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Matthew Davies Shares Why Bees Are Important to the World


According to Matthew Davies, bees are very important to the ecosystem as well as us humans. Just like ants, these insects are extremely hard workers. These insects are the most efficient and the most important pollinators of our world. At least one-third of all the crops in the world and 90% of all the plants on earth require cross-pollination to thrive and spread across a wide range of distance.

Thus, the importance of pollination cannot be taken lightly. However, that is not all. Bees also help us financially and keeps the earth looking beautiful. Let’s see how below

The Reasons

Here are some reasons why bees are important to the world -

1. Bees are major pollinators - Although some plants rely on the wind to carry out pollination, the majority of them have to rely on animals and insects to spread their pollen. Bees are excellent pollinators as they have hairs and pockets on their legs. Every year, bees pollinate billions of plants which also includes millions of agricultural crops. There are about 25,000 species of bees and among them, bumblebees are the most successful pollinators.

2. Bees help to keep food sources intact - Without the pollination effort of bees, we would not be able to consume many types of fruits and vegetables such as watermelons, broccoli, cranberries, cherries, pumpkins, asparagus, blueberries, cantaloupes, cucumbers, etc. Edible roots, seeds, nuts, and leaves will also run scarce. Not to mention, we would not be able to consume any honey which is a natural superfood.

Also, bees are part of the food chain itself and many types of animals and insects feed on them. Some of these include the ruby-throated humming, blackbird, and starling.

3. Bees contribute greatly to our economy - The commercial food crop industry is heavily dependent on the pollination efforts of bees. The growth of crops like almonds, apples, field beans, broad beans, pears, etc. are all dependent on bees.

If bees become extinct, the food crop industry will suffer heavy financial losses. According to various researchers, if a monetary value is placed on the efforts of bees, it would be in the range of billions of dollars.

4. Bees are essential for biodiversity - Without bees, the floral landscape of the Earth will be vastly different. Habitats will change and millions of animals, birds, and insects would lose their home. Thus, bees not only help to beautify the planet, and provide sources of food but also helps to keep the biodiversity intact.

Many wild plants, their seeds, and nuts also serve as a food source for wild animals. If bees become extinct in a certain area, the growth of these plants will be affected and the animals that feed on these plants will get affected as well. Thus, the whole ecosystem is interconnected and if bees were no more, it would not only affect us financially but also affect the whole biodiversity.


According to Matthew Davies, the importance of bees and their effort cannot be explained in words. They are an important part of the ecosystem and it is due to them that we can enjoy such a variety of edible and commercial crops.

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Matthew Davies Shares Why Bees Are Important to the World


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