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Up High

'Rule number 1: never suppress yourself for someone else's lack. A lot of people are petty, insecure and inferior. You're mighty! They'll try and Fight you because they feel outshun by you. They'll congregate and laugh loudly at you, publically. People always feel 10 feet tall when they're in groups. But you have to understand it's a group of p*ssies. 9 times out of ten, they're timid inside and can't follow through. Very few people follow through on their behavior, their statements. Those people, no matter how they're built, are to be left alone, not confronted. 'Cause chances are, if you move to them, they'll use whatever they can to swing at you back... and they almost never give up!'
'Check the ball, man!'
'Check! Now, you're a 12 year old kid who's 5'5. I'm 35 and 6'5. Plus I'm built. You haven't started yet. In life, you will meet many people who are bigger than you, more built than you, seemingly more advantaged biologically than you. It don't mean nothing. Half the people don't know what they have and will never do, either. They're little kids in grown men's bodies. Their minds are undeveloped. They have zero real life experiences and primitive ways of thinking. This world is full of touchy, over-sensitive people who are a miniature fraction of their appearance. Looks deceive. Look them in the eyes with the intent to step to the end and they'll leave before it gets serious. A man who has nothing to lose is a dangerous one.'
'But I got loads of things to lose! I don't wanna get jumped or get people I love, moved to.'
'It depends on how much you want it. I personally fight for my essence to the death.'
'Is it that important to you?'
'You have no idea!'
'So you're sensitive, too, then.'
'Sure! Difference is I feel other people's energy, too.'
'So you're like that chick from Divergent!'
'Huh... in this society, probly.'
The kid dribbles passed him and makes a lay-up.
'No matter how much you feel overwhelmed, remember you have more power than you think. That's where adrenaline comes in.'
'But it's only for fight or flight.'
'When you learn to unleash yourself at will, you can pump yourself full of it whenever you want to.'
'That can't be healthy for your organs. They're not meant to peak all the time.'
'Listen, your body is stronger than you think. It can be endure more than you now. If you want to be beaten daily by p*ssies, stay the way you are. Check!'
Lionel dribbles passed him and jumps for a lay-up.
Donnie follows along and blocks him mid-air!
'When you're beaten, it's the bigger picture you have to look at. Most people are defeated at the first losses. Warriors fight again - and again - to the end! Until they win - consistently.'
'What if they lose again?'
'They go again. They never stop!'
'So at what age do I start lifting? And if not now, how do I stop haters from bangin' me out?'
'First of all, you toughen up your mind excessively. Learn to outgun anyone simply with the power of your mind alone. When you're tougher than nails mentally, people will leave you alone, no matter how big they are. It happens to me all the time - they just look away.'
'Then what?'
'You martial arts up! Personally, I like Tai-Chi. But you can choose a more openly aggressive style like Shotokan.'
'Yeah, that's what my man Akuma uses.'
'Get me? Big dude!'
'Alright, man... check!'
Donnie checks the ball.
Lionel fakes to the right and swerves passed Donnie to the left and scores another lay-up, swoosh!
'GAME! Nothin' but net, too! Later, old G!'
'Haha - keep up the attitude. 90% people don't have one - and b*tch on kings like us for them having pointless, worthless, mediocre lives.'
'Whatever. I'm outta here. Gotta get my mini phone delivery from Kigali Discounts. Can't be carrying a phablet in my pocket, like you!'
'Haha! You will, cuz... once you get hooked to the net, you will!'
'Peace, oldie.'
'In a bit!'

- Donald Chump
Real Estate Flipper, Kigali
(Sidney's Half Brother)

- Lionel Messy
Hyper-drawing/Basketball prodigy, Kigali
(Donna's nephew)

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