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10 Ways to Lose Weight After Having a Baby

You’ve just undergone nine months of weight gain and other strange bodily feelings. While you totally ready to throw yourself into being a mother, you may also be looking at losing weight after having a Baby.

Many Celebs “bounce back” after giving birth in a few weeks. They are often pictured on the beach looking as good as ever.

Even though there’s no magic pill that can get you looking your old self in moments. There are some things you can do to shed the pounds after giving birth.

Keep reading to find out our top 10 tips on how you can lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle after giving birth.

1. Read the Packaging for Extra Calories

Most packaged Food includes labels with extensive information about the nutritional qualities of the contents. If you’re looking at losing weight after having a baby it’s important to read this information carefully before eating anything.

New Mothers are often especially protective and thoughtful about what they are giving their newborns to eat. If you want to lose weight, you need to treat yourself with the same respect.

This means less processed food in general. A lot of processed food contains lots of ingredients that you wouldn’t have dreamed was in there. Instead, start including a greater amount of whole foods in your diet.

Another thing to avoid is sugar. Sugar won’t even satisfy your hunger but instead simply makes you crave more food. Next time you find yourself reaching for a sugary snack, swap it for some walnuts or fruits.

2. Healthy Snacks

You may have already found that you don’t have many spare hours in your day. Taking care of a newborn baby can be time-consuming and exhausting. This means that you might not find the strength to produce three meals a day.

This means you need to supplement your meals with smaller snacks throughout the day. But you can save yourself time in the day with a spoonful of peanut butter, a handful of nuts or a few pieces of apple.

If you’re not sure how often you should snack, then a good tip is to sack whenever the baby needs breastfeeding.

3. Consume Dairy Products

Unless you have an allergy to Dairy Products, they’re a great way to get the nutrition you need. This includes milk, cheese, and yogurt.

Even if you can’t consume lactose, you may be able to still eat some dairy products, such as Greek yogurt and cottage cheese.

The high protein means that you don’t crave food as much. This means that you can better manage your weight by eating dairy products up to three times every day.

4. Start off the Day with Vegetables

Even though the famous saying – “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” may be mostly myth, eating your vegetables early in the day means you’re setting a positive tone for the rest of the day ahead.

It’s easy to get distracted and lazy with your eating habits later in the day. That’s why you should try including healthy greens in your morning routine.

5. Find Replacements for Your Favorite Foods

Many people think that losing weight after having a baby means cutting out your favorite foods. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

In fact, you can still have your favorites. All you have to do is to find replacements that turn an unhealthy food into a healthy one.

For instance, instead of getting a pizza with a regular crust, go for the whole wheat option. And make sure there are plenty of vegetables on it. You can still enjoy your yogurt desserts. But instead, choose a reduced-fat version.

If you completely cut out your favorite foods, you won’t enjoy eating anymore. This could simply make you miserable. Or, it could just further fuel any cravings you may have.

By substituting your favorite foods for healthier options, it’s win-win. While if you really can’t find any alternative to your favorite treat, just have less of it.

6. Preparation. Preparation. Preparation.

Sometimes losing weight after having a baby is simply about preparation. After all, most moms lead busy lifestyles. They rarely find the time to cook nutritional meals for the family three times per day.

Save yourself time by preparing meals in advance of eating them. This means you only have to cook a few times per week. You can then freeze the rest of the meals for the rest of the week.

This means when you really can’t be bothered to cook anything healthy and nutritious, you can resist the unhealthy and easy option because you already have something ready to go.

7. Share Your Food Journey with Friends

After having a baby and trying to lose weight, it can sometimes feel like you’re totally alone in your struggle to lose your baby weight. But it’s not the case.

Ask your friends and family to join you in trying to shed the pounds. This way you can support each other through the challenge.

You can do this by sharing exciting recipe ideas and interesting food facts. You can even turn this into a regular meeting in which you meet for lunch. Everyone can bring a healthy dish to share around.

8. Some Fats are Good

Many mothers focused on losing weight after having a baby try to avoid eating fatty foods of any kind. But there are also healthy fats that can be found in olives, avocados, and nuts. Omega-3 includes the fats that are also found in fish, such as salmon and flaxseed oil.

So don’t simply avoid all fats, just the bad ones.

9. Resist the Cravings

It may be easier said than done when it comes to resisting the cravings. But when you feel cravings for snacks coming on, try to delay it. You may be able to put off the urge to eat for a while longer.

You can also try having a glass of water. Many people mistake the feeling of being thirsty for hunger. Take a drink, then wait a while before giving into hunger.

10. Get Some Exercise

Even though what you put into your body is important, it’s always wise to remember that exercise matters too.

The best types of exercises for losing weight after having a baby are aerobic and strength exercises. This way you can burn calories and maintain muscle and body strength.

It’s not necessary to regularly go the gym to lose weight. Instead, taking a walk can also do your body a great deal of good. So throw on your Monsta Clothing and get pumping those muscles!

Losing Weight After Having a Baby

Having a baby can result in weight gain. But there’s no need to worry. With these 10 tips on losing weight after giving birth, you can go back to your fit and healthy self in no time.

Reward your weight loss achievements with new clothing or spectacular trips. Or enjoy spending time cooking delicious healthy meals in your kitchen with kitchen and food giveaways to make the food preparation and cooking even more enjoyable!

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10 Ways to Lose Weight After Having a Baby


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