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Best homebrew games for your A500 Mini

Best homebrew games for your A500 Mini

Top 20 A500 Mini Homebrew Games

Introducing the A500 Mini, for all you Commodore Amiga fans, this is the mini you have been waiting for, brought to you by Retro Games Ltd, the team who brought us the C64 Mini and Maxi.

This A500 Mini brings 25 classic Amiga games into a neat console-like package, with a bespoke UI, and it even gives you the ability to load as many games as you wish with WHDLoad support via USB Stick. Even though it’s called the A500 Mini, this little machine also supports the later AGA chipset games from the Amiga 1200.

It comes packed with the original style “Tank” mouse, an 8-button gamepad, modelled from the CD32 gamepad, a HDMI cable and a USB-C power cable, it also supports save state functionality, offers a 720p display at 50hz and 60hz and multiple scaling and CRT filter display options.

With the support of WHDLoad, we thought it would be a nice idea to give you a list of the best modern Homebrew Games that have been made in the last few years, giving your A500 Mini some nice additions to it’s traditional Amiga library.

So here we go…

Metro Siege

By: BitBeam Cannon | Genre: Beat ’em up | Release date: Coming soon

Metro Siege is a classic 2 player co-op brawler, lending it’s style from Streets of Rage and Capcom brawlers of the 90’s. It looks absolutely gorgeous graphics. Unfortunately this game is still in production, but keep an eye out for this one, I couldn’t leave this off this list because it looks one of the most exciting games coming to Amiga.

Metro Siege on Commodore Amiga

Shadows of Sergoth

By: Double Sided Games | Genre: Dungeon Crawler | Release date: Out Now | Price: € 14.99 – € 39.99

The Shadows of Sergoth is a dungeon crawler based on the 2018 Amstrad CPC 6128 game by Christophe Petit & Kukulcan. Rules are freely based on Microlite20, an extreme simplification of the Advanced Dungeon & Dragons. With 20 levels to explore, and a choice of characters including human, elf, dwarf, half-Orc and human-lizard, it also comes with a level editor and scripting support. Buy Now


By: Retream | Genre: Vertical Shooter | Release date: Out Now | Price: Free (Donations welcome)

SkillGrid is an endless score-attack vertical shoot ’em up featuring frenetic, tactical gameplay and comprising of a variety of different sub-games, boss battles and sophisticated scoring mechanics. It has 3 parallax layers, pixel perfect collision detection and high quality prog-rock music in the form of lossless-packed 8-bit stereo. Get it here

SkillGrid on Amiga

Trap Runner

By: Retroguru | Genre: Platformer | Release date: Out Now | Price: Free

Trap Runner is a classic platform game with few twists. Mind traps, obstacles and monsters.

Beside the Genre-typical jumping and running action you can cower yourself to avoid contact with low flying monsters. In later levels magic pills will help your task to save May. Collect potions to fill transparent ghost tiles with colour to make them solid. Other pills will change your own skin colour, allowing you to pass tiles with the exactly same colour.

Collect items to increase your score, gain extra lives or fulfil one of the special missions. Two of four levels a world have a mission to accomplish. Get it here

Powerglove Reloaded

By: Lazycow/Pierre ‘Cyborgjeff’ Martin | Genre: Run ‘n’ Gun | Release date: Out Now | Price: Name your price donation

Powerglove Reloaded is a classic-era run ‘n’ gun game. Based on the 2014 game ‘Powerglove’, this enhanced port features improved graphics, a larger game map, deeper game mechanics and even boss fights!

Guide the hero through the polar thermal reactor complex, navigate the complex network of transport tubes, locate the six control diamonds and blast away every rogue robot that stands in your path! Get it here

Tiger Claw Amiga

Tiger Claw

By: | Genre: Platform Fighter | Release date: Out Now | Price: Name your price

Kick and punch your way through 24 screens of martial arts mayhem to retrieve the four mystic scrolls before Fire Fist, Thunder Chain and Angry Tongue can reveal their true potential.

Fortunately, Master Lee has transferred some of the mystic scrolls’ power into four masks of endurance before they were stolen. Find these masks and use them wisely.

The game is a real homage to the classic Bruce Lee game, Tiger Claw also features a multi player 2-4 player versus battle for extra fun. Get it here

Reshoot R

By: Richard Löwenstein | Genre: Shoot ’em up | Release date: Out Now | Price: €29.95

Reshoot R is a jaw-dropping schmup from legendary developer Richard Löwenstein, this is an A1200, A4000 and CD32 only game. It features incredile parallax scrolling effects, detailed graphics with 400 on-screen colours and incredible weapons and power-ups. The game can handle 100 objects on-screen, and is probably the best example of a schmup on the Amiga. Well worth the money for any Amiga fan looking for a new premium game experience. Get it now


By: Pixelglass | Genre: Arcade Puzzler | Release date: Out Now | Price: €9.50

Worthy is a highly acclaimed arcade puzzler from Pixelglass, this highly playable and challenging game features a fearless boy who’s job it is to collect the required number of diamonds on each stage in order to win the girls heart. Travelling from maze to maze, killing the enemies, avoiding taps and collect beer which is your fuel to keep on going (I can relate). Prove to your girl you are WORTHY and collect those diamonds! Get it here

And that’s a wrap for the homebrew games for your A500 Mini, of course, these games can be played on original hardware too, so don’t forget to check them out, Commodore Amiga truly lives on!

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Best homebrew games for your A500 Mini


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