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COMIC CITY Tokyo 146 will be held on 24th Jan! I start to accept the orders.

They are event list of COMIC CITY Tokyo 146!

  •  COMIC CITY 東京 146 オールジャンル
  •  arteVarie 63 デザイン・服飾雑貨
  •  Back to the field 6 ホイッスル!
  •  The ROCK 2 Dr.STONE
  • └ 一獅蕩千 獅子王司×石神千空プチ
  •  吾が手に引き金を 24 ワールドトリガー
  •  妖言 6 呪術廻戦
  •  PEAKS!! 4 峰倉かずや作品
  •  Resplendent jewelry 4 宝石の国 
  •  ファイルX 3 金田一少年の事件簿シリーズ
  •  吸死に一笑 5 吸血鬼すぐ死ぬ
  •  細胞超ずかん 2 はたらく細胞
  •  DIGIコレ 11 デジモンシリーズ
  •  FULL CODE 10 コードギアス
  •  Parallel Kingdom 11 K(アニメ)
  •  SHOW TIME でしょ!! 9 SHOW BY ROCK!!
  •  一つ屋根の下 8 B-PROJECT
  •  楽園ミュートス 5 蒼穹のファフナー
  •  事件と正義と金と 富豪刑事
  •  星春★スターステップ 8 スタミュ
  •  僕達シンカ系 5 シンカリオン
  •  FAN FUN FANTASISTA 9 レベル5作品
  •  5次元ドリーム!!!!!! 4 ドリフェス!
  •  brilliant days 25 あんさんぶるスターズ!
  • └ 僕だけに聞かせて悋気の音色 椎名ニキ×天城燐音プチ
  • └ 香りたつ真夜中のしらべ 風早巽×礼瀬マヨイプチ
  •  Goetic Rings 3 メギド72
  •  NOBLE LOYALTY 5 千銃士
  •  Rec.ingON! 4 オンエア!
  •  VERTEX TOUR 8 バンドやろうぜ!
  •  パワフルカップ 4 パワプロシリーズ
  •  プリ★コン 14 うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪
  • └ Heavenly songs 2 HE★VENS中心プチ
  •  戦煌! 12 戦国BASARA
  •  Jeweler’s Sanctuary 2 宝石商リチャード氏の謎鑑定
  •  WIND BREAKERS 3 風が強く吹いている
  •  イシンノセカイ 5 西尾維新 作品
  •  スパイのお仕事 10 ジョーカー・ゲーム
  •  OLストーリーは突然に 10 【鍵】OL
  •  PERFECT STAGE 9 【鍵】放浪G
  •  チャンネルはそのままで 18 【鍵】ドラマ・映画|国内・海外
  •  ファミリー★魂 20 【鍵】J系
  •  劇場へようこそ 観劇の時間です 16 【鍵】
  •  変身!! 25 【鍵】特撮

Some customers don’t follow notes despite that they read and understand notes. I don’t accept their orders.

Please  subscribe to a news letter before you make an order! Unscribers can’t make an order! And if you have twitter account, please follow @mt3745_JSAS, if you don’t have twitter account, please check my tweet, too. I tweet important information.

How to order

Please e-mail me

when you’d like to order. And please write the password “CCT146”.
My email address : [email protected]

If you have special requests for shipping, payment and others, please ask me when you make an order, because I am troubled by the customers who don’t tell me these kinds of important things in advance.

I try my upmost to respond within 48 hours, but my reply is late when I am so busy.

Please read the page of “Basic Order”, too.

Please tell me the following

  • Your name :
  • Your shipping address :
  • Your phone number
  • Your paypal address :
  • item name :
  • Circle name :
  • Circle website :
  • Circle booth number :

You will receive an estimate email

I will tell you the details and how much you will pay the advane payment and the expected handling charge.

Make an advance payment

If you can accept, please pay the advance payment via paypal. When you send money, please inform me!

The Result

I will tell you the result after 25th Jan, not on 25th Jan.

Choose the mode of shipping

Please choose the mode of shipment.

Make a rest of payment

Please pay the handling charge and the international shipping charge.

Tracking number of your package

You can receive the tracking number from Japan post office.

Handling Charge

Doujinshi or item : 750 yen~/1 circle
Waiting charge : 2000 yen / 1 hour

* If I visit the same circle more than twice, you need to pay more than 2000yen as the handling charge.


Paypal only

Act now – email me today at [email protected] and…

  • I can accept a FREE Consultation and Cost Quatation.
  • If you are lucky, you will get the freebie.
  • If I can’t buy any items, you don’t need to pay any handling charge.

Unfortunately, I can’t accept the orders from such customers:

  • Minors
  • Customers who don’t read my blog. I won’t answer if you ask me a question which I have already mentioned in my blog and I will judge you don’t read my blog and cancel your order.
  • Stingy person
  • Other Japanese or foreign porxy service
  • Fowarding address service users
  • Someone that causes trouble
  • Person who complain to me about the result or condition of items (almost all Doujinshis and items are not packed and event places are so crowded. It is possible that they are damaged little. If you care for the quality of Doujinshis and items, I recommend no ordering)

I give priority to the returning customers. But the more you use my service, your priority level will be higher.

  1. Customers who give me circle tickets
  2. Customers who are my newsletter members long time and frequently use my service.
  3. Customers who are my newsletter members and have used my service.
  4. People who are news letter members

About priority

  • I will visit the circles which 1-4 people order earlier.
  • I will accept additional orders from only 1-4 people.
  • I will give 1-4 people freebies as priority
  • I will ship the items for 1-4 people as priority.

P.S. Remember – the sooner you email me, the sooner you can get a priority !

Please order or request other events or usual items: [email protected]

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