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Puppy Love

Tags: love uncle stuff

'Hey you! Where've you been?'
'Playin' ball with my uncle.'
'Your uncle plays basketball?'
'Yeah. Well, he's not really my uncle. He's more like a friend, but we're close. He mentors and that.'
'Mentors you on what?'
'I dunno,... stuff, I guess. Men stuff... you wouldn't understand.'
'I'm smart enough to know at 12, you don't need any mentoring - you're friggin' kid, for Christ's sake!'
'Yeah, well... I don't have it easy being me. Everywhere I go, people try to fight me.'
'Sometimes... or they laugh, either way I'm done! I'm changin' this year!'
'Lionel, hunny, screw the world! You focus too much on everyone! No one gives a f*ck about everyone - just focus on the ones who love you!'
'... are you included?'
'Who got you to Skype instead of whatsapping?'
'Who started this Skype video chat?'
'Who's stood up for you in class when those retards have a go at you?'
'You know how embarrassing it is for a boy to be defended by a girl?? I'm like a p*ssy!'
'Oh, you're hard?? Who's the one who tells me about his dreams and how they confuse him? You even confessed to have dreamt about me in a misleading way! Who comes runnin' to me every other time and spills his guts... about helping everyone and being overloaded by people's energy. You literally made me your agony aunt!'
'... yeah, but you don't have to show it. I'm a guy, for crying out loud - I've got an ego!'
'And I don't? You think I like it when I see the guy I like get moved to like he's a wuss - when I know for a fact he's powerful and just lulling below his potential? My ego speaks out, too and says 'Fight for the man you love - you're welcome! Twerp!'
'OK, whatever, just'
'OK, OK, I'm sorry! I didn't mean it like that!'
'I just don't wanna be seen like a wimp, alright? I'm not a pushover!'
'I know you're not! But when I see anyone take a shot at you, I'll take 'em out!!'
'Thanks! Really... what are you up to?'
'... well, I was browsing this store online before I spoke to a stuck up loner...'
'What store are you checkin' out?'
'Tomorrow's Accessories.'
'I heard they got cool headphones there. I need a new pair. I blast my music way too loud!'
'... what did you have in mind?'
'There was this pair I saw... it was an acronym... JBC or something.'
'That's the one! They're dope but I'm broke, there's no way my mom will let me buy those.'
'... remember when I said I owe you one for helping me open my third eye in order to unleash my creativity?'
'Yeah, it's nothing.'
'... well, to me it's everything! No one's ever done something so grand for me before. And ever since, I've been psychic, being able to have premonitions of what will happen in situations I'm in. In 'small ways', of course.'
'The 'small ways' are just as significant! There's no such thing as half psychic.'
'... yeah, well,... because of you, I've been gradually but steadily discovering my inner power and accessing it. You changed my life! When I first met you, I knew you were special, you just struck me, but I never thought you would have a so much bigger impact on my life. I'm just a simple girl. Not everyone gets to experience a gift like yours!'
'... thanks, Nia. Appreciate it.'
'So, anyways... I had no idea you like those headphones - but am glad I bought them for you anyway!'
'... are you serious?? WOW! NIIIAAAA!!! YOU'RE THE BEST!!!'
'Of course!'
'Hahaha! You're mine!!! Aaaah, I love you!! Seriously, you rock!!'
'Thanks, babe. I'll be round later to 'check my homework' with you.' She winks at him.
'Haha! We'll check 'em nice and proper, chick!'
'Lionel? Could you keep it down, please? Your father is trying to watch the news.'
'Oh, sorry, mom!'
His mom leaves from his bedroom door.
Nia giggles, 'Aww, such a momma's boy!'
'Hey - don't you start on me, too!'
'I'm not saying anything. I love it!'
'... but it does crack me up!'
'Alright, hun, I gotta go. My dad is buggin' me about the dishes. See you in a few. Mwah!'
'See you soon, take care!'
'... I don't get a kiss?'
'... ah... OK - MWAH!!!', he kisses his laptop screen.
'That's more like it... child! See you soon!'
'Bye, babe!'

- Lionel Messy
Hyper-drawing/Basketball prodigy, Kigali
(Donna's nephew)

- Nia Longg
Hip-Hip Ballerina/Parrot-Conservation Advocate, Kigali

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