive features help in finding the appropriate hospital or clinic according to the location and health needs at the moment.

It guides app user with precise directions and real-time traffic information.

It turns easy to monitor and automate emergency calls with an exact piece of information about the location.

Collect real-time data on environmental surroundings to irritants and pollutants, with details on the individual’s physical reactions in distinctive situations and locations.

Last but not least, it helps the ambulance and rescue team precisely with the location. Therefore it reaches quickly without wasting any minutes in saving a precious life.

Putting The Lid On…

Hospital apps are an excellent choice for patients as well as doctors because of it’s unfurled potential.

Step ahead with the best app developers in Dubai from Xicom Technologies to offer your patients a smooth hand for tracking their progress, receive medical consultation from your comfy zone, and provide doctors with a sigh of relief from managing heaps of patients’ records.

Also, immense gratitude to Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and neural networks, the hospital had made the future a today’s reality to diagnose disease and prescribe the most effective treatment in minimal time saving one’s life by a matter of few seconds.

Lastly, get your free project estimation to find out every know-how of your hospital mobile app with no need to spend a fortune on development. Talk to our experts for your project’s MVP with essential features and integrate exclusiveness as you want with time.

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Mobile App Forecast – The Dawn Of mHealth Benefits For Hospitals


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