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“Why that randy little devil,” Marie said under her breath, as she watched the eighteen year-old boy pull down his pants and underwear and saw his stiff young penis leap to freedom. “Can it be that he’d going to fuck the pony? I can’t believe it.”

But believe it or not, the evidence in that direction was very strong indeed.

Curious as to what the hired boy did when he spent long periods in the barn alone, Marie had secreted herself in the feed section so that, through cracks in the wall, she had an excellent view of much of the barn interior.

After only a few minutes of waiting, she had seen Doug, looking nervous and guilty as he hurried into the barn and closed the door behind him. Curious, she had watched as he led the young pony, a mare, into the small box stable, then tied her four legs to posts at the corners of the stable, then positioned an overturned wooden crate close behind the animal.

It could only mean, she felt sure, that he was getting ready to have sex with the beast, but Marie couldn’t accept that. Doug was such an innocent, shy, quiet boy. A boy like Doug would never even think of such a thing, Marie kept telling herself, but then she was staring at his stiff young tool as he rubbed it in the crack of the animal’s behind. He obviously wasn’t preparing to take the pony’s temperature.

There had been time for shock to pass and for arousal to take its place as Marie watched intently.

“That’s an amazingly big cock for so young a boy,” she thought and felt heat building in her crotch.

“Mmmm, what a nice ass you have,” the boy told the pony as he rubbed there with both hands. “I never felt a woman’s bare ass, but I’ll bet it feels nice, like this,” Doug said, his hands rubbing busily. “I’m gonna fuck you now. My cock will go in your Cunt and I’ll fuck you and shoot my cream up you. Are you ready to get a fucking up your cunt?”

Arousal had so completely taken control of Marie as she watched and listened that she was trembling violently, heat seeming to radiate from her crotch to engulf her whole being.

“Here it comes,” Doug told the pony. “Here comes a stiff cock in your cunt for a nice fuckey-fuck”

Marie was panting as she watched the boy get that stiff penis into the animal. He buried it and pressed into the beast.

“Ooohhh, it’s so nice to rub against your ass with my rod in your cunt. I wish you were a woman,” Doug told the beast as he pressed tightly against her firm rump. “I’d love to be pressed against Marie’s ass like this. I’ll bet her ass is so big and smooth and beautiful.”

As she heard the mention of her name and listened to his words, a big smile spread across Marie’s face.

Hurriedly, she pushed her jeans and panties down and sent a finger into her slit to play.

“So you’d like my bare ass, would you?” she said under her breath as she fingered herself. “Well you’ll get my ass and my tits and my cunt. I’m going to give you the whole college course in sex, you randy little pony fucker. I’m going to keep your balls drained. You’re going to make up for all the fucking I haven’t gotten in the past two years. When your dick is too soft to fuck, you’ll fuck me with your tongue.”

While images of her seduction of the boy raced through her mind, Marie caught her breath and managed to avoid crying out as a delicious orgasm swept through her.

Leaving her clothes where they had fallen around her feet, Marie watched and listened as they boy gave the pony a slow humping, panting and talking to his silent partner.

“Do you like getting fucked? I like fucking. It’s so nice with my cock fucking in your cunt. I’d love to fuck Marie. I wonder what her cunt looks like. I never saw a woman’s cunt. I’d love to watch her peeing and pooping. I’d love to fuck her in the cunt like this… this… this… Oh shit, I’m gonna shoot. I’m gonna shoot my cream in your cunt. Here it… uh… comes.”

Pressing tightly against the rump of the animal, Doug’s body jerked strongly as he pumped his semen into her until he was drained and his knees seemed to sag. He rested for a minute with his penis still in the pony, then he pulled it out, looked at it, then wiped it off with some Kleenex he took from his pocket.

“Thank you for the nice fuck,” Doug told the pony as he pulled his clothes up. “I hope you can feel all my cream in your cunt.”

Since Marie had to stay in hiding until Doug untied the horse and left the barn, she returned the finger to her clit and found a pleasant way to kill time. It became very pleasant indeed as she triggered a second orgasm and her body jerked in ecstasy while her mind raced ahead to the seduction of the boy.

Marie managed to get through the evening, masturbated a couple of times when she went to bed, then next morning, she kept the boy very busy working around the small farm, making sure he didn’t have an opportunity to ride the pony in his somewhat unorthodox manner.

After lunch, she found a few chores for the boy to do while she bathed carefully, playing with herself a little, posing nude in various positions before her mirror as she thought of how eager her victim would be about being seduced, then she picked up the clothes she had selected and began dressing.

She put on a black bra which caressed her ample, firm breasts nicely, showing a generous portion of cleavage and white upper slopes. She liked both the look and the feel of it as she posed again before the mirror, then she stepped into a little pair of black nylon panties and snugged them around her body. As she ran a hand through her crotch she felt the soft warmth of her vulva through the nylon.

“Silly bitch,” she scolded herself as she took the panties off and put on a black satin garter belt, then sat on the bed and put on the black nylons she had chosen.

Marie returned to the mirror, after she had put the panties on again, then she admired the reflection as she fondled her body and thighs, imagining how the boy would tremble with excitement when it was his turn to do that.

“Yes,” she told herself as arousal kept mounting, “I think I’ll have him take my bra and panties off. His little hands will really tremble. I hope he doesn’t go off in the air before he gets his dick into my hot cunt. What a waste that would be.”

Marie picked up the pale blue, sheer negligee that she hadn’t worn in years, tied the sash and looked at the mirror again. Her bra and panties were clearly visible through the garment and she decided it added just the right touch.

Going downstairs, she called him into the house and smiled as his eyes and mouth opened wide at the sight of her.

“Do you like the way I look, Doug?” Marie asked as she turned slowly to let him have a good look at the rear view, pausing with her feet wide apart to give him a thrilling view of her big but firm thighs and her plump buttocks that were only partially covered by the little black panties.

“Oh, M… Marie. I… I… you look so ec… exciting,” he managed with difficulty.

“Do I look sexy?”

“Oh yes. I never saw anybody like you.”

“Does the look of me make your dickie hard, dear?”

“Y… yes,” he stammered and blushed.

“That’s nice, dear. It excites a woman to know that her body excites a man or boy enough to make his cock get hard.”

“Why are you… dressed like that?” Doug asked and she saw that he was trembling and perspiring profusely.

“Oh, let’s say we’re going to playa little game,” she told him.

“A game?”

“Yes dear, perhaps many games, very exciting games,” Marie told him as she fondled her breasts through the negligee. “Ooh, that feels nice. My tits are so very sensitive today. I’ll bet you’d love to do this, wouldn’t you?” she asked as she played, then ran a hand slowly down over her tummy, until it was caressing her mons veneris.

“Oh, would I ever.”

“Go have a nice bath, dear,” Marie told the boy. “I want you to be nice and clean, just in case.”

“In case what?” he asked.

“Oh, just in case. You must be very careful that your cock stays hard and you don’t shoot your cream. That would spoil everything.”

“I’ll be careful,” he assured her.

“Just to be on the safe side, I’ll go to the bathroom with you. I think it will be exciting to watch you taking a bath, to see you bare naked.”

“Oh, I can do it alone. I won’t spoil anything,” the boy protested, blushing some more.

“Now don’t be mean, dear. I’m going to be very nice to you. Surely you can be nice to me and let me watch as you wash your dick and your balls and everything.”

He mumbled something, then she put an arm around him and led him to the bathroom where she bent over the tub to run his bath.

“Do you still like what you see, dear?” she asked and felt his gaze moving over her behind and thighs.

“Oh yes… yes,” he replied, panting and perspiring as his penis threatened to explode in the tight confinement of his clothes.

“I’m going to like what I see, Doug,” she told him as she straightened up and turned to smile at him. “Take all your clothes off, dear. Strip bare naked for me and make me feel horny, sexy. When I’m horny like this, I feel all tingly in my cunt. Think of me lying naked on a bed with my legs wide apart so that you can look at my cunt. Have you ever looked at a woman’s cunt?”

“N… no.”

“Cunt’s can be very pretty. They’re cute little pink things in a woman’s white crotch.”

As the boy undressed, she rested her buttocks on the sink, parted the negligee and rubbed her panties where the garment caressed her vulva.

“Ooh, this feels so nice,” she told him. “When I’m as horny as I am right now, I love to have my cunt played with like this. Have you really never played with a woman’s hot cunt?”

“Oh no. Never.”

“Take your drawers down, dear. Show me your cock and your nuts.”

Trembling, the boy did as he was told and then he was standing naked before her, blushing fiercely.

“Oh Doug, you look so sexy. Your cock is so big for a boy of eighteen. Your nuts look nice and full of cream too. Look at the way your cock is twitching. I do believe your naughty cock would love to get into my juicy cunt and bury itself there. Do you think that’s so?”

“Y… yes.”

“You and your sexy cock get into the tub now, dear. I want to watch you bathing. I once knew a man who loved to have me watch him bathe. He’d get lots of soap on his big cock as he knelt in the tub, then he’d pull himself until he shot all his cream. Do you pull yourself very often?”

“No. I… I don’t know.”

“Pulling yourself, jerking off, is fun, but there are some thing that are more fun.”

“What… what kind of things?” the boy asked.

“Oh, you know, things like playing with tits and sucking them, playing with bare asses and thighs, sucking cunts, sucking cocks, fucking in cunts and assholes. There are so many exciting things to do. Start washing now, dear. I’ll just stand here and rub my pussy while I watch you.”

His trembling hands kept dropping the soap, but the boy managed to wash himself. As he stood up on command to lather his penis and scrotum, Marie’s smile widened.

“Oh how naughty my little cunt is,” she told him as she went on rubbing the crotch of her panties. “It’s so hot and juicy that it wet my little panties. Look, see how wet my panties are with cunt juice.”

As he looked, he trembled, then uttered a little moan as the woman took her fingers from her panties, brought them to her lips and tasted the juices.

“Mmmmm, my cunt is very tasty today. Have you never tasted cunt juice, dear?”

“No. Oh Marie, I feel so… I don’t know… kind of funny… all over.”

“Especially in your cock, dear?”

“Yes, I guess.”

“What you’re feeling, my dear boy, is horny. Would you like me to go away and leave you alone?”

“Oh no. You’re so… pretty… so exciting.”

“That’s nice, dear. Your hard prick looks so nice with all that lather on it. Pull the skin well back and wash the neck of it. That’s the way. Wash it well. A boy should be careful to keep his prick clean at all times. He never knows when some beautiful woman may want him to stick it in her hot cunt or her mouth or even up her bum hole. Rinse your pecker now and be careful it doesn’t go off.”

After he had rinsed himself, Marie tossed him a towel. As he got out of the tub and dried himself, she saw that his penis was still strongly erect and twitching with excitement.

“Let’s go to my bedroom so we can… uh… talk,” she told the boy, grinning seductively. As he followed the woman out of the bathroom, Doug felt sexual excitement continuing to soar. He stared at her firm thighs in motion, at the thrilling sight of the big buttocks, so round and smooth looking in the partial confinement of the little black panties. He hungered to touch her and hoped that was a part of her plan. As he recalled the thrill of having sex with the pony, he sensed that things could take place with the woman that would make pony riding seem dull.

“My, how exciting you look, bare naked, your cock hard and standing right up,” Marie told him in her bedroom as she turned to look at him. “I want to hug you. Come to me dear. Put your arms around me and hug me.”

As she drew the eager boy into an embrace, she felt his trembling, the warmth of his naked boy and the hardness of the penis which poked between his thighs.

Marie was tempted to open her negligee so that Doug’s stiff penis could press between them, but she sensed that such an act would trigger ejaculation which would be wasted between her thighs, rather than in her vagina, where she planned it to happen after she’d had enough fun in the slow seduction she had planned for him.

While they hugged, she rubbed her hands gently up and down his back, then moved them farther down until each hand cupped a smooth young buttock and she kept pulling him against her, aware of what the feel of her body was doing to him.

Marie felt thankful then that she had taken such care of her body so that at forty-one, it was as trim and firm as the body of a much younger woman.

As she played with his buttocks, she felt his hands move slowly down her back. Marie sensed he was afraid she would stop them, but that wasn’t her plan. Gradually, the hands moved lower and lower until they were moving out her thinly covered buttocks.

“Ooh, that feels nice, dear. I love to have my ass felt and played with. Do you like the feel of my big ass?”

“Yes… yes,” he panted, then his hands became bolder, moving all over the big rounds, patting and rubbing and squeezing. “Oh Marie… Marie,” he almost cried as both his hands kept busy, hefting the big cheeks from below, savoring the firmness and smoothness and heaviness of them, hungering to have them bare so that he could see as well as feel them.

Putting one hand under his chin, Marie lifted it, gave him a warm smile, slowly licked her tongue over her lips, then she brought her face down onto his in a passionate kiss. She kissed with her lips apart and then sent her tongue into his mouth to add to his arousal as it probed his mouth, then she took his tongue into her mouth and sucked on it.

“Oh wow,” he panted, later, as she ended the kiss, “that wasn’t just a kiss, was it?”

“That’s called a French kiss, darling. I find French kissing very sexy. When I kiss like that, I can feel it right in my cunt.”

“I know what you mean, Marie. I felt it like that,” Doug told the woman as he continued to play with her big behind.

“But you don’t have a cunt, dear,” Marie teased.

“You know. I mean I felt it in my… you know.”

“Say it, dear. Don’t be shy. Say the words,” she urged.

“I felt it in my… cock and in my balls. Oh Marie, I never felt so good in my whole life.”

“Your life is just beginning, Doug,” she told him, then she brought her mouth down on his again and as they shared another passionate, wet kiss, she felt him respond, his tongue coming out to play games with hers, his mouth sucking on her tongue, his hands still very busy on firm, smooth buttocks.

“I’m getting too warm, dear,” Marie said as she ended the embrace and took a step back.

“You’re not going to stop, are you?” he asked and she saw fear in his eyes.

“No, dear, not yet,” she replied as she slowly opened the sash of the garment, paused, then pulled the negligee wide open, drawing a little strangled cry from the boy as he stared at bulging bra cups, bare skin, then at panties, garter belt and black nylons in thrilling contrast to her milky white skin.

“Come and hug me inside my negligee,” she invited, her tone a sexy whisper. “Put your naked body right against me and let’s both get very horny while we have another wet kiss.”

Doug needed no urging as he moved against her, his hands went around her and then they were hugging warmly while Doug felt her mouth coming down on his again. Through the long, sexy kiss, he played with her bare and panty covered buttocks and worked the tips of his fingers into her panties to feel more of the exciting bare skin that felt smoother than silk.

“I think we’d better move apart for a while dear,” she told Doug as she stepped back. “I wouldn’t want you to shoot your cream too soon. I want you to save it for later, so you can have much more fun when you let it shoot in special, sexy place.”

“Do you mean in your… you know… between your legs?” he asked, his voice breaking.

“You mean inside my cunt? I’m not sure,” Marie lied. “I haven’t decided yet whether or not we’re going to fuck today.”

“Oh please, Marie, please,” Doug begged and she saw that his eyes were very wet, shining with an excitement so strong that he couldn’t really understand what his body was demanding.

“Would you like to play some more games darling?” Marie asked in the same sexy tone.

“Oh yes,” the boy replied, his eagerness as obvious in his eyes and his voice as it was in his twitching hard penis.

“In that case, I may as well get rid of this,” she said, then Marie allowed the negligee to fall off her shoulders and it seemed to float to the carpet, leaving her standing there in black bra, panties, garter belt, nylons and pumps.

“I think my tits are jealous,” she said with a pout and put one hand on each cup of the well filled bra. “So far my bum has gotten all the attention. Don’t you like my tits?”

“Oh yes, Marie. Please… may I feel them? They’re so big and pretty. Your skin is so white and smooth.”

Taking him by both wrists, Marie guided his hands to the cups of her bra, then she sighed as he began to play.

“Be gentle, dear,” she cautioned. “A woman’s tits are very sensitive. Mmmm, that feels so nice. You have lovely hands, dear, so gentle. Yes dear, play with my nice big tits. Oh yes, that’s so nice… sooo nice,” she told him.

Doug’s hands moved all over the cups, feeling from below, hefting the ample breasts, squeezing them, pressing them together, watching the motion of the upper slopes and the smooth white valley between.

Putting a hand on the back of his head, Marie sighed as she pulled his face down into the valley and she felt the kissing there and inhaling deeply. Reaching between them, she clasped his hard penis and, squeezed it firmly, making him groan.

Marie smiled some more as she felt the boy drooling, saliva trickling down between her breasts. As she felt it, she trembled at the thought of how his saliva would mingle with the juice of her vagina when she taught him the erotic art of cunnilingus, in a little while. There would be lots of juice there, she told herself, and she would make sure he drank it all.

“Mmmm, that was very nice, Doug,” Marie told the boy as she moved a little away from him. “In fact, you did it so well that in a little while, I’m going to let you take my bra right off. I’ll give you my bare tits to play with and I’ll teach you how to suck tits and lick nipples.”

Telling him to relax, she began walking around the room, displaying her body from every angle and in a wide variety of erotic positions. Doug groaned again when, with her back turned on him, she bend over from the waist. He saw her big buttocks seem to expand, saw her behind straining the little panties, then she looked back between her legs and smiled at him.

Straightening up, she used her left hand to play with her breasts while her right hand rubbed again on the crotch of her panties, teasing him as she teased herself.

“Ooh, my cunt is so naughty today,” she said and patted it in a light spanking gesture. “It’s so hot it keeps oozing juice and wetting my little panties. Naughty cunt, you stop that or Mummy will spank.”

Light streaming in through the windows picked up the sheen of the wet circle on her panties and as he stared, Doug trembled some more as he hungered to feel the moist nylon, to feel the moisture and, through her panties, the source of that wetness.

Doug caught his breath as the woman took the hand out of her crotch, put it inside her panties and he saw the motion of her hand as she rubbed there. As she took the hand out, she came to him and put a hand behind his head.

“Open your mouth a little, dear,” she told him. “I am going to let you have a little taste of cunt juice.”

Trembling, he parted his lips and she put the tips of three fingers into his mouth.

“Suck, dear,” she whispered. “Suck and lick my fingers and enjoy a taste of cunt juice. Later, I’m going to let you have a big drink from the nice pink fountain of my crotch. That’s it,” she urged as the boy sucked greedily and she felt his tongue lick over the tips of her fingers.

“There, did you like the taste of my cunt honey, dear?” Marie asked as she took the hand away from him.

“Oh yes. It was so exciting. What did you mean about letting me have a drink of cunt juice?” the boy asked.

“Well, if you’re very good, later, after we’ve played a lot, I may let you take my panties off and then you can suck and lick my cunt and drink all the juice you want to. Men love to suck women’s cunts, you know. I’m sure you’re no exception.”

“Oh yes, Marie. I want to take your panties off and suck your cunt. Will you teach me how to do it the right way?”

“Yes dear. I’ll teach you how to suck a cunt, how to suck and lap and cunt and make me have a great big come with lots of juice to coat your throat and fill your big balls. Did you know that when a man drinks cunt juice, it goes to his balls and gives him more cream so he can fuck more often?”

“No, I didn’t know.”

“It’s true,” she told him seriously, deciding that it was only a little lie and wouldn’t do any harm. “I think it’s time for your next lesson now, darling.”

“Yes, what is it?” Doug asked, eagerly.

“You’re going to learn how to unhook a woman’s bra and how to take it off to let her tits out,” Marie told him and turned her back to him.

The boy paused for a moment, trembling as he stared at the broad expanse of smooth skin, the straining band of black in erotic contrast to the pure white, then his trembling hands reached for the hooks.

“Just relax, dear,” she told him. “There’s no hurry. It really isn’t easy to unhook a bra when it’s filled with nice big tits like mine, but you’ll manage, I’m sure.”

Doug wasn’t so sure as he wrestled with the hooks which refused to cooperate, but he persisted and then one hook was open and he felt his heart thumping. Another hook slipped, then another and then there was only one to go. It took a little longer, but then he freed it and watched the garment fly open.

As it did, Marie turned to face him, he reached for the straps, his hands trembling so that they were hard to control and then he was panting as he pulled the straps down her arms. Her breasts jutted in bold nudity, big nipples perched on the swirling aureoles of each luscious, creamy white breast. Her breasts looked like lovely, live things which seemed to stare back at his staring eyes.

“Oh Marie, your tits are so big and beautiful,” he said, his hands reaching for them. “Oh… oh, I never felt anything so nice,” he said, his voice breaking as both hands explored, the warm skin of her firm breasts feeling softer than satin.

“I’m so glad you like my tits, dear,” Marie told him as he fondled and patted the jutting beauties.

“Oh yes… yes… I can’t believe it… I can’t believe it,” he repeated, panting, squeezing gently, then he discovered a new miracle as her nipples hardened and elongated under his gently moving hands.

“That’s it, dear,” Marie encouraged him. “Make my big nipples long and hard so you can suck them. Ooh, I can feel it in my cunt when you rub my nipples,” she added as he very gently rubbed them with the palms of his hands, then took an exciting nipple between finger and thumb of each hand to get them even longer, harder and darker in color.

“Ooh, yes, yes, dear,” Marie panted as she reached with her left hand and caught the back of his head. “Come on and reap your reward darling,” she whispered as she pulled his face to her and stuffed a breast into his mouth.

Instinct showed the boy what to do and then he was sucking greedily, trying to get more and more of the big, satiny gourd into his mouth. Moving slightly, he got both hands onto the breast and held it lovingly, rubbing gently as he sucked.

He wondered if he was doing anything wrong because her breast wasn’t feeding milk into his mouth, but he wasn’t about to take the breast out to ask about it. He did ask, later, as Marie took the breast away from him and examined it, her eyes shining brightly.

“Oh no, darling. A woman only has milk in her tits when she has a baby to feed. You don’t suck tits for milk, you do it for pleasure and for the pleasure it gives the woman. I’m going to feed you my other tit to suck, angel. Open up wide, here it comes. Here, darling, take my tit and suck it for me,” she said, panting loudly as she filled his eager mouth again.

For a long time, the boy sucked greedily while she used one hand to stroke his head, the other inside her panties in delicious action, fingering a clitoris that felt so hard and raw that it was almost painful.

“Ooh… oohh… I’m… uh… coming,” Marie gasped as she pulled the breast out of his mouth and stood rubbing her thighs together, her breasts bobbing, her big behind jerking in a magnificent orgasm, a better one then she had experienced in years.

“Let me look,” he pleaded when the orgasm passed and she sighed, then she braced her feet wide apart and the boy fell into a crouch to look into her crotch.

“Do you like looking in my crotch, darling?” Marie asked as the boy held her by the thighs as though to keep from falling.

“Oh yes, but your panties are just a little bit wet. Didn’t you shoot your cream?”

Bending a little, Marie smiled as she explained the difference between female and male orgasm.

“So you see,” she concluded, “there’s lots of juice in my cunt. You’ll see what I mean when your face is so nicely buried in my crotch and you’re lapping my cunt.”

“Are you really going to let me see your cunt and suck it?” Doug asked.

“Yes, darling. First though, I want you to give me a nice sexy kiss on the crotch of my panties. Kiss my wet panties and taste my juice and think about sucking my cunt.”

Without any urging, Doug turned his face up, then he trembled as his cheeks brushed her smooth inner thighs as he moved his face into her crotch. As his parted lips touched the wet, warm nylon, he moaned, the sound excitingly muffled.

But more than kissing, he was sucking and Marie felt new lightning bolts of arousal tear through her body. The one climax she had experienced wasn’t nearly enough and she heard her body begging for another and another, so she took her crotch away from him and stepped back.

“Kneel, darling,” Marie told the boy, then she moved and he gulped as he watched her behind come closer to him until her panties brushed his nose.

His hands went to her well-fleshed hips and held as he covered her clinging panties and partially exposed buttocks with wet, loving kisses. Through the stretched fabric, the boy saw the shadowy valley between the luscious rounds. He became even more aroused and felt as though he wanted to eat up her whole behind wanted to bury his face in that so warm looking crack.

“That was lovely, darling,” she told him as her hands went to her breasts to add to her arousal by fondling them. “You may take my panties down now. Take them down and have my big bare ass to play with. You’re going to adore my ass, dear. I have such a big, smooth, sexy ass. Strip my ass naked and kiss it and then I’ll turn around and give you my cunt. We’ll save my cunt for the main event,” she added as he began to peel the clinging black nylon down, groaning as the beautiful big behind was bared, like an erotic work of art so close to his face.

When her behind was totally bare, he forgot all about the panties and left them stretched across her thighs. He began kissing and fondling, probing her crack with fingers and then with his tongue while his woman moaned and panted and trembled with lust the like of which she had never known.

While he still paid tribute to her buttocks and crack, Marie allowed her panties to fall around her feet, then she stepped out of them. Still busily kissing and licking, the boy worked a hand toward her crotch and Marie made no protest as the hand found her warm, moist vulva and touched it very gently, very lovingly.

“Oh Marie… I can feel it… I can feel your cunt,” Doug told her as he gently stroked it and found the soft passage between the lips. “It’s so warm and soft, so juicy, Marie.”

“Yes darling, my cunt is very hot and juicy. Use your other hand in the crack of my ass. See if you can find one more hole.”

The hand hurriedly went into the warm valley and while he fingered her vagina, he worked a finger into a tight little hole and then he was giving her a double fingering, driving her wild with delight and desire, keeping her panting as she rubbed and squeezed her breasts so hard that it hurt, deliciously.

“Oh Doug, you darling boy. I love the way you finger my cunt and my ass hole at the same time. Do it, dear. Do it my darling boy and give me another great big come so my cunt will be juicier for you.”

Doug was delighted to obey and before long, he heard a strangled cry break from her throat, then her body tensed, she jerked away from his poking fingers and once more stood panting and grunting as her body rocked with strong tremors of magnificent orgasm.

As the climax was passing, she threw herself onto the bed, face down, her lovely behind jerking, her tummy rubbing on the sheet.

Following the woman to the bed, he stared at the sight of the big, white behind in the frame of garter belt and black nylons, then he fell on her with a little cry and as his hands rubbed her smooth hips and thighs, he buried a wet face in the warm crack of her behind and licked wetly up and down the crack, causing more juice to trickle into her crotch.

“Oh you dear, darling boy,” Marie said as she turned over. “What an exciting lover you are. Nobody ever licked the crack of my ass like that.”

“Did you really like it?” he asked, looking very proud.

“I loved it, darling. I’ll want you to do it to me often.”

“Oh yes, I want to. It felt so nice with my face in the crack between your big bum cheeks.”

“You’ve surely earned a reward, dear. Are you ready for my cunt now?”

“Oh yes, Marie. Is it right below this nice bush of hair?” he asked as he rubbed the foliage of her mons veneris.

“Yes darling, my pussy bush is the crown for my cunt. When I open my legs, you’ll see it. Some women have hairy cunts, but there is no hair at all in my crotch, just that pretty bush you’re playing with.”

“Are you going to show me your cunt now, Marie? I’m dying to see my very first cunt.”

“And I’m dying to show it to you, dear. I’ve never shown my cunt to a boy before. Get ready, dear, here comes my cunt.”

Smiling, she bent her knees up and spread them apart, the sound of the boy’s panting added to her excitement.

“I see it,” he shouted. “I can see your cunt. Oh Marie, it’s so pretty. It looks all warm and soft, like a mouth.”

“It is a kind of a mouth, dear. That’s why cunts like to be kissed like mouths. Also when a cock goes into it, a cunt sucks the cock like a mouth would. That’s what my hot cunt will do when you fuck me. It will suck your cock and drink your semen.”

“Oh Marie, are you really going to let me fuck you in the cunt?”

“I’m going to let you fuck me in many places, darling,” Marie told the boy. “For today though, you’ll lie down on my naked body, stick your cock in my cunt and fuck me just like that.”

“Oh Marie, I can’t believe it’s really happening. Do I start fucking you now? Will you help me?”

“I’ll help you all you need when the time comes,” she told Doug. “My cunt needs to be prepared first though. A cunt should be perfectly ready before the man sticks prick into it. It has to be juicy and hot and tingling for hard cock.”

“Tell me what to do, Marie?” he begged, passionately.

“Just get to know my cunt better, darling. Play with it. Feel it, spread the lips apart and see what a pretty, juicy cunt looks like inside. Explore my cunt with one of your fingers.”

“Oh yes, Marie,” he said as he moved closer, then his hands went between her thighs, one of them going right to her vulva, rubbing it lightly, gently, lovingly as Marie sighed warmly and allowed her behind to squirm a little.

“I can even see a part of your bum, Marie,” he told her as he stroked her vulva while his other hand strayed to the lower slopes of buttocks. “It’s so nice to play with your cunt and your bum at the same time.”

“It’s nice for me too, darling. Have lots of fun.”

“I sure will,” Doug assured the woman, then he was parting the soft lips, trembling as he stared into her slit.

“Oh Marie. It’s so pretty. It’s all pink and shiny and juicy in your cunt.”

“Yes dear, you’re making my cunt nice and juicy. Play with it a little more and then I’ll let you go down on me and eat my cunt.”

“Oh Marie, I won’t use my teeth. That would hurt your pretty pink cunt.”

“How sweet you are, Doug. When I talk of eating, I really mean cunt lapping, sucking and licking.”

“Oh Marie,” he told her, panting as his face moved closer to the tempting pink target, “there’s juice running out of your cunt and down between the cheeks of your ass.”

“I know, dear. I can feel it. It’s a sign that a woman’s cunt is really turned on when her juices trickle into the crack of her ass. You’re doing your job well,” Marie assured the boy, “very well indeed.”

“May I suck your cunt, now Marie?”

“Yes, baby, get your face in my crotch. Suck and lick my cunt and make me come again and then you’ll be ready to fuck your horny woman.” As Doug hurried his face into her crotch, Marie helped guide him until she felt his position was just right. His open mouth touched her vulva and her behind jerked upward. Her hands caught his head and held it, rubbing his wet hair as he began to suck.

For a boy who had never attempted such an act, who had never seen the crotch of a woman before, he sucked nicely.

“Ooh yes,” Marie urged, “suck my cunt just like that. Suck, darling. Suck all the tasty juices out of my cunt. Oh darling, I love the way you eat cunt.”

It was obvious that Doug liked it as much as she, as he sucked voraciously, his hands constantly rubbing satin skin from the expanded tops of her nylons to as much of her buttocks as he could reach.

“Oh yes, dear,” Marie told the boy, heatedly, “slurp just like that. I love that slurpy sounds you make when you eat my cunt.”

His sounds became even louder and more exciting as the boy went on slurping his erotic dish of puree de pussy with an ardent skill that no man had ever demonstrated to Marie.

“Now, darling, your tongue,” Marie panted. “Get it in my cunt and lick all around. Oh yes. Jesus… yes… that’s the way. Oh God, you’re a natural, perfect cunt lapper, my darling boy. Use your tongue like a snake in my juicy cunt. Oh Jesus… Jesus… what a delicious cunt lapping I’m getting. Nobody ever lapped my cunt so well, you dear darling lover.”

Nobody has ever been as lucky as he, Doug thought, while he sucked and licked and fondled his beautiful woman. True, riding the pony’s behind and working his penis in her slit had been great, but it couldn’t began to compare with what he was experiencing as he lay with his face in the crotch of the beautiful woman, his mouth and tongue devouring an excitingly warm, wet vagina, her juice seeming to fill him with new strength and power as he drunk greedily from that erotic chalice in her crotch.

“Bring your tongue up higher, dear,” Marie urged. “It has to find my clit. Up near the top, darling. A little higher,” she urged, panting, then she cried out with joy as his tongue licked slowly, raspingly over her sensitized bud.

“That’s it, darling. Don’t lose it. Lick my clit until I come. Oh sweet Jesus, what a lovely come this is going to be, darling. Lick, baby… lick… lick… lick…”

And lick he did. She had quite a long clitoris, one which, in arousal, protruded slightly between the spread labia and it was easy for the boy to keep his tongue on it, licking over it and curling around it.

Since licking it thrilled her so, Doug decided to try something a little different and then she cried out as his lips captured the hard, slippery bud and began sucking it.

“Oh yes… yes… oh Jesus, yes,” the woman shrieked as he sucked on her clitoris as one would suck a penis. “My clit’s going crazy, darling. My cunt is on fire. Oh yes, suck my clitty and drive me to heaven. Oh Jesus, I’m all cunt. I’m getting close… I’m going to come… suck, baby, suck my horny clit like a randy prick. Oh shit what joy… what a come this is going to be… Suck… suck… suck, lover. I’m almost there.”

Doug’s hands tightened their grip on her hips. Eager lips sucked greedily on her juicy passion bud and then, he felt her body as it seemed to explode, her cries filling the room as orgasm swept over her.

He thought it would be a good idea to keep sucking her clitoris as she climaxed, but Marie couldn’t stand it. She pushed his face out of her crotch with her strong thighs, then threw herself face down on the bed again. Orgasm was of the long playing variety and as the tremors rocked her. Marie rode the bed, big buttocks jerking excitingly, just as a man would ride a woman. The sight was so exciting, his arousal so strong, that Doug again buried his face in the crack of her behind and this time, the tip of his tongue found her anal ring, penetrated it, then it was buggering her as she shrieked some more.

As she emerged from the orgasm and felt his curled tongue penetrating her, Marie sighed warmly. Here was an innocent, virginal boy with his first woman, yet he was reaming her, something no man had ever done to her, and he was doing it beautifully, so much so that she allowed him to go on doing it for a long time.

“You darling lover,” Marie said with a squeal of delight as she took her behind from him, “where did you learn to ream like that?”

“I don’t know. I never did it before. Is that what it’s called?”

“That’s what it’s called, darling, but I’ve never had it done to me. I’ve only read about it in sexy books. Oh God,” she said and trembled, “that was sheer delight, the way your sexy tongue curled up my asshole like a stiff prick. Do you really enjoy reaming my ass?”

“Oh yes, I loved it.”

“Then that’s something else we’ll do often, darling. Next time, I’ll kneel with my head down and my ass way up. I think you’ll be able to get your tongue farther up my hole in that position.”

“Do you want me to do it now?” Doug asked, eagerly.

“Later, darling. Right now, it’s time for you to fuck me before your poor prick breaks off at the root and your nuts explode.”

Smiling warmly, Marie lay back, raised and parted her knees and opened her arms to welcome the boy.

“It’s time for your first fuck, dear,” Marie told the perspiring body. “Lie down on my belly, stick your lovely hard cock in my cunt and fuck me. Oh Doug, darling, this is a fuck we’ll both remember as long as we live. Do it, darling. Get on top of your naked woman and fuck her.”

The excited boy hurried between her legs and as he began to lower himself, his hands slipped and he fell on her, his face between her breasts. “I’m sorry,” he panted.

“Don’t be, darling,” Marie said and laughed. “This is such fun. I’ve never been as excited about a fuck in my life. There, that’s better,” she said as she guided him into position and then felt his penis throbbing in the wet warmth of her crotch.

“Hold still, darling, I’ll help,” Marie told him as she reached between them, found his hard little tool and pushed it into her slit.

“I’m in you, Marie,” he almost shouted. “My cock is in your cunt.”

“Ram it all the way in, darling,” she urged, her strong arms gentle as she held him on her body. “Bury your cock in my cunt and then fuck me. You know how, dear,” she assured him, without mentioning his experience with the pony.

And he did know how. Doug worked the length of his rod into the warmly welcoming, juicy slit, pressed down hard on her and felt his penis throbbing inside, then he began to stroke.

“Oh yes, lover, that’s the way,” Marie urged as she guided his mouth to one of her breasts. “That’s the way to fuck a woman. Ooh, your cock is so hard and so strong. What a sweet fucking you’re giving me, darling. Ride my belly and suck my tit while this sweet cock fucks my hot cunt, you angel lover, you delightful sucker and fucker.”

Her words and her enthusiasm further delighted Doug as he rode his woman, then all too soon, he realized that ejaculation was on the way and there was nothing he could do to delay it.

“I’m gonna shoot,” he panted, then he was pumping hard and fast, ramming his penis to her in short, fast strokes. She held him more tightly, she felt his little body tense, then the boy was panting and groaning as he pressed down in her crotch and pumped his semen into a strongly sucking vagina.

He discovered then what Marie meant about a vagina being able to suck like a mouth. Not only was there the ecstasy of ejaculation inside a woman’s vagina, but the thrill was more than doubled by the feel of his penis being sucked. It went on being sucked until the boy was totally drained and a weak groan broke from his throat each time her vaginal walls held and took another suck on his spent penis until Marie finally stopped the sucking and held him warmly in a strong embrace with arms and upraised legs, silk skin and smooth nylon returning the boy slowly to earth from his trip to the outer reaches of heaven.

“How did you like fucking your woman, darling?” Marie asked.

“Oh Marie. It was so beautiful. I can’t believe it.”

“Was I a better fuck than the pony?”

“Oh,” he gasped and she felt his body become tense as though in terror.

“Don’t be silly, darling,” she said with a low chuckle in her tone, “if I hadn’t caught you fucking the pony, I’d never thought of taking you to bed and fucking you.”

“Then you don’t mind? You don’t think I’m crazy or anything?”

“I think you’re great, Doug. You’re the best lover I’ve ever had. We’re going to do wonderful things. Our love affair will set new records. We’ll try everything.”

“Oh Marie, you’re so nice and I feel so good,” Doug told his woman as she held him on her firm, smooth body, their sweat mingled, his softened penis soaking in warm, moist vagina.

“So are you, darling. One day, we’ll go out to the barn together and I’ll be right with you, watching while you fuck the pony. It will be very exciting.”

“Okay, if you really want to.”

“I really want to. You know, I can get in on the animal act too.”

“You mean with a pony?” Doug asked, surprised and excited at the thought.

“I’m not sure I could handle a pony,” Marie told him, “but I think my dog would love to fuck a woman.”

“Oh Marie, do you really think so? Wow, I’d love to see that.”

“Would you, dear? Suddenly, the idea is driving me wild. Just lie here. I’ll be right back.”

As she walked from the room, Doug feasted his eyes on the beautiful, big woman and his penis twitched in promise as he watched her buttocks and thighs in motion. And then she was returning to the bedroom, her big German Shepherd following behind.

“I’m not sure this will work,” she told the boy, “but I have a hunch it will. I’ve read about women who enjoyed getting fucked by dogs. I don’t know why I never tried it before this.”

Crouching beside the animal on the carpet, Marie held his penis gently as she talked to him, masturbating him in a slow, gentle manner, feeling his penis growing long and hardening.

“Are you going to lie down on your back?” Doug asked as he watched, trembling with excitement.

“No dear, dogs can’t fuck that way. I’ll kneel on all fours, like a bitch. I think he’ll mount my ass and screw me that way, dog style.”

“I didn’t know women could fuck that way. Could I do it to you that way and rub against your bum while I fuck?”

“Of course, darling. We’ll do it that way next time we fuck. I enjoy getting fucked dog style.”

“Look at his cock, Marie,” Doug said, pointing. “It really is big. He’s got a hard on. He wants to fuck you, I think.”

“I think so too, darling. Go to the closet and get my fur jacket. I don’t want him to tear me to pieces with his claws when he mounts me.”

The boy ran to the closet and returned with a short muskrat jacket. Smiling, Marie got to her feet and put the jacket on, pausing to look at her reflection in the mirror.

“Oh wow!” Doug said with enthusiasm. “You really look sexy.”

And indeed she did in the contrast of the fur jacket, nudity below enhanced by garter belt and black nylons. Advancing to the animal, Marie stood with her crotch open and, to her delight, the beast sniffed at her crotch, then his tongue came out and he licked, tentatively first, then more eagerly.

“He likes the taste of your cunt too,” Doug told her.

“I think I’m about to get fucked, lover,” Marie said with a happy grin. “Now’s the time to find out for sure.”

The woman dropped to her knees, then she was kneeling on all fours, her knees well parted to allow room for the big animal between her legs.

Without pause, the animal hurried behind her gave a low growl that was partly a whine, then his front legs went up high and even as he began to mount the kneeling woman, his penis was jabbing in mid air, the skin pulled all the way back over the very strong looking penis.

“He wants to fuck you, Marie,” the boy panted. “Look at his big cock jabbing. I hope he can find your cunt. Shall I steer his cock for him?”

“Christ no, darling. He’d chew your arm off. Let him go. I think he’ll find my cunt all right.”

Doug stared in fascination as the animal adjusted his position, his penis hit a lower slope of lovely buttock as he kept seeking, then he jabbed again and brought a shriek of delight from the woman as he hammered half the length of his penis into her with one stroke.

“He’s in,” she cried, “he’s in my cunt. He’s fucking me.”

But Doug didn’t need to be told that as he watched the big dog bury his bone with a few more jabs, then he was humping his human bitch, the sight of him mounted on her big behind was so thrilling that Doug was sure he would never forget it.

“He fucks so fast,” Doug panted. “His cock is like a blur. How does it feel to get fucked by a dog, Marie?”

“It’s great, darling. It isn’t as nice as when you fuck me, but it’s so exciting, in a different way. Wow, how fast he rams that cock up my cunt. What a beautiful rough fuck he’s giving me.”

“Yeah, I can see. Oh Jesus, Marie, my cock is going to get hard again. This is so exciting. Look at him fuck”

But Marie didn’t need to look in order to know what he was doing. She heard his sounds of animal passion and she felt his magnificent tool pistoning in her slit faster by far than any human penis had ever done or ever could do.

Over and over she told herself that she wasn’t really dreaming, that in the same day she had seduced a little boy into a variety of sex acts and that she was doing an encore by playing the role of a bitch in heat to a big, randy dog with a fast driving tool that kept her vagina churning as he humped her.

Doug and Marie lost all track of time as the mighty beast kept flashing his penis in and out of her juicy slit and then the animal changed pace, fed tool in short strokes, then he was grinding against her behind as he pumped his strong charge into her churning depths.

As she had done with the boy, she employed her strong vaginal walls to suck on the spending tool, causing the beast to whimper and then, as soon as he had finished shooting his juice to her, he hurriedly dismounted.

“He did it,” Doug shouted triumphantly. “He shot his cream up your cunt. He fucked you, Marie.”

“He sure as hell did, darling,” Marie said as she got to her feet tiredly. “I see he also stiffened your prick.”

“Yeah. I didn’t think I could get hard so soon. Boy, life is really great now.”

“Isn’t it though. Let me take the dog out and then it can get even greater,” Marie told the boy, then he was once more watching the rear view of the exciting woman as she walked from the room, the effect causing his penis to get a bit harder.

“Ooh, look at that lovely hard cock,” Marie said as she came back into the room. “I know just what I’m going to do with it.”

“Are you going to let me fuck you again, Marie?” Doug asked.

“I would, dear, truly, but you see, I’m too thirsty.”

“What do you mean? Can’t you fuck when you’re thirsty? I could get you a glass of water.”

“I’m afraid water won’t slake this thirst, darling,” the woman told him. “Come stand over here and get ready to give me a nice drink.”

Not quite sure what she meant, Doug got off the bed and went to her. She had him stand in the middle of the room, then she squatted in front of him and began playing with a very stiff penis and a surprisingly well filled scrotum as the boy squirmed and wriggled.

“What are you going to do, Marie?” Doug wanted to know.

“What you’re going to do, dear,” Marie told him, “is just stand there. What I’m going to do is suck on your beautiful stiff cock until you shoot and then I’m going to have a drink of cream. I think you’re going to enjoy having your cock sucked.”

“Wow! Are you really going to suck me off?”

“Just watch and see, young man,” Marie told him as she gently played with his penis, then she licked her lips, gave his penis a few more tugs, then took it in her mouth.

As she began to suck it, Marie heard him groan and knew he was going to love the sucking as much as she. She sucked gently, wetly, filling her mouth with saliva to soak the very hard rod, from time to time licking her tongue over the head, causing the boy to tremble a little more violently.

As she sucked his penis, she worked a finger into her vagina and began fingering herself. She had performed the act of fellatio before, but had never masturbated at the same time and she discovered that the dual act more than doubled her fun.

She had been sucking for a long time, had climaxed and was again fingering herself when the feel and the sound of the boy told her that he was close to ejaculation. Wanting to make the act as thrilling as possible for him, she took the full length of his penis into her mouth and slowed the pace of the sucking, wanting to make it last as long as possible for him.

As he got closer to the point of blast-off, she took the finger out of her vagina and held his buttocks with both hands, pulling him gently closer to her as she went on sucking ardently.

“Oh… uh… uh… Marie, I’m gonna… uh… shoot,” the boy warned her.

“Mmmm… mmmmm… mmmmm,” was her only reply as she went on sucking, feeling his penis getting bigger and harder as it prepared for ejaculation.

“Oh… uh… Marie, I’m gonna shoot my cream right in your mouth,” he warned her and then realized that she didn’t want any warning, that she wanted to slake her erotic thirst as she had told him.

As the feel of her sucking mouth became more and more thrilling to the boy, he tried to delay ejaculation, so that he could go on enjoying the promise of it, but he quickly discovered that there could be no delaying as her warm, magic mouth had already carried him beyond the point of no return.

Marie shifted her position a little, clenched his buttocks more tightly, then the boy was panting and gasping as an explosion flared in his loins and then he was spurting his semen into the greedily sucking mouth of the woman who made muffled sighing sounds as she sucked on the shooting penis, timing each suck to coincide with each spurt of his semen.

She sucked until he was drained, saw his knees begin to sag, gave a few more sucks, each of which brought a weak groan from the boy, then she released the tool from her mouth and helped Doug collapse weakly to the carpet where she took him in her arms and held him lovingly.

A lot of the chores around the farm had been neglected that day, but neither minded at all. Not only had Marie seduced the boy, but she had introduced both of them to a wonderful new way of life.

As they talked while Marie sipped a drink, sitting naked on the bed, they agreed that it had been more than just a sexual experience and that they wanted to go on being lovers on a permanent basis.

“Dad will be happy to get rid of me,” Doug told her. “Now with Mom dead and Charlie gone, Dad would love to move to the city. He’ll be happy to have me stay here with you because he’ll be free to do what he wants and not have to worry about me being in the way.”

Later that evening, Marie talked with the boy’s father and before long, it became clear that Doug had been correct in his assessment of the situation.

Within a month, Doug’s father sold his small farm to Marie and left for the city. He thanked Marie profusely for the generous price she paid for his property and for her charity in offering to take care of his son. Marie managed to keep a straight face while she told the man he was quite welcome, but she and Doug still laugh about it, even now, when Doug is a strong, virile young man of twenty-three and their relationship continues to be more and more exciting.

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