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This selection has been written over many years,
for many different people.
This is a poem I wrote for Marion, a lovely lady who deserves all the Love in the world

Unloving Parents!
We all expect our parents to love us,
and when they don´t it´s the hardest blow

We can´t understand and it hurts to much
and the reason - we really need to know

Perhaps he´s afraid to show you his love
in case all his love is not returned

Maybe she just doesn´t know how to love
for it´s something that has to be learned

If your grandparents never showed their love
what do your parents have to pass on?

Do they know any better how to care
How will you behave when they are gone?

Perhaps they´re just horrid – some people are!
So you´re better off being apart

The only link is blood in your veins
and what matters is what´s in the heart

Remember – the problem is theirs, not yours
You´re an innocent child, don´t you see

So pity them for their failure to love
forgive them, and then set yourself free

You don’t have to tell them that you forgive
This is something to keep in your heart

Just promise that you’ll be better than they
Then your own loving life you can start



Your friendship means a lot to me, I’m sad to go away

But you will always be with me, within my heart each day

I’ll keep you often in my prayers, of that you can be sure

Until the happy day arrives when we shall meet once more



This card is full
of wishes
that you’ll soon
be feeling well

For you are in
my thoughts
and prayers
Far more than
I can tell



Have a safe journey – go with God

By car or boat or plane

May happiness await you there

Until we meet again



Your kindness meant
so much to me, so
this card is sent to say

That I will always
think of you in
a very special way



May your new home

be filled with laughter and love

And each moment you spend

there blessed from above



May God bless you
on your travels
May He always
watch over you

May His loving hand
guide and protect you
In everything
you do

Vaya con Dios!



We may be many miles away,
now living far apart

But you will always have a
special place here in my heart

We’ve shared the laughs
together and sometimes
shared the tears

Our friendship’s been a special thing
right throughout the years

And though we may not
meet again, this I know is true

A corner of my heart is taken
evermore, for you



Dear bride & groom
my wish for you
Is happiness your
whole lives through
Good health, some wealth,
but most I pray
Your love grows deeper
day by day
I wish you joy and
love and light
A future that is
ever bright
With all my heart
I want to say
God bless you both
on your wedding day



Dearest Jesus,
heal my loved one
Take away his
stress and pain
Holy Spirit,
Heal my loved one
Make him well
and strong again
God of love send
angels to him
Precious healing
in their wings
Then in health we’ll
keep rejoicing
Praising You our
heavenly King



Sharing a life with someone
you love
is something precious,
a gift from above.
And when your life with
someone you share,
you put your heart
into that person’s care

So on this day,
as your vows you take,
promise each other
that you’ll never break
that special gift
of each other’s heart,
but treasure it always
and nevermore part

May God bless you both
keep your love strong for ever



For you my sister

I offer a prayer

That God always keeps you

Safe in His care



I thought I could make it
“out there on my own”
but now that I’m here,
how I’m missing home

I thought it was cool
to be single and strong
but now that I miss you
I know I was wrong

I didn’t intend to
cause sorrow and pain
Please forgive me and say
I can come home again



There’s just one mum
in all the world
who simply is the best

One mum whose loving,
caring ways
by far outshine the rest

One mum whose love is always there,
devotion ever true

That special mum in all the world
is mine – dear mother



Because you’re very special
This card is special too
Filled with lots of
love and kisses
Dearest mum, for you
And with each kiss
there comes a wish
That you will soon be well
Because you’re loved
more dearly mum
Than words can ever tell



No matter what
the future brings
No matter where you go
You’ll always be my sister
And I’ll always love you so


Written after watching the film “The Thin Red Line” film directed by Terrence Malick based on a book by James Jones.

There are those who say that we must fight
Fight for what – our land or our rights?
But the ones who say it, do not DO
They do not fight, like me and you
They never see how their comrades lie
In pain and suffering as they die
They do not feel the daily fear
That maybe today our death is near
How we become less than a man
Surviving each day the best we can
How we can kill, because it´s just
And to save our life, because we must
But the enemy is just like me
And he fights to keep his people free
He follows what his masters say
And maybe lives for another day
He leaves his loved ones and his home
And just like me, faces death alone
But when the killing is all done
Is there a winner – just who has won?
The ones who said that we must fight
Still sleep in their own beds every night
They sit and talk and one fine day
They’ll find agreement, somehow,
some way
So why not do that at the start?
And save the thousands of broken hearts
Dear God, there must be a better way
Please help us find it, Lord, one day

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