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I hope these birthday verses are really useful to you


You’re a very special person
And fondly thought of too
That’s why this birthday greeting
Is coming, just for you

Hope you have a lovely day
And a super year in store
For it’s a fact that no-one else
Could deserve it more


It really is a pleasure
To send this card to you
Thinking of your lovely ways
The kind things that you do

So you deserve the very best
Now that your birthday’s here
A day that’s filled with happiness
That lasts throughout the year


This comes to bring
a greeting
To someone quite unique
Who, with each year
that passes
Is looking magnifique
I don’t know how
you do it
You’ve really got
some style
The secret
must be hidden
In your winning
birthday smile!

This one was for Tony, of course


Happy Birthday sweetheart,
dear one that I adore
Whether 8 or 80
no-one could love you more
Hope you have
a perfect time all your
birthday through
For somebody so special
deserves the best it’s true

May the years that follow
bring all that you dream of
Full of joy and laughter
and crowned with our sweet love
May every day be better
than the one before
Sharing each tomorrow
and loving ever more

Another one for Tony ....

Just because I love you, I’d try to steal the stars
I’d tag a comet’s tail or even hitch a lift to Mars
I’d gather up some stardust and send it down to you
Wrapped around in velvet sky to show my love is true
But most of all my Darling, I’d leap to Heaven above
To wish a Happy Birthday to the only one I love

Writing poems for Tony is such a joy!


Beloved, it’s a pleasure now that your birthday’s due
To send this loving message especially for you
To tell you that I love you in every single way
And wish you lots of happiness on your special day
I wish for you my Darling all the best that life can bring
And hope the year to come will bring you joy in everything
So Happy Birthday Sweetheart, may all your dreams come true
And love surround you always, as much as I love you


This simple birthday greeting
Is short but very true
The loveliest of birthdays
Is wished, today, for you



A very special birthday is wished for you today
The kind that makes you happy in every single way
When all the best things happen and many dreams come true
But something even better is being wished for you …….

That Jesus fills your life each day with His precious love
And God sends down His blessings upon you from above
When every day’s a pleasure – a birthday without end
This is my birthday prayer-wish, just for you, my friend.


To the one who means the world to me, who makes my life so bright
The one who fills my every need by daytime or by night
For you alone can make my heart so full of joy each day
This message comes with all my love, my darling, just to say …..

I wish you happiness each day, I wish you peace at night
I wish you joy in every way, a world that’s always bright
But most of all I wish for you a gift that’s always there
Not just today but all life through, the precious love we share



Have a very
happy birthday
That’s filled with
lots of love
That answers
all your wishes
And brings all
you’re dreaming of


My dearest husband,
my lover and friend
My love for you grows
without any end
I give you always
love and devotion
High as the sky and
deep as the ocean
You’re so kind and
loving, so strong
and true
The best in the world,
Beloved, is you

My brother Jim and I may not be the closest ...

but he always, my only beloved Brother


I may not see you every day
But you’re never more than a thought away
Though miles may keep us far apart
You’re always close to me,
in my heart

And so this message
comes to you
To bring a greeting,
sincere and true
With love to you,
dearest brother mine
I wish you the
happiest birthday time


This simple message
comes to you
To wish you well
in all you do
We hope the future
brings you wealth
And may you have
the best of health
We pray each day
will give you peace
Contentment that
will never cease
And on your special day,
for you
May all your favourite
dreams come true


Happy birthday Grandson,
it really is a pleasure
To send this greeting
to you
for you’re a special treasure
We hope you have a
lovely day with all
you’re wishing for
And a super year
to follow, for no-one
deserves it more

We love you


Happy Birthday Angel
This message just for you
Comes to wish you happiness
Today and all year through
I didn’t think it possible
To love you even more
But my love’s grown
another year
From what it was before!


Happy Birthday Darling,
may your day be
Filled with the happiness
you bring to me
May there be sunshine
to brighten your way
Peace and contentment
and laughter all day
And may all your special
wishes come true
Not just on your birthday,
but all the year through


Now it is your special day
Here are some things I want to say
With every day you grow more dear
More precious to me every year

You bring the sunshine in your smile
To keep me happy all the while
Pure ecstasy is in your kiss
That fills my heart with sweetest bliss

There’s magic in your every touch
No wonder I love you so much
So Happy Birthday, love of mine
I hope you have the happiest time


Happy Birthday, Mum,
is a simple thing to say
but it brings a lot of thoughts
on your special day
I know you’ve done
your very best
all of my life through.
When times were hard
I’ve always known
I could rely on you
And though I may
not say it, you know
I really care
So thanks a million,
For simply being there


Happy birthday Nephew,
it really is a joy
Sending birthday
to such a special boy
It’s been so good to
watch you grow,
turning out so fine
I couldn’t be more
proud of you
if you had been mine
I hope your day brings
all the things
you are wishing for
Because I’m sure
there’s no one else
could deserve it more


You’re my little chicken,
and if I was pickin’
You’re the chick
I would pick every time

You’re my sun every day,
you chase my clouds away
The outlook with you
is just fine

You’re really a treasure,
that’s why it’s a pleasure
To send these thoughts
winging your way

So I’m wishing for you
that your best dreams
come true
Starting right now –
Happy Birthday

This one was for my sister Pauline. My special friend!


Originally “cat and dog”
we fought as sisters do
But now I find I have a
really super friend in you
That’s why I want to wish you
a birthday that’s the best
For whether friend or sister –
you surely beat the rest


The happiest
of birthdays
When all your
dreams come true
Is just what’s
being wished today
Especially for you



You improve with age
just like the finest wine
Like a fresh minted coin
you are “extra fine”
Like the Mona Lisa
you are quite unique
In fact you are truly
quite magnifique
But how is is that
a whole year can go
Without you letting
a single day show!



We hope this birthday
is special
The best you’ve ever had
A day when wishes
all come true
That’s just for you,
our lad
For you deserve
the very best
Good health, good luck
and more
A day of perfect pleasures
And a super year in store


Happy Birthday Sweetheart, May all your dreams come true
May everything you wish for, daily come to you

For you deserve the very best that life can bring each day
Because you are the very best my love, in every way

You’re my best friend, my precious love, my helper and my guide
My life is happy and content with you here by my side

I’d give you all the world my love if it were mine to give
And all my love is yours alone as long as we shall live

You just get better every day - your birthday is a con!
You simply can’t be ??? I think you’re twenty-one!

It doesn’t matter what the age, to me you’ll always be
My lover, brother, dad and son, my everything to me

May your days be ever perfect with His blessings from above
And your life be one long birthday filled with laughter, joy and love


It’s nice to send this greeting
to wish you all the best
For when it comes to friendship
yours beats all the rest

You’ve been a helping hand to me
and shown how much you care
And when I’ve needed someone
you’ve always been right there

You deserve the best of birthdays
so what I wish for you
Is a day that’s full of joy
that lasts the whole year through

Have a lovely day!

I wrote this for brother Jim´s 50th!


You always were my hero,
to keep me safe at play
But when you were
a teenager,
I sure got in the way!
And now we’re grown
my thoughts of you
are fond as they can be
You have a very
special place
within the heart of me
So happy birthday,
dearest brother,
here’s a great big kiss
With wishes
for your happiness
from your loving sis.

TO BOTH OF YOU (twins)

You’re a very special couple
And quite unique it’s true
For there’s no one else
in all the world
Just like the two of you
This message comes
to greet you both
With twice the love in store
For twins as nice
as you two are
We couldn’t love you more


For someone special
On this your day
This card brings special
wishes your way
For the dearest friend
I’ve ever known
The sweetest love
That is you alone




Every bit of me loves you
And wants you to be
For ever my darling
beloved, with me
You’re my ray of sunshine
and my reason to give
every ounce of my love
for as long as I live
Happy Birthday my sweetheart
I wish just for you
A day full of joy that
lasts all the year through
a year full of happiness,
free from all strife
starting today – the best
time of your life


There’s no-one else in all the world as wonderful as you
And no-one else deserves the love I give, for ever true
For no-one has your gentle ways, your kind and loving heart
The things that make you extra-special, in a class apart
And there’s no birthday greeting that truly can convey
The multitude of special blessings wished for you today
So I’ll just say it simply, straight from the heart so true
Have a very happy birthday my beloved, I love you



With all my heart I love you
With all my heart I care
You make my life much better
Just knowing you are there

I’m nothing dear without you
Merely lost and all folorn
So when your birthday comes
I bless the day you were born

Happy Birthday Darling
Have a really lovely day
And a year to follow
That’s perfect in every way



This birthday greeting
is meant to show
how very much I love you so
But these simple words
just cannot say
how my love grows for you
each day

This wish for a happy birthday time
Is just for you
Dearest love of mine
Good luck, good health
And happiness too
Are what I am wishing
Now for you


Loving is holding
your dear hand in mine
sharing together
a love that’s so fine
Loving means caring
For you night and day
Bringing you happiness
In every way

Loving means butterflies
Each time we meet
Thrills in my heart
And wings on my feet
Loving means trying to do all I can
To make life perfect
for my special man

Loving means making these wishes for you
Not just for today but
all your life through
Love, health and happiness
Peace and true joy
All these I wish for my own
“birthday boy”



Dearest Darling, Special One
Beloved man of mine
Hope you have a lovely day
When everything is fine

All my love is always yours
For ever and a day
For it just grows and grows and grows
For you in every way


Such a lovely lady its a pleasure to say

Hope you have a truly wonderful day

Everything you hope for given to you

    Every special dream you have coming true

      Now and always we pray each day will bring

     All that you wish for – the best of everything


This is for our lovely Auntie Hilda, on her 90th Birthday



For a truly lovely lady
On her very special day
There simply isn’t space enough
For all we want to say
Well Done!
And Happy Birthday too
It really is a privilege
To have someone like you
This may be just a little verse
But ALL our love is in it
May God Bless you
Auntie Hilda
Every single minute!

I wrote the next poem for my friend Dané to give to his wife Mildred


Because it´s your birthday I want you to know
Just why it is Mildred that I love you so

My friend and companion, my partner and guide
You make my life perfect with you at my side

You´re the perfect mother and great grandma too
So kind to everyone, your loving shines through

A whizz in the kitchen, your scones are the best
Whatever you´re cooking just beats all the rest

With your magical touch and fingers of green
You´ve made the best garden ever to be seen

A fountain of wisdom, good sense and advice
You make people happy – you really are nice

You´re the love of my heart and the light of my life
My Beloved Mildred, my wonderful wife

Happy Birthday!


Dearest Dolly we´re so happy to say
A greeting to you on your special day

You´re such a sweet lady, a pleasure to know
A really good friend and we love you so

We wish you a birthday full of good cheer
That marks the start of a wonderful year

With love and happiness and good health too
When all your most cherished dreams will come true

There´s never been a husband so fine
As the one that I am proud to call mine
There´s never been a friend that´s so rare
So loyal and loving, so full of care
There´s never been a love that´s so strong
That binds us together where we belong
So there´s never been a better time
To say Happy Birthday beloved mine
Good health & wealth and everything more
To my husband, friend, the one I adore
HAPPY 50th JESS   2015
I know a lady whose name is Jess
She´s got it together, no time for mess
She lives in the campo, Rio Gordo town
and sometimes back to the coast she comes down
She´s got a great smile, so bright and sunny
and a great sense of humour, she is so funny
She has a nice husband, Shane is his name
A business that´s giving them world-wide fame
“A Little House of Holidays” you see
And then there´s the “Little Place by the Sea”
Rupert and Daisy make the family four
Two really cute dogs you simply adore
That´s all I know of my nice new-found friend
except just to say before this verse ends
Happy Birthday Jess, on your special day

May all you wish for come winging your way 


Happy 76th Birthday T

I love you so much T,
what more can I say
I’ll love you Beloved
To my dying day
You’re my rock and my helper
My friend and my guide
I love every day that
You’re here by my side
Another year passes
But you’ll always be
My lover, my everything,

Darling, to me

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