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Deceleration Peak

'There she is!'
'Heeey, hunny!'
'Mmmm... God, I've missed you so much!'
'Same here! How's work?'
'Work is good. Gettin' more customers... will probably have to add an open air section to the café. The place is filling up.'
'That's great news!'
'Yeah, sure... so how are you holding up? The office complex is progressing quickly!'
'Yeah, we've been working overnight. Pretty much 24hours. I always get anxious towards the end but I'll be fine.'
'How many multiplexes have you built 'til now?'
'... 4?'
'And you're worried about the 5th finishing. I'm not even gonna bother commenting on that!'
'Ha, k. You look good! Still workin' out?'
'Nah, I've been inactive for like 2 weeks... feels like a month!'
'Yeah, well, your figure hasn't changed.'
'... thank you, shallow Donnie.'
'Haha. Hey, it's the weekend! My mind is gradually shutting down.'
'Just the basic functions, ehy?'
'Just the basics: wind up the week, get comfy and chill.'
'Walk me to my car. We're going to my place.'
15 minutes later, on the living room sofa.
'I've been having this killer ache below my neck all week! Gimme a massage, will you?'
She takes off her top, lies on her belly and Donnie begins to rub.
'You know, you could get a massage tool to do it for you.'

'Yeah, well you can't have sex with it afterwards.'
'Hehe... but when I'm not there during the week, it could help you out.'
'OK, salesman, where do I find it?'
'It's less than half price but sold out. I'll put you on the waiting list for the next batch.'
'...caressing a half naked woman and he's talking about gadgets.'
'Hey, I'm just sayin'. One of my staff's got one. He brings it to the site every day... oh my God, it's amazing!! Seriously worth every Penny!'
5 minutes later, she gets up, goes to the deck and plays some R&B. Goes back and snuggles up with Donnie, eyes closed.
'So what do you wanna do this weekend?'
'Try not to lose my temper by your thousand questions.'
'Huh... I saw this necklace the other day. It's silver with a pendant. It's really nice. All feminine and that.'

'... yes, you already saw it or yes, you want me to show you how it looks'
'Just buy it, Donnie!'
'K...', he pulls out his Edge that he kept from Sid. Buys the item.
50 seconds later.
'What fragrance are you wearing?'
'Mm, must be your lotion, then.'

'... let's check Le Nirvana and see what they have.'
'You know, you don't have to buy me gifts to get some.'
'Oh, I know... I just thought perhaps you could use some. Something sassy.'
'... mkay.'
'... La Vie Est Belle - sound familiar?'

She grabs the phone and stares at the screen a few inches away from her face.
'... finally! GOD, I love you!!', she smooches him hard and makes an order.
'Who's the nerd now? Talking 'bout stuff with a half-naked woman?'
'Fragrance is sexy and acceptable pillow talk...k, there you go!'
She gives him his phone and snuggles back up with him, a little bit tighter.
He goes through her hair...
2 minutes later,
'I like that vase you got on the coffee table. It's local, right?'
'Yeah, Kigali Pottery Collections.'
'... remember its name?'
'Um... something flower pot.'
'K, lemme check...'

'...ah, Flower Pot. Wooh, they got it in blue, too! I'll get one.'
'... you're every capitalist's dream!'
'Ah, I got my feminine side.'
'Which you of course relate to shopping?'
'What else?'
'... you're not even hiding your sexism. Donald Trump would be proud!'
Caressing the back of her neck.
Continues exploring HeHe.
A minute later.
'Hey, check this - a portrait frame. You know that selfie we took in the park, kissing?'
'How can I forget?'

'Don't you think we should frame it? I think it looks fab.'
'Lemme see,... yeah, sure.'
He orders it from Digitec.
Goes back into her hair.
Minutes elapse.
'What do you say we go to a national park and see some wildlife on Sunday... come back and go for a swim?'
'... you can do that from HeHe?'
'Nah, huh... they might do in the future...'
'... my suitcase is old.'
'I'll get you a new one I saw in Shema Shop.'
'What do you do all day, browse shopping sites??'

'Ha... the day's long when you're on the construction site. Once the workers know what to do, you're pretty much on your own, bummin' time away.'
'... I'm dating a bum... my mom will just love you!'
'Hehehe... there it is. It's got one of your favourite colours - red.'
'... and black... fine, take it.'
He taps Buy on the screen and confirms the order.
'Don't tell me I need something else again, I'm tryna cuddle!'
6 minutes...
'On the real though, what if we just kicked back and watch movies?'
'My hard drive's full.'
'OK... let's check Tomorrow's Accessories. They usually have that stuff...'
'Yeah, babe?'
'... why are you such a nerd?'
'...umm... I don't know... I'm an introvert, I guess... is it that bad?'
'... I'm not being rude but if I hear another shopping suggestion, I'll throw you out the house myself...'
'Ha... OK babe,... lemme just get this thirty gig flash drive.'

She gets up, takes off her jeans, throws them on the couch and walks to the bedroom... as he watches her unstrap her bra from behind.

'Right... sorry, HeHe!', he hurries up, makes the purchase and chucks the phone on her jeans. 
Rushing to her, he takes off his jacket and kicks away his boots.
'Tomorrow will be one hell of a delivery.'
'Yeah...', he replies.
'...aah,... let's reward the rising to the occasion.'
He shuts the door to the bedroom...

...from which her giggling is later heard.

- Donald Chump
Real Estate Flipper, Kigali
(Sidney's Half Brother)

- Pamela Andurrsen
Coffee Shop Owner, Kigali

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Deceleration Peak


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